The New York Narrative’s Author, Ladies and Gentleman 

The New York Narrative is this New Yorker’s take on all things Pop Culture. From Entertainment to Design, all the way to Superhero’s. Add in a dash of Lifestyle and snark, and you’ve got The New York Narrative.

My name is Christian DiPietro and I’m a Designer, Pop Culture enthusiast, and general good person. Style junkie, culture vulture, and self proclaimed Lower East Side Greaser. Firm believer in working hard and being nice to people; no one is perfect, we are all just doing our best out here.

I come by way of Boston, firmly planting myself in New York City over four years ago. I always knew I wanted to be here so after college, and without a job, I finagled by way to NYC and haven’t looked back since. It’s the most inspiring, glamorous, frustrating, uplifting, difficult, and fun place in the world. Everyday I pinch myself a little I am still here and I have no plans on leaving.

In addition to me posting, I also have a great group of friends who are smart and thoughtful, in all different kinds of industries who I hope contribute to the site.It’s always fun to challenge yourself creatively, discovering something new and interesting. Hopefully you leave this site wanting to explore something new and feeling inspired.

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