The New York Narrative European Adventure- 2/3- Paris

Hi Everyone,

The whirlwind work trip across Europe followed by whirlwind weeks back in the office hasn’t slowed down but The New York Narrative is back with the second of a three installment of The New York Narrative’s European Adventure, Paris!

This should have come at you guys last week but I had some issues with corrupted images, etc. I repel technology so this is no surprise to me. If you haven’t checked out the first installment of Milan, run, don’t walk and take a peek!

Paris has always been a good city to me. I was fortunate enough in College to do a two week intensive program there and have been in love with the city of lights ever since.  It’s the city I travel most to for work and now know it very well: you’ll hear no complaints from this guy.  So take a look, enjoy, and check back for the conclusion of the adventure in London!

— Christian


Tuesday, October 6th- My Hotel View- Paris, France

After a fun filled non-stop day in Milan, it was pretty easy to wake up to a gorgeous view like this from my Hotel.


Coffee, corn flakes, an omelet, and more coffee. Caught up on work E-Mails and skipped to the Entertainment and Fashion section of the Newspaper, naturally.


My essentials: American Crew Forming Cream, Marc Jacobs brow tamer,Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye TreatmentTom Ford Grey Vetiver, Dove Men’s Clinical Protection deodorant,  Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (a godsend while travelling), Blistex Lip Medex, and Kiehls Sun Free Tanning Formula (not picture).


Hotel Marignan is the right level of classic Parisian sophistication balanced by modernity and newness. The team over there is also incredible kind and very accommodating. I cannot wait to stay there again.


Tuesday, October 6th- Work’s Showroom- Paris, France

Not such a bad view from the Showroom. All day meetings reviewing gorgeous clothes and concept? Work aint so bad!


Reiko serving Diet Coke realness in her wine glass full of carbonation. Tres Chic. Sweater/Heels, Marc Jacobs. Pants, Cos. Bag, Celine.


When Parisian need a little cig break, it really is just an excuse for me to go outside and get a picture of a cute little car and gorgeous architecture. I mean even the garage’s in Paris are beautiful.


Had to snap a pic of some seriously good street art, have we met?


Found a golden gate, the perfect backdrop for a style shot. Yes that’s my man clutch, I opted for a hand accessory over backpack. Shirt, DKNY Underwear. Jean, Uniqlo. Jacket, Maor Luz. Boots/Sunnies/Watch/Carryall, Marc Jacobs. Assorted bracelets from Coach and vintage. 


Little Asian influenced hideaway in the middle of Paris streets.


I actually made us stop and smell the roses. This was in the middle of an intersection…I mean…stunning.


Tuesday, October 6th- Saint Laurent- Paris, France

Water by Saint Laurent. How decedent.


Tabac’s are little convenience shops in Paris that sell lotto tickets, cigarettes, snacks, and sometimes double as a cafe. This one had the cutest worker I have ever seen behind the bar. I wonder how much he gets paid an hour and if the benefits are good…


Gratuitous shot of a gorgeous city. Le sigh…


More gratuity…


After checking out shops post-meetings, Reiko and I decided to have a working dinner of cheeseburgers and answering work E-Mails. I slept like a baby…


Wednesday, October 7th- People watching- Paris, France

Unfortunately Reiko had to head back to NYC—who else was going to look after the island?— and I set out on a day of  museum and inspiration shopping. Along the way I discovered that one of my biggest pet peeves is international: grown humans on scooters.


Wednesday, October 7th- Musee d’Art Moderne- Paris, France

After the shell shock of seeing a grown woman being lazy, I made my way to Musee d’Art Moderne. They wouldn’t let me have this incredible light sculpture, I asked.


One of the main reason I wanted to check out the Museum was the Andy Warhol exhibition, “Warhol Unlimited,” which was amazing in both the work and scale.


The exhibit had a range of Mr.Warhol’s work from video instillation of his mini art-house movies (above) to prints (below).


“Where’s the beef!?!” – Valarie Cherish


Maybe the most incredible part was the offering was one of Mr.Warhol’s prints reproduced and spread along the longest wall I have ever seen. The scale was just insane…it went on forever.


Does it count as interactive art if I stopped to take a picture in it? Sorry for the quality, a security guard shot me a look. Clearly he isn’t a Fashionista. V-Neck, Tommy Hilifiger. Denim Shirt, Rag & Bone. Leather Jacket/Carryall/Phone Case, Marc Jacobs. Jeans, Uniqlo. Boots, Cole Haan. Necklace, Giles and Bros.  Ring,  David Yurman. 


