Hi Everyone,

We have a new Conspirator: Jay! Everyone still seems really excited about this segment which is awesome. Are you guys checking out what everyone’s using? I know I’ve jotted down a few mud masks I need to pick up.

Meet Jay: PR professional, music aficionado, and world- traveler. I met Jay and his husband Adam a few years ago through a mutual friend. Any given night you can find us at their apartment with Jay DJing amazing songs you haven’t heard in 100+ years. He’ll know every fact about them too; he’s honestly a wealth of knowledge, it’s incredible. Jay is loyal, kind, and if you tell him a secret he can keep it. If I am going to gossip I say “VAULT!” right before hoping it goes nowhere. But when I talk to Jay, I don’t even need to preface. He’s that trustworthy.

So take a look, check out the links, check out Jay tips (he uses fantastic products and always looks debonair), and enjoy!

— Christian


Who: Jay Martin Williams, 31

Hometown: Upper Brooksville, NY

Currently resides: Murray Hill, NY

Style Icon: “Harry Styles. He has the perfect combo of today’s youth and yesterday’s influences. Always willing to try something unique, but with thoughtful restraint.”

Beauty Icon: “Alex Loomans. Alex honestly has that perfect model mix of boy and man with his entire look. His body is youthful, but athletic, masculine, yet not overworked. Skin that looks like he was born on a planet without UV rays.”

Go-To Beauty secret/ quick fix: “Laser hair removal— people with curly hair can break out, but it’s not about acne secondarily. I’ve always been a fan of a smooth look, so encourage the investment in any area you typically shave or want to avoid ingrown hairs. Your skin will smooth out like magic— your face, chest…other area’s…Couple this with routine microdermabrasian and it’s the perfect combo to take everything ten years back.”



Kiehl’s Coconut Conditioner, $18

*Fun Fact: Like me, Jay is a total Kiehl’s junkie.


Kiehl’s Grapfruit Body Wash, $25 

Basic CMYK

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash- Pink Grapefruit, $12.69

“Should be in everyone’s arsenal. Allow exfoliation and renewal. That’s what skin does.”


Anthony Logistics Glycolic  Facial Cleanser, $26.00

“If you’re over 28 and not putting acid on your face regularly, you’re doing something wrong.”


Anthony Logistics Vitamin A anti-aging facial treatment, $45.00

“Vitamin A skip elasticity= staying youthful.”


Bliss Oxygen Facial, $12.00

“Fixes anything and everything in like 5-10 minutes.”


Kiehl’s Facial Fuel, $25

“Day lotion with SPF energizes me for the day. Also great too after a workout and steam.”

*Fun Fact: I use this product on/off as well. It’s fantastic.


Lab Series Night Recover Lotion, $42.00

“It’s a waste to spend 8 hours in bed not doing anything for your skin.”


Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, $53.99

“Secret weapon for important nights out after a long work week dealing with the realities of the city.”


Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, $25.00

“Helps avoid any irritation and leaves you smelling all masculine and woodsy.”


Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather, $13 

*Fun Fact: Jack Black has excellent products for Men. And no, the actor does not own this company…


Shaveworks Cool Fix, $25.00

“So important to repair your face right after a close shave before you add anything else.”


Axe Deodorant, $4.09


American Crew Classic Fiber, $7.26

“Subtle shine and moisture to keep you looking fresh.”

*Fun Fact: American Crew is such a good company you guys, tried and true.


Crest 3D Whitestrips, $39.95

“Anyone who knows me well knows I’m obsessed with white teeth— it’s the only West Coast thing about me.”


Burt’s Bee’s Pomegranate Lip Balm, $3.29

“A must for Winter. Without this my lips would be the first thing to go this season and I like making out.”


Commes des Garcons MAN 2, $75.00

“Signature scent.”


All images courtesy of respective brands. 

© Copyright 2015 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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  1. I use the same chapstick Jay! We should make out.

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