The New York Narrative’s Tips and Tricks for your most Fashionable Travel

Hi Everyone,

Any New Yorker will tell you they hate to leave New York. Everywhere else is slow, not as “real” as our concrete jungle, and just isn’t the same. This New Yorker agree’s, but this New Yorker also loves to explore.

You may be familiar with The New York Narrative’s European Adventures to Milan, Paris, and London last Fall and my infinity for travel. If I have to leave NYC, it better be to a culturally fabulous place with fabulous people and fabulous food.

My International Nasty Girl ways are taking me from Fire Island to Paris to Los Angeles this month so why not write about it?

I consider myself a pretty good traveller, so take a peek at some tips and tricks, airport etiquette, and how to look great even if the AC is broken at Laguardia. Enjoy!

— Christian


You have a preference when you travel. Like I personally like a Red Eye as it’s the best way to do International travel so you sleep and wake up in the right time-zone, while others prefer the opposite and embrace the jet-lag.

Whatever your thing is, here are some helpful tips and tricks for your travel.


General advice when traveling

  • Make sure your nails are clean before you go anywhere. Don’t be that person
  • Shave where you need to shave
  • Invest in Khiels Creamy Under Eye Treatment with Avocado. It saves lives
  • Overpack and have many an option for any outfit and occasion you may run into
  • Most of your clothes should be a darker hue…how many times have you had a Starbucks related spill mid-flight?
  • Related: make sure you’ve got layers and an outfit in your carry on. Temperatures vary
  • Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane; lightens your load
  • As if we need to say it: roll your clothes to save space, duh


What you should have in your bag

  • Passport/ID; a given, come on
  • Your phone; another given
  • A good book; hopefully you can read
  • All the chargers you need; you’ll go insane when Words with Friends, Grindr, or Bumble kills your battery…who hasn’t had to buy an iPhone charger from Duane Reade that breaks as soon as you use it?
  • Gum; you’re bound to fall asleep, mouth open, and what happens if you meet someone cute crossing the Atlantic?
  • Baby wipes; ’nuff said
  • Sunglasses; you will look like shit no matter where you are. Wire frames are best for running through the airport as they wont be heavy and slide off your face
  • Your birth control; PrEP for the Gays, Yaz for the Ladies


Things you should do at the Airport

  • Go to Hudson News; you need an US Weekly to go with the New York Times Best Seller you’re pretending to read
  • Get to Starbucks and fuel up: your flight is late, I can already tell
  • Double check you have a window seat
  • Yell at Barb from Air Italia if you do not have a window seat
  • Drink tons of water
  • Get in that priority boarding line ASAP


Things your should do once you’ve arrived at your destination

  • Exercise any way you can. Or at least stretch
  • Get or give yourself a facial in your hotel/hostel/Airbnb
  • Let someone know you’ve made it and are not dead
  • If a time change, get on their zone and go explore
  • Have a blast

While the above is noteworthy here are the most important things, anyone who’s ever been anywhere, should remember


DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT (scroll down to see how you can dress it up)


Let your Credit Card company know if you’re going out of the Country— want them to freeze it while you’re charging away at Dior? Embarrassing…


Same goes for your phone


Don’t watch or hold anyone’s anything unless they are a Celebrity or really, really cute


Make sure you have an “aid” for those long flights, AKA Xanax


Arrive anywhere you go fabulously, which leads us to…


Let’s be honest: Airports are disgusting, horrific places.

Everyone’s coughing, clipping their nails, yelling at poor Debbie from Jet Blue, or shaving in the Men’s room (that needs to stop). Other than being hopped up on Vitamin C and Starbucks you should also be rocking the best possible look you can.

It’s the second most important factor in travel besides getting to your destination. Collected are some of our favorite Celeb’s doing their best incognito en route to whatever amazing destination awaits them whilst looking amazing.


As far as Dude’s go, Justin Theroux arguably has the best Airport style around. Possibly because I identify with his personal style the most but the man always looks cool.

Choosing slim fit pants (chafe free on them long cross-Atlantic flights), fitted layered T’s (what happens if you spill your Starbucks? You have another T!), and killer Saint Laurent accessories Mr.Theroux knows how to travel in style.

He also has the best travel companion in Jen Aniston. Can you imagine just hanging with her, throwing back Bloody Mary’s and talking to her about her hair?


Speaking of Ms.Aniston, she too knows how to travel in style.

Opting for comfy staples—Boyfriend jeans and Chucks—paired with Designer duds (think structured McQueen Blazers and slouchy Rick Owens leathers), Mr.Theroux’s better half tops her Airport style off with classic Aviators and never boards without a scarf.

The New York Narrative Tip: ALWAYS carry a scarf in your bag. It’s bound to get drafty somewhere and it can also double as a medical mask when the person next to you wont stop coughing.


