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Hi Everyone,

Today is the first official day of Fall. Second to Summer, which I must say I quite excel at, Fall is the most gorgeous time of the year— especially in New York City.

Fall makes us all do beyond basic things like take pictures of leaves turning, busting out plaid and boots when it’s still 80 degrees out, and indulging in Pumpkin Spice anything only to realize one sip in it’s disgusting.

There’s plenty of things to do this Fall from being outside to cuddling up with a trick on the couch, so take a look, enjoy, and don’t forget to check what time the Pumpkin Patch is open till.

— Christian



While I’m holding onto every last bit of Indian Summer I can ….

Sunnies, Perverese “Fly’s.” Skimpy (my) flesh colored briefs, Charlie by Matthew Zink


…I know what’s coming

Coat, J.Crew. Sunnies, Ray-Ban. Wellies, Marc Jacobs. Snow, New York City’s


There’s plenty of things to do come Fall. Being a basic white girl taking pictures like this (while wearing a chunky knit you bought in July as soon as you saw a brown leaf) is one of them


There’s saying yes to way too many a Brunch’s You’ll end up at Cubby Hole AKA where you always end up post-Brunch with the boys, as seen here


Or when you’re with your girls (or Gays, really) and you will reenact “The First Wives Club” and think you’re the first Girls and Gays to do it


Eventually you’ll end up somewhere else because you’re hungry. Your pre-fix Brunch sucked, admit it. Has nothing to do with your alcohol intake…


You’ll greatly welcome back hot Coffee, which is a life saver when you’ve got thermals on under your jeans

 Sunnies, Marc Jacobs. Coffee, Grumpy’s


Sleeping in on a weekend is also wildly encouraged


After you’ve rolled out of bed you can pick up a good book after you’ve binged watched something on Netflix and ate a Chicken Finger hogie. Check out what The New York Narrative is currently devouring


Also a basic white girl move when it gets chilly and you want to overspend: Rolfs


There’s also pretending you care about Football on Football Sunday. I mean, there’s always a special on wings…


Also, why not travel a bit? Go to London for Christmas and recreate “The Holiday!


Let’s also not forget the most important Holiday of the year: Halloween.

Here are some of my (very Gay) Marvel hits from the last few years. Obviously I like to keep covered up…I made a horrendous Blonde

Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Quicksilver (Clockwise from top)


Come November 8th we can welcome our Madame President to office. The most exciting thing to happen this Fall, no doubt



But what is a new season without some new Fashions?


Only reason I am slightly OK with it getting colder is soI can bust out some coats, leathers, and the boots

Jacket/Sunnies, Marc Jacobs. Sweater/Jeans, Uniqlo. T-Shirt, DKNY Underwear


A perk of my job is I get access to some seriously good clothing and come Fall I flip for outerwear. Here is one of the two new killer pieces I ordered. Excuse the shorts; it came in August and I had to try it on

Jacket, Marc Jacobs. Very Wrinkled shorts, Chubbie’s


It’s always fun to scour Runways for color inspiration I can incorporate into my wardrobe…

Fall 2016 Runway: Givenchy, Balmain, Gucci, Tom Ford (L to R)


…or be inspired by looks I’d wear from head to toe. Shocking, they’re all Black

Fall 2016 Runway: Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Haider Ackermann (L to R)


While I’m usually in dark Denim, bitch-stompin’ boots, and cool coats and blazers, there’s many an occasion to dress up come Fall and into the Holiday season. Seeing as I don’t wear a suit to work I loooove an eveningwear moment

Suit, Marc Jacobs. Shirt, Topman. Tie/Tie-Clip, Vintage. Ring, David Yurman. Sunnies, Ray-Ban. In the glass, a very dirty Martini


While I try to be outside 99.9% of the time in Summer and most of Fall, there are those days where I would rather swallow razor blades than step foot outside my apartment. So when I cannot bare the thought of the outside world, this is what I’ll be engulfed in


“Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life”

Anyone who knows me knows my affinity for coffee, I’m a fast talker, and I love a sassy middle aged woman who is politically incorrect. I can thank “Gilmore Girls” for all of this.

For seven years Lorelai and Rory Gilmore— not to mention Emily—made us laugh, cry, and kept us on our toes with every and any Pop Culture reference, and now, they’re back. Finding a rightful return in Netflix we’ll be getting four mini hour-and-a-half movies themed Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall that follow a year in the life of these lovely ladies.

The show means a lot to me personally and has incredible heart. I’d like to personally thank Netflix for bringing these fantastic, amazing women back to us. 

You can hyperventilate along with me when “Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life” streams November 25th on Netflix


Speaking of “Gilmore Girls,” Lauren Graham’s second book, “Talking as Fast as I Can,” which documents her career and time on “Gilmore Girls” is being released on November 29th.

