The New York Narrative European Adventure- 1/3- Milan

Hi Everyone,

After a whirlwind work trip across Europe followed by a whirlwind of a week and half back in the office, The New York Narrative is here with lot’s of adventures to share! This is the first in a three installment of The New York Narrative’s European Adventure, first stop Milan!

An amazing part of my job is that a chunk of it, lucky for me, is devoted to research. As an inquisitive person by nature— I like to pretend my alter ego is a strong female investigative journalist like Barbara Walters or Nicole Kidman in “To Die For— that means museums, shops, and everything in between is fair game.

Not to sound hoaky, but you never know where or when you’ll find that little bit of inspiration you didn’t realize you needed. So take a look, enjoy, and check back for part two in Paris and part three in London!

— Christian


Sunday, October 4th- JFK Intl. Airport- New York

Flying out of JFK in all black everything: the easiest way to Fly. Jacket/Flippy Boots/Backpack/Sunnies, Marc Jacobs. Zip Up/Jeans, Uniqlo. My FAVORITE new duffle by the amazing Sons of Trade.

*I have a rule when I pack to travel: make sure lots of basics are in that carry on. You should be able to reach in your bag blindfolded and be able to pull out a full outfit with no problem. Unsurprisingly, Uniqlo had the best offering of basics when I realized I needed a few last minute items.


Seriously, you guys, this is the best duffle ever. I searched high and low for something durable, chic, and masculine and the Sons of Trade Atlas duffle fits all my criteria’s and more. It’s contrast fabrics and slight contrast stitch set it apart from most run of the mill carry ons and it’s doesn’t exactly break the bank either. Quality and sophistication: “these are a few of my favorite things…”


Boss Lady Reiko was looking all kinds of cool and jet-setty. Sweatshirt/Backpack/Sneakers, Marc Jacobs. Crossbody Bag/Coat, Celine. Jeans, A.P.C.


Because the night before I celebrated good friend of The New York Narrative Josh’s Birthday till the wee hours of the night, Reiko took me straight to Shake Shack for a double cheeseburger post security. Because she’s a class act and understand I was a shell of myself.


Monday, October 5th- Malpensa Airport- Milan, Italy

After watching Melissa McCarthy’s HILARIOUS hit “Spy” on the plane, I passed out and woke up in Milan. Straight to the caffeine. Sunnies/Phone Case, Marc Jacobs.


With this whole “share a Coke” thing Reiko and I never expect to find our names, but, we did! Queen for Reiko, Top for Me. Delirious and couldn’t stop laughing. Notice Reiko’s sweatshirt matches the Coke…that is why we are in Fashion, people.


Even Italian’s know that American’s got a lot of cushion for the pushin’: Bulky luggage claim. Again, delirious and couldn’t stop laughing.


Monday, October 5th- Fondazione Prada- Milan, Italy

Post airport we headed right to Fondazione Prada, home of this massive Gold tower. Co-chaired by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli (not the pasta), the Fondazione Prada showcases contemporary work from international artists and is a recent addition to Milan. It is also one of the most beautiful museums I have ever seen.


How could I not take a glamour shot in front of that golden wall, in all my Danny Zuko Realness? Jacket/Sunnies, Marc Jacobs. Sweater/Jeans, Uniqlo. T-Shirt, DKNY Underwear.


In addition to being a gorgeous museum, the Fondazione Prada has an incredible Cafe designed by quirky renowned filmmaker Wes Anderson. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good Fashion and Filmmaking moment and this one was pure gold.


They had Wes Anderson themed pinball machines. A “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” pinball machine…how chic is that?


Even the loo in this place was beyond…


…and looked like “The Matrix” inside…


…and out. Seriously, I felt like I was in a cross between 80’s “Mad Max” and “The Matrix,” which, is kind of amazing.


This is how most of us feel on a daily basis, no? Maurizio Cattelan “Untitled,” 2009.


Reiko couldn’t help herself. Louis Bourgeois. 


Close up…PRADA said no to letting me borrow for Halloween. I asked. Lucio Fontana “Testa di Medusa,” 1948-1954.


The fuzziest deck of cards I’ve ever seen. Pino Piscali “Solitario,” 1968.


A massive room filled with Pop Culture images and provocative art. Was digging it. Mix of artists including Jef Koons. 


Close up of walls. Mix of artists including Jef Koons.


“Why yes, I would love a Martell on the rocks!” Mix of artists including Jef Koons.


The scariest trip to the Gynecologist, like, ever. Damien Hirst, “Lost Love,” 2000.

IMG_4527Easily my favorite part of the museum was Thomas Demand’s insane instillation recreating a grotto made completely of grey cardboard, 30 tons of it to be exact. While it did feel a little like I was in “The Descent,” which is a whole new level of terrifying, I was in awe of this instillation. Out of this world incredible.  Thomas Demand “Processo Grottesco,” 2006. 


More amazing views. Unreal. Thomas Demand “Processo Grottesco,” 2006.


A huge building made of mirrors? How do you not take a selfie? “Serve and work and turn and hu-hu-honey!”


Another larger than life instillation of super tall ladies doing super tall things. John Baldessari “The Giacometti Variations,” 2010.


Girl, yo’ dress is caught…John Baldessari “The Giacometti Variations,” 2010.


Beautiful luggage that, no, is not for sale…I asked. More John Baldessari.


The walls and some of the floors were lined with this incredible textured metal that was so delicate but incredibly strong I’m convinced it’s from Thor’s home planet.


Who doesn’t love Farina!?!? Robert Gober.


Monday, October 5th- 10 Corso Como Concept Store/Resteraunt- Milan, Italy

Next stop was lunch and inspiration shopping at 10 Corso Como which may be the most beautiful indoor/outdoor shopping/eating experience in all of Milan. It’s a concept store in theory and a must if you’re in Italy.


It also had an incredible roof for lunching and being a tourist on.


I mean, that view though? Are you kidding me?


Unique lined walls of metal and greenery.


Monday, October 5th- The Duomo- Milan, Italy

After a pasta coma that a coffee fix snapped us out of, we headed to the Duomo to appreciate architecture and check out all the shops it inhabits.


I probably slammed into fifteen Italians snapping this picture, but once inside all you can do is look up. It’s other worldly beautiful.


PRADA’s flagship is also in the Duomo and has every color shoe you’d need. Talk about The Rainbow Connection…


Amazingly lush window displays at Gucci….


…followed by handfuls of Gucci decadence…


…and delicious ruffles at Valentino…


Monday, October 5th- Excelsior Concept Store- Milan, Italy

…ending the Fashion parade at another concept store, Excelsior. Much like Colette in Paris, Excelsior is a haven for the hottest and futuristic of fashions and is also one of the few cool stores in Milan. Again, a must.

Somehow I took no photos of the shop itself but I did get this cool googled-eyed adorned mini  Birkin bag.


Monday, October 5th- Cafe who’s name I still don’t know- Milan, Italy

No surprises here: the last stop before the airport was at a cozy little cafe—that was kind of Brooklyn-esque…how, I have no idea…— right near Excelsior.


This cappuccino kept me from passing out from exhaustion and actually making my flight.

That’s it for the documented portion of this trip as post cappuccino it was all bags under the eyes and “get me to the plane so I can pass out.” Stay tuned for the rest of The New York Narrative’s European Adventure with Paris coming next, followed by London!

All images courtesy of yours truly.

© Copyright 2015 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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