Close second to Mr.Theroux Zac Efron get’s a honorable mention for always looking fantastic before boarding and Airplane.

Ewan McGregor and David Beckham must have a Pinterest board dedicated to Mr.Efron; they too got the memo to bring it.


Elizabeth Olsen, a fashion favorite of The New York Narrative, breezes through any Airport in stylish neutral separates, cool boots, statement coats, and perfect Sunnies. Legit so chic it hurts. Her classic Gucci carry-on is an excellent reference if you’re in the market.

Margot Robbie’s definitely become one to watch in my eyes and touching down in London the way she did, girlish yet tough, in tights, stacked boots, and a mini is an excellent reference for anyone who likes to show off their legs.

The New York Narrative Tip: If you’re going to do tights, bring an extra pair. They’ll run.



Julianne Moore signature: Sartorial with a classic twist. Casual denim and chunky boots with faux fur of leather, this is maybe the coolest way to glide onto the plane. Givenchy or Chanel, her carry-on is complimentary and Tom Ford Sunnies are always on her perfect face.

Then there’s Cher. I mean, it’s Cher…she wins, always.


If you want that off-duty Model look, Rosie Huntington-Whitely is your gal. Effortless, yet not a single hair out of place…


Ryan Gosling goes more Fashion with  loafers and driving gloves, while Alexander Skarsgard and Chris Pine opt for a more Classic laid-back approach.

Note that statement Sunglasses (Persol’s for both; 414S’s for Pine, 53SM’s for Skars) are an easy fix to dress up your look.



And when all else fails, just rock the shit out of any insane thing you can find in your wardrobe like Lady Gaga does.

The New York Narrative Tip: There’s a 99.9% chance you will not make it through security like this.


Did I get it right en route to Italy, Paris, and eventually London last Fall? Jacket/Flippy Boots/Backpack/Sunnies, Marc Jacobs. Zip Up/Jeans, Uniqlo. Duffle by the Sons of Trade.



My number one accessory on any travel—International or domestic— is a great book(s). Because I love to read and am reading way too many books, here’s a few I’m devouring:

Not pictured, I am also reading “Tony and Susan” by Austin Wright (“Nocturnal Animals” Tom Ford’s upcoming film is based on this) and the incomparable Patti Smith’s “M Train.”


Going hand in hand with great Airport style, you’ll also need the perfect carry-on.

This is important: make sure it’s the right size. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to take out stuffed socks or briefs at the Air France counter and shove them in your personal bag….or so I’ve heard.

The carry-on is a very personal, very serious, statement to make. Depending on your style you’ll go Classic, Quirky, or Pedestrian. Check out a few great options for the Ladies and Gents below.

For the Gents: 


Classic, yet practical: Filson Duffle- Medium, $395.00

unnamed (1).jpg

Unique, yet practical:  Sons of Trade- Atlas Duffle, $180.00


Common, yet practical: Herschel Supply Co- Novel Duffle, $84.99

unnamed (2).jpg

Just LUXE: Louis Vuitton- Damier Keepall, $1,760.00

For the Ladies:



Classic, yet practical: Madewell- Transporter Tote, $168.00


Unique, yet practical:  Clare V- Simple Tote, $495.00


Common, yet practical: Tory Burch- Ella Packable Overnight Satchel, $295.00

unnamed (4).jpg

Just LUXE: Louis Vuitton- Keepall, $1,760.00


The New York Narrative Fun Fact: When my very fabulous, very amazing, friend Kerry of the wonderful Third and Blonde visited the Boys and I this Summer in Fire Island brining her Luxe-ass Keepall, I immediately snatched it from her.

Naturally I brought it with me while in my favorite Black speedo (courtesy of Patrick and his trip to Brazil, Thanks P!) whilst on a pantry run. Chic, no?



If you want to go super chic, grab a Designer luggage tag. Barney’s has some relatively affordable options like this one for $35. These are pretty great too.


A chic Passport holder. even though Customs always rips it out the case and never properly puts it back, isn’t a bad idea either. I’ve been using this Cole Haan one my Mom gave me for years and the leather has aged beautifully. No longer available; here is one similar.


But if you want to go nuts, grab one of these from Christian Louboutin ($330).

The New York Narrative Tip: Don’t buy these unless you have a disposable income. Save your hard earned dollars for a glass bottom boat ride on the other end of your travels.

Have a Kick-Ass Time

Above all, have fun and travel with fantastic people.


Like the time my bestie’s Sarah, Jess, Mal, Josh, Jenny, and I went to Mexico and apparently took a private plane there…


…and then took a private boat.


Or when I was taking in the sights of London….


…or messing around in Fire Island.


Just make sure you surround yourself with fabulous company…


…have your adventures be full, weird, and get into lots and lots of trouble. Strangers are super fun to talk to!


XoXo, The New York Narrative

All images courtesy of myself, Getty, and perspective brands. 

© Copyright 2016 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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