Personal Style File: Josh


Spring has sprung (sort of) so what better way to defrost in our lovely city than to conspire with a bud on a Spring minded photo-shoot in Brooklyn? I mean, it’s the only day as of late that has broke 50 degrees…it was almost mandatory.

I met Josh during one of my many seasons of Big Apple Rec Kickball where he led us to double victory as our Captain. When we realized we had a similar sense of humor and snark, we hit it off right away and have been annoying to everyone around us since. He’s a loyal friend with a heart of gold and a great guy all around— he’s always there when you need him. Josh also comes up with some of the best one-liners I have ever heard which I repeatedly like to rag on him for.

Josh has great style; by way of Texas and employed by Ralph Lauren, he has an Americana Cowboy meets Downtown city-kid vibe that he pulls off with ease and it totally works for him. I knew instantly when the weather warmed up I wanted to pull from Josh’s (extensive) wardrobe for a Menswear personal style file.

Seasonal dressings has gone out the window as far as I’m concerned. In case you can’t tell, we are in a very weird stage of “Spring is almost here am I wearing a pea coat or shorts” limbo. Instead of going for a season, we themed the shoot with transitional pieces— which I think any city-goer can appreciate never knowing how to dress in this weather.

So take a look, hope you enjoy what Josh and I conspired, and enjoy!

— Christian


Shirt, Hanes.  Jeans, Belt, and Boots, RRL. Necklace, Giles & Brother (Stylists own).  Sunglasses, Vintage. 

Who: Josh, 27

Hometown: Austin, TX

Currently resides: Brooklyn, NY (Bushwick)

Occupation: In-house Architect Global Store Development, Ralph Lauren


Style Icon: “James Dean. Effortless, classic, all American.”

Beauty Icon: “‘The Holiday’ Jude Law— classic handsome.”

How you would describe your Personal Style: “Classic casual with a touch of Preppy. I like to mix it up.”


Shirt, Jack Spade. Vest, Club Monaco. Chinos, RRL. Jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren. Belt, Paul Smith. Bracelet, Giles & Brother (Stylists own). Sunglasses, Karen Walker (Stylists own).  Boots, Vintage Goodyear Standard Issue Army Boots 



Streets of Bushwick during the shoot


Sweater, Acne.  Shirt, Calvin Klein.  Shorts, Rag & Bone.  Bandana (in pocket), RRL.  Belt, Vintage Ralph Lauren.  Bracelet, Giles & Brother (Stylists own).  Socks, Woolrich.  Boots, RRL.


Favorite item of clothing to wear: “Oh that’s hard…I love my jean jacket, but I love my black joggers…”

Favorite Season to dress for: “Fall, without a doubt.”

Approach to shopping: “Fit is number one, but I love pieces that are well made. I’m not very trendy, I’m not into fads. I like finding something that could be last season or ten years ago. Much more the classic route.”



Shirt, James Perse.  Joggers, Elwood. Hoodie, Uniqlo. Sneakers, Adidas.  Bag, Carhartt.



 Beanie, RRL. Bracelet, Giles & Brother (Stylists own). Sunglasses, Vintage. 


T-Shirt, Calvin Kline Intimates. Denim, J.Crew Salvage. Sunglasses, Vintage.


Most prized possession in your wardrobe: “Vintage RRL motorcycle boots (above)— it used to be my Italian leather jacket until someone took it. May she rest in peace…”

Biggest shopping splurge: “Those RRL boots, which are still my favorite. Good purchase— I’ve never been inexpensive.”


Oxford, Polo Ralph Lauren. Sweatshirt, Zara Man. Jacket, Tahari. Denim, J. Crew salvage. Bandanna, RRL. Belt, Polo Ralph Lauren. Bracelet, Giles & Brother (Stylists own). Boots, Justin. Sunglasses, Vintage. 



Biggest fashion faux pas: “(Laughs) Probably the fact that I still wear Rugby shirts— and like them. In College I also went through a cut-off button up shirt phase. Something about being an Austin Hipster…it was not well received with the critics.”

Go-To Beauty secret/ quick fix: “Kiehls Facial Fuel with SP15 and my Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle eye roller. Preparation H also works really well for under bags…I swear that’s the only reason I have it…”


Photographs by Christian DiPietro

Styling by Christian DiPietro conspired with Joshua Bailey 

Clothing courtesy of Joshua Bailey’s wardrobe  

Products used: Marc Jacobs brow tamer, Kiehls Avocado creamy eye treatmentBlind Barber 90 Proof hair pomade, and Aesop rind concentrate body balm

Location, the streets of Bushwick and neighbors roofs

© Copyright 2015 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.


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  1. Love it!!!! Awesome shoot!!! Very handsome Josh!!! 😘


  2. I love you two, SO MUCH. Josh, you’re such a stud. Christ, love the way you styled all of these! My fav’s are the first (hanes tee and jeans – very James Dean) and the third look with the Rag & Bone shorts and sweater.

    XOXO ❤


  3. Josh,
    When I first met you I knew you were someone special. You look as stylish as always. Austin misses you…lucky NYC!


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