The Weekly Round Up- December 11, 2015

Hi Everyone,

It’s here: the Holidays. We drink, eat, drink some more, eat some more, take a nap in between, and be very, very merry.

If you’re like me and haven’t done a stitch of Holiday shopping yet, then why are you still reading this? Go do something! OR, you can enjoy the weekly round up and keep the procrastination train going.

So take a look, hope you get some Holiday shopping completed, and have a really, really wonderful (unseasonably warm) weekend!

— Christian

– Check out the latest New York Narrative Binge, Marvel and Netflix incredible “Jessica Jones”

– Also from the New York Narrative, some of our favorite New Yorkers, in our New York Series

– In case you missed it be sure to check out The New York Narrative European Adventure Parts one in Milan, two in Paris, and wrapping up three in London

– Eleven Eleven is this Friday and is easily one of the most fun dance-y things you can do this weekend

-The IFC center is dedicating an evening to the late horror mastermind, Wes Craven. New Yorkers, do you like scary movies?

– Into Egyptian stuff? King Tut realness at Premier Exhibits

-Bank of America and Bryan Park understand you would like to do cliche things like skate in Manhattan

– Head to Industry City for a Winter Flea!

– Movie and TV trivia is where it’s at, folks

– Like Colin Quinn? He’ll be performing in Brooklyn

– Movies out this weekend

– Versace! Versace! Versace!

– All the looks so far from Pre-Fall 2016

– Johnathan Saunders is shutting down his label…sad news

– Band of Outsiders is back though!

– Patricia Field is closing her legendary Bowery boutique…can you hear my sobs from here?

– Great interview with Fashion photog Richard Phibbs

– Also a great interview with the Production Designer of “Carol” and “Joy”

-Do you think these are the best and worst films of the year?

– How about the best and worst TV of the year?

– If you haven’t watched Julianne Moore’s hilarious segment on “Billy on The Street,” stop everything you’re doing and watch. Can you get an Oscar for yelling at people on the street? Is so, Julianne deserves one

– Tarzan…sexy, oh so sexy…Tarzan…Jane’s there too…

– Julianne Moore. George Clooney. Matt Damon. The Coen Brothers. I. Can’t. Wait.

– Are you going to check out the latest Oscar contender from David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence?

– How about “The Wiz: Live!”? Did you catch it, because it was amazing

– Quentin Tarantino keeps teasing us with “Kill Bill Vol. 3” so can he just make it and make us all happy?

– Eva Longoria’s television comeback just hit a wall

– Amy Shumer kicks ass. That’s all.

– 9 best Julianne Moore performance…as if you can pick JUST 9…

– Queen Latifah is headlining a Girl Group television series from Lee Daniels. Yup, I know what I’ll be hate watching come Fall

– “Dirty Dancing” is getting the network musical remake treatment with…Abigail Breslin?

– Are you familiar with the Best New Artist nominee’s from the 2016 Grammy’s?

– Kate Upton is still trying her hand at that whole acting thing

– Judith Light: QUEEN

– In case you missed it (were you under a rock?) here is the “Captain America: Civil War” trailer we’ve all been waiting for. All the feels. All the feels…

– A behind the scenes look at “Captain America: Civil War” also gives us all the (impatiently waiting) feels

– The next Marvel and Netflix team up, “Iron Fist,” just found it’s very impressive showrunner

– Zoe Saldana is lookin’ smokin’ hot gearing up for “Guardian’s of the Galaxy: Vol.2”

– More Marvel: a brief look at the upcoming “Doctor Strange.” Can all this stuff just come out already? THANKS!

– Final, amazing, Marvel news: Cate Blanchett may be joining the MCU in “Thor 3″…I legit cannot breath

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