If you haven’t read her first novel “Someday, Someday Maybe,” pick it up. You’ll thank me. Adding this to my never ending list of books I have going…


“La La Land”

The fact that a completely original Musical starring the wildly talented likes of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that has already won awards, is this visually beautiful, and has gained so much acclaim so far ahead of it’s release is rather exciting.

With so many revivals, remakes, and biopics happening there’s arguably a lack of originality in Hollywood at the moment. “La La Land” fills the void and no doubt will become an instant classic.

“La La Land” dances into theaters everywhere December 2nd


Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”

One of Marvel’s first, and most unique, heroes Doctor Stephen Strange has finally made his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his arrival couldn’t have come at a better time.

With the introduction of Scarlet Witch into the MCU, we’ve gotten our first dose of magical Marvel has for in store for us and now we’ve got a full on mystical film that is bringing us to the next level and the next dimension. Benedict Cumberbatch portrays the Doc’ who after a horrific car crash has to reevaluate what’s important to him, leading him down a very different path than he expected.

I mean, look how trippy and cool it looks. How can you not be dying for this?

“Doctor Strange” casts his spell November 4th


“Nocturnal Animals”

“Nocturnal Animals” is the definition of in my wheelhouse. Noir thriller with Hitchcock influences. A killer wardrobe. Amazing actors. My favorite designer, Tom Ford, at the helm directing.

Sign me up, like, yesterday.

The story has been kept mostly under wraps and I want to stay in the dark until I sit in a theater to devour it. Ms.Adams other film “Arrival” is also high on my list this Fall.

“Nocturnal Animals” is in limited release November 18th, nationwide December 9th


HBO’s “Divorce”

 We can all agree we miss the hell out of our weekly dose of Sarah Jessica Parker on HBO. Well guess what? We have her back!

SJP’s first look deal with HBO has brought her back to us in her new dramedy about the realisms of relationships and that sometimes they don’t always work out.

While it could be compared to “Sex and The City” (anyone else craving that third installment of the series?) Carrie Bradshaw is nowhere in sight as SJP’s has traded in her Manolo’s for a harsh dose of what happens when happily ever after doesn’t stick.

Get divorced October 9th at 10 PM


HBO’s “Westworld” 

Speaking of HBO, the networks very ambitious series “Westworld” is finally making it’s debut and has received raves before it’s October 2nd debut.

In the realm of “Lost” and “Stranger Things,” it seems like HBO is trying to keep us in the dark from what the show is really about wanting us to be engaged all season. It’s totally working because I cannot wait to see what the hell is going to happen.

October 2nd, 9 PM, prepare to enter an alternate reality


Marvel and Netflix “Luke Cage”

After two seasons of Daredevil and one amazing installment of Jessica Jones, the next Defender we’ll dive into is the handsome, indestructible, and did I mention Handsome Luke Cage.

With bulletproof skin, super strength, and a now strained relationship with Ms.Jones what’s next for the future Defender? Set in Harlem, New Yorkers will be able to appreciate the gritty and very world they’re about to step into when the stream.

Stream “Luke Cage” in all his hunky glory September 30th only on Netflix


Netflix original talkshow “Chelsea”

Whoever knows me knows I love Chelsea Handler. She’s smart, funny, beautiful, and was very nice to me when I met her years ago looking like this:


Ms.Handler is absolutely brilliant and has actually taught me quite a bit about Politics. Segments on very simple things, most of us should know but don’t such as the difference between Delegates and Superdelegate’s, paired with a variety of guests from Entertainers to Politicians makes her show a total standout.

Besides enthralling to watch, it’s also now a learning tool and a very current and relatable way on how most people read up on current events. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us— especially post-election.

“Chelsea” is currently streaming on Netflix with new episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday


American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare

Every season of “American Horror Story” I feel the same and this year is no exception: what the hell does it all mean, how long will it take for us to figure it out, and why am I still watching if I am this annoyed?

The theme of lost colony Roanoke is absolutely terrifying— ah, Kathy Bathes dirty in the woods ready to pounce with a huge knife? Yeah scary…—is the new show within a show narrative really necessary? Theme seems strong enough, but I guess I’ll stick with it…for now.

Catch “American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare” now on FX


In addition to apparently staying indoors and binging on Film and Television, I’ll also hopefully be seeing Stevie Nicks in concert. Which technically is in early December but I’ll have been planning my outfit since mid-October.


Scrappy little nobody Anna Kendrick, like Ms.Graham, is also releasing a memoir soon. Hers comes out November 15th.


And when all else fails, finding something new to binge on Netflix is totally acceptable.


Summer, we’ll miss you, but hello Fall!

XOXO, The New York Narrative

Images courtesy of perspective networks, studio’s, brands, Google,, and me.

© Copyright 2016 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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