Hi Everyone,

Anyone else want to give Friday a huge hug for finally getting here? What a week you guys— but we did it, it’s the Weekend and the Weekly Round Up is here!

I wanted to thank all the loyal New York Narrative readers for the warm reception the Personal Style File on Josh got. It was the most viewed and shared post yet, and we’ll be doing more shoots and Style Files for sure! Thank you, thank you.

Since you all loved it so much, I’ve included some behind the scenes and bonus pics from the shoot, which can be found over at  The New York Narrative Instagram.

So take a look, jump down for links, and have a great weekend!

— Christian


Behind the scenes shot…


Bonus shot of Josh from the shoot. Thought it was too good not to share in some way. 


Yours truly pretending to be a photographer in front of some very cool street art in Bushwick


And that’s a wrap! Josh and I clearly know how to celebrate…

– The New York Narrative Binge: “Bloodline”

– The New York Narrative, Personal Style File: Josh

– Affordable Art Fair happening in Chelsea

– Are you a New Yorker who is part of the early morning work out crowd?

– There’s a class on Britney Spears happening in Brooklyn…like, for real…

– Check out the beyond talented Peter Sarsgaard on stage in “Hamlet”

– Check out Elizabeth Moss’ post “Mad Men” gig on Broadway

– Luna Park in Coney Island is open!

– There’s a flower show at Macy’s horrific Herald Square locations if that’s your thing…

– Patti and Jesse Smith are performing…dies for Patti Smith

– Tom Ford is teaming up with George Clooney for his latest film….with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal also up for lead parts. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…!!!

– Tom Ford also wants everyone naked, FYI

– Costume genius Pat Field’s pre-“Younger” work

– Joe Zee couldn’t have offered up his dope apartment to me?

– Serena Williams looking all kinds of fierce on the cover of VOGUE

– Kate Middleton rocks

– Someone gets uncle of the year

– Not only do we get Connie Britton back on a Ryan Murphy production (where she excels), but she is playing FAYE RESNICK in “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson”?!?! Do you think the cast looks the part?

– Am I the only one who is way jazzed about Ryan Murphy’s other upcoming show “Scream Queens?” 

– In even more Ryan Murphy news, Chloe Sevigney is returning to the world of AHS for “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Anyone else hope she meets her fate by the hands of Gaga’s I assume insane character?

Deadline is in hot water…

– Badass Pope got a pizza delivered to him. Into it.

– Debbie Harry has a permanent gig somewhere and I didn’t know about it…why is that? Excuse me while I buy tickets…

– “A Star is Born” has life again with Bradley Cooper directing/starring and Beyonce as the lead…I see no problem here

– Sorry kids: looks like HBO is cancelling “Looking.” And just when it redeemed itself with Season 2… 

– Sorry (again) Monica Potter and “Parenthood” fans, the actress’ NBC sitcom deal is on hold with her next project rolled to next season…

– James Corden’s celeb buddies help welcome him to “The Late Late Show”

– An Elaine Stritch biography is in the works and I’ll be the first one ordering it from Amazon

– 50 has never looked so good

– JLO is aging backwards like Benjamin Button

– Mulder and Scully are back, y’all

– “Star Trek 3” just got a whole lot sexier

– Looks like I wasn’t so off in my “Bloodline” rising star prediction…

– Sam Taylor-Johnson will have to settle for getting kinky with her very hot husband. The director will not be returning to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise

– Lea Michele and Kate Upton are to play best friends in an upcoming semi-Rom-Com movie…because that cannot possibly end in flames

– Everyone calm down: “Barbershop 3” is happening

– Cate Blanchett might have given the best interview of all time. The best is at the end.

– “Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 & 2” has found it’s Director(s) 

– Is this really the post “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Avengers line up?

– No more Mystique for Jennifer Lawrence

– Mom reads Grindr messages, hilarity ensues

– “The Crow” remake has finally found it’s star…right? 

– “Coach” is back!

– Matthew McConaughey is staring in what sounds like the most boring movie ever

– Brandy is making her Broadway debut in “Chicago” as Roxie Heart


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  1. You did a fabulous job on the shoot. You should definitely do more. Both you and Josh look like you jumped out of GQ💁 love it love it love it. Mama D approves!!! Love you all 😘


  2. Oops!! Spelled mamma wrong lol 🙊


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