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We have our first Conspirator: Sarah! I received a lot of E-Mails and texts from friends who were really into collaborating with the site, and in particular, the Personal Grooming Products segment.  This is super exciting because I think conspiring will bring another level to The New York Narrative. Stay tuned for more!

Sarah is a trip. When I first met her she gave our friendship an expiration date of exactly three months because she claimed, and I quote, “I have too many friends, I don’t need more…” I clearly did not accept this as three years later we are still best friends. She’s a great (and obviously gorgeous) girl with a heart of gold and a love for Queso. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like her.

So take a look, check out the links, check out what Sarah is using, and enjoy!

— Christian


Who: Sarah, 26

Hometown: Saratoga, NY

Currently resides: Queens, NY

Occupation: Advertising Sales

Style Icon: “Tie between Mila Kunis and Emma Stone. Mila always looks cute and like she just walked off the beach— which is my spring and summer style.  I refuse to accept I live in a city and not on an island somewhere. She also looks gorgeous glammed up or in a maxi dress.  Emma because she always looks amazing on the Red Carpet and when she’s dodging paparazzi in NYC.  She’s a more realistic icon to admire in the Fall and Winter when I have to accept that there are no more trains to the beach.”

Beauty Icon:  “Emma Stone. She does natural & glam perfectly. Who else can wear any hair color under the sun and still look gorgeous?”

Go-To Beauty secret/ quick fix: “Dry Shampoo— I prefer Suave.  If you don’t have time to wash your hair, if your roots need a boost, or if you work out during your lunch hour this is a really quick fix.  It will hide grease and increase volume until you can wash again.  I even add it when my hair is 90% dry at the roots and blast it with a blow dryer to give it super volume (I’m a Northern girl with a Southerners love of big hair).”





OGX Shampoo- Nurishing Coconut Milk, $5.79

“Use this baby because it smells like the beach.”




Caress Body Wash- Evenly Gorgeous Burnt Brown Sugar & Karite Butter, $5.49 

“Makes you smell so good and really beach-y.”




Spectrum Naturals Organic Coconut Oil, $8.70 

“Coconut oil as a moisturizer; any kind will do. I also add in my own essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender to scent it. If you have sensitive skin it’s amazing because it has nothing unnatural in it. It can also be used in a lot of at home hair masks as well!”

*Fun Fact: Sarah prefers mostly natural products over anything. If you can cook or clean with it, 99% sure Sarah can use it for an eyeshadow.



Vaseline, $3.99 

“Vaseline in the winter. I get super dry skin thanks to NYC heating in apartments and a thin layer at night wiped off in the morning has kept my skin soft all winter.”

Olay Regenerist Deep Hydrating Regenerating Cream


Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream, $22.99 

“Because a wonderful friend told me to prevent aging before it actually happens, I’ve invested in a high rated low priced anti-aging moisturizer.”

*Fun Fact: I am that wonderful friend…


Maybelline Volum’ Express Th Colossal Washable Mascara in Black, $5.99

“I used to be addicted to Dior Show, but at $25 a pop (and it doesn’t last too long) I swapped to Maybelline. A make-up artist I worked with for an event used it— if it’s good enough for the pro’s it’s good enough for me!”



Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $22.50 

“Amazing for dry winter lips, and more so for my beach bum self— I was Summer sun- burned from forgetting an SPF chapstick. This helped.”


NARS Blush/ Bronzer Duo, $24.00 

“It’s compact which is perfect to keep in your purse. If you forget all other make-up, this will keep your face fresh. It also has a light shimmer in it which is gorgeous indoors and out.”


Noctua- Diem Juniper Berry Purifying Mask, $24 

“I found this Dead Sea Mask at the Long Island City Flea. It’s all natural and your skin feel incredible after. The creator is super helpful and will answer all of your questions and suggest products based on your skin type. He nailed this one for me.”

*Fun Fact: I highly recommend the LIC Flea, it’s so much fun and there are lots of cool things to check out. It’s back in April because aint nobody got time to stand around in this cold. The picture I posted of my friends and I jumping in front of the Pepsi Sign (Sarah is in there too) was from a great day exploring LIC and hitting up the Flea. Adventures are the best.


Spices & Tease Products, Prices vary 

“Spices & Tease has a spot in Chelsea Market and Grand Central Market. Their teas are great and very, very fairly priced. I’m currently obsessed with the Mayan Secret Blend ($7.00). It’s very light and fruity so if you’re not a tea drinker it’s a good way to ease into it. It’s also a Mate which has tons of benefits. I try to drink 4 cups of tea (along with my water) every day. It keeps my skin and hair hydrated and I’m convinced it’s why I’m the only person to dodge the nasty winter colds going around so far.”



Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, $80.00 

“Signature Scent: Nuf said.”

All images courtesy of respective brands. 

© Copyright 2015 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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  1. Ok beautiful, loved what you shared. I’ve gone that route spending tons on mascara & ALWAYS go back to Maybelline in the pink tube!!! I am defiantly going to try the Suave dry shampoo bc i just cannot wash my hair everyday-and I love that it will give body!! Vaseline has been a longstanding staple in my medicine cabinet & Olay is great!! Is this how I am supposed to comment? 💁 I’m new to this-lol. Love ya! 💗


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