Anyone who reads The New York Narrative knows I have a thing for Green, and the color combo plus geometric appeal here is just beautiful. Frantisek Kupka “Plans Diagonaux,” 1871- 1957.


I like stars. That is really the only motive behind taking this picture. James Lee Byars “The Play of Death,” 1932-1997.


Because Halloween was later that month and it’s my favorite Holiday, I couldn’t resist checking out the House of Horrors interactive ride/instillation. It was a pitch black, set on a tram, and had strange things pop out at you. It wasn’t even a minute long but kind of terrifying.


Yes I rode in this thing by myself…why, I have no clue…blame the jet lag.


I sent these huge Birthday candles to friend of The New York Narrative Josh as I was in Paris on  his actual Birthday. Quite a chic text to get, if you ask me. Happy Birthday, Josh!


Back view from the museum. Not too shabby. Eiffel Tower, girl, you never get old.


Wednesday, October 7th- Galaries Lafayette- Paris, France

First stop on the shopping excursion was Galaries Lafayette which I find to have some of the most gorgeous architecture of any shop in Paris. All that stained glass circular goodness? J’adore.


My view waiting in line for a much needed coffee.


Yas, Queen! SHOP. Jeremy Scott for Moschino. 


Besides having a gorgeous interior, Galaries Lafayette also has a pretty stellar roof with gorgeous views of the city.


So much yes.


Wednesday, October 7th- Le Bon Marche- Paris, France

After Galaries Lafayette next stom was Le Bon Marche, another gorgeous department store. The Gothic glamour at Givenchy needed a moment.


Wednesday, October 7th- Citadium- Paris, France

Popped into street style hot spot Citadium which has everything from skatewear to one of a kinds. The shop has a California meets Brooklyn vibe with a European flare and a great assortment.


Wednesday, October 7th- Tridou Haussmann Brasserie- Paris, France

Realizing I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was running on about fifteen coffees, I stopped for a Croque-Madame and quick sketch session at Tridou Haussmann Brasserie. While sketching I felt a tap on my shoulder from a beautiful British girl, Asha, who complimented my work. She and her husband were in Paris on holiday and we became fast friends exchanging information. When I left I gave her the sketch. She couldn’t have been happier or sweeter.


Wednesday, October 7th- Printemps- Paris, France

Next stop was Printemps, which is always gorgeous even outside. How long do you think it took for them to make all those roses?


Ending the day with some work, I decided to mosey down to the hotel bar to do it there and people watch in the process. Remember when I told you the staff was so nice? A very handsome and kind bartender came over and offered me a drink of the evening before I ordered dinner. Some kind of potion that made answering E-Mails much easier. Notebook/Laptop Case, Marc Jacobs. 



Thursday, October 8th- One last Parisian outing- Paris, France

After another amazing nights sleep (the beds were beyond comfortable…), I had breakfast in bed and devoured the first episode of “American Horror Story: Hotel.” I couldn’t wait till I got back to the states to see what Ryan Murpy and Lady Gaga had in store for us. This season so far is incredible if you’re not watching. Someone needs to send me the “Why are we not having sex right now?” neon sign from the first episode ASAP.

*Images courtesy of FX Network*


Speaking of spooky Hotels…this is the view if you take the stairs. Very “Alice in Wonderland” meets “The Shining” meets “Crimson Peak.” Trippy…


After I peeled myself out of bed and was forever horrified by hotels, I took one last stroll on the Champs-Elysees as it was conveniently located around the corner. Look at that sky.


Thursday, October 8th- Charles De Gaulle International Airport- Paris, France

Because of a train strike—no joke the last three times I have been in Europe there has been some kind of transport strike, I think it’s me— I had to fly to London over taking a train. Little bit of a bummer as I wanted to enjoy that gorgeous train ride, but got there a little quicker.


This kid serious figured out how to travel the best way possible. London, calling!

Stay tuned for the rest of The New York Narrative’s European Adventure with the final installment of London!

All images courtesy of yours truly.

© Copyright 2015 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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  1. I just love it!!! The pictures are beautiful and the commentary entertaining.
    I did think Paris was gorgeous when I was there, but my heart belongs to
    Italy 🙂 Maybe some day I can experience Paris with you… Mom xoxo


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