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Hi Everyone,

Know it’s been a little quiet at The New York Narrative this week— blame New York City Fashion Week, my time is not my own and that’s just fine. The city has an even more neurotic of a buzz to it which I always love. Can’t you hear the Clackers?

That being said, the week leading up to the Oscars is a busy one coinciding with Fashion Week and about a gazillion other pre-Oscar events. There were a lot of looks this week, I mean, a lot of looks. So, I rounded up the ones I felt were interesting from the good to the not so good for your viewing pleasure.

Take a look, let me know what you think, and check back for more on The New York Narrative for Oscar coverage and beyond!

— Christian



Emmy Rossum- Donna Karen Atelier, 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards

Oh man…this is what Red Carpet dreams are made of.  I’m not one for a Princess Moment (gag…) but WOW Emmy Rossum looks divine in her custom Donna Karen Atelier gown. A gown like this can only be worn to an awards show and seeing as this event awarded Costume, it was a very fitting choice.

Ms.Rossum was also the host of the event, so, she kind of nailed it. If I had to nitpick, I would say she could have gone a little easier on the eye make-up. How heavy do you think that gown was?



Kate Hudson- Michael Kors, Michael Kors F15 Front Row and Michael Kors SoHo flagship store Event 

There tends to be a lack of Celebrities at Fall Fashion Week because NYC is Hell Frozen over right now and they all want to keep warm in LA. Luckily, we got some star power this week when Kate Hudson sat front row at the Michael Kors F15 show.

Her first MK look of the week was a Marigold off the shoulder sweater and printed pin straight pencil skirt combo. While I think Ms.Hudson does Old Hollywood well and I am getting an Edith Head vibe here, it’s a little “Ladies who lunch” for my taste. Somehow though, the prim and proper Upper East Side Mom thing is working for her. Wouldn’t an open toed nude strappy sandal have worked better here? Less proper…

Ms.Hudson’s second look was much more fitting to her style. Her racer back spaghetti strap Black bell bottom-y jumpsuit with tonal belt and simple clutch is much more in her wheelhouse. This look has ease and effortlessness and a bit of a 70’s dancer vibe which I always get from Ms.Hudson. As a nighttime event though, I do wish her eye make up was punched up a bit and a nude lip was introduced. Regardless, she still looks fab.

I don’t exactly get Michael Kors from Ms.Hudson but when she dons him it works for her. Part of that could be the fact her body is a piece of muscle and she’d look good in Bjork’s Swan Dress. Also, and I hate to say this as I love her so, but does anyone else think she’s has had something done to her eyes and lips…?


BLAKEBlake Lively- Gabriela Cadena, Gabriela Cadena F15 Front row and Marchesa, Marchesa Front F15 Row 

You never know what you’re going to get from Blake Lively. The new Mama not only styles herself, but she’s friends with every Designer out there exposing her to everything so you really don’t know what she’ll show up in. Which is kind of fun.

Ms.Lively’s first look of the week was a va-va-voom color blocked Black and White Gabriela Cadena body con dress with zipper hem detail. Paired with a chic coat hanging effortlessly off her shoulders, her poppy Marigold clutch, edgy jewelry, and complimentary Louboutin’s rounded out a pretty sexy look. I feel we haven’t seen a Downtown edge look like this from Ms.Lively since her “Gossip Girl” days (when it bordered on trashy). I’m also loving that her hair is straight; it’s almost always in beachy waves which she does well, but it’s a welcome change. I don’t even mind that her roots are basically Black, it’s working for her.

Mrs.Ryan Reynolds (what is she going by these days?) did a 360 at the F15 Marchesa show donning a voluminous Marchesa Navy and Yellow printed bird skirt paired with a sexy Black halter. While my eyes should have gone right to those highlighter Louboutins, I couldn’t help but marvel at the gorgeous Military inspired coat she wore when arriving; between the cut, the fur collar, and those buttons it’s really chic. Styling was consistent as her previous look; the Black zig-zag earring cuffs are super cool adding a bit of edge to this prim look, as do her dark nails.



Dakota Johnson- Sonia Rykiel, SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration and Hugo Boss, Hugo Boss F15 Front Row 

I have no plans on seeing “50 Shades of Grey,” lets make that clear now. But you cannot look anywhere without seeing Dakota Johnson. A Taxi ad, a billboard, or right up the street from my apartment at The Bowery Hotel (which I walk by everyday on the way to work) where Paparazzi are camped out waiting for her; she’s everywhere. Including Red Carpet’s and events.

Ms.Johnston’s “50 Shades of Grey” (all 6 of those words sound wildly dirty together…) promo tour was a bit of a snooze for me; a lot of low cut minimal gowns with simple hair and no jewelry. Yawn. But, she showed up ready to party at the SNL 40th Anniversary special: exactly as she should have. Rocking a sequin striped Sonia Rykiel mini (no one wears Sonia anymore) paired with a strange but cool fur and gorgeous silver sandals, she made an impression and looked like she was having fun. Something I have not seen from her on a Red Carpet to date. Her haircut is also on point; Mark Townsend cuts her hair and does a fab job.

Her second look was head to toe Hugo Boss while attending the F15 Runway show. While it’s nothing to write home about, it’s rather chic and she looks quite effortless. It’s also freezing here; how the hell she wore a sandal in NYC yesterday is beyond me…



Naomi Watts- Altuzarra, 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards and Antonio Berardi, BVLGARI And Save The Children STOP. THINK. GIVE. Pre-Oscar Event

Oh Naomi. Naomi, Naomi, Naomi…why are you doing this? I was very disappointed to see both of Naomi Watts’ looks this week on the Red Carpet.

Her first outing was an Altuzarra White ethereal halter gown. Now I love me some Winter White; Kate Hudson is a great example of someone who knows how to do Winter White. This, this unfortunately…fell flat. Not only is it too long, but it also looks a little too big (lets be real: she’s swimming in it) and it’s kind of looking like a bed sheet. There are so many other looks from this gorgeous Altuzarra Collection she could have chosen.  I mean, she won an award at this event…her look does not reflect that of a winner…

The second Red Carpet appearance of the night for Ms.Watts continued her Winter White theme by way of a ruffled at the bust Antonio Berardi mini. While this of the two looks is the one I prefer, I am let down immensely by the styling. As the face of Bvlgari, I understand the ridiculous ornate necklace. But a Black clutch and heels? BLACK? Why not keep with the electric Blue theme and wow us all? This was just another snooze for me and on top of that, it looks wrinkled.

Her hair is also not at it’s best. Is she growing it out? It looks fluffy and that awkward length like she wants it long but it’s not there yet…come back to us Glam Ass Naomi: we miss you!



Allison Williams- Michael Kors, Michael Kors F15 Front Row and Michael Kors SoHo flagship store Event 

Like Kate Hudson, Allison Williams was Michael Kor’s BFF this week attending both his show and store opening.

Other than the fact her hair and make-up is on point (partly because she’s a gorgeous girl), I can’t say much else about her look at the Runway show. Between the (now dated) mid-drift exposed thing and that print…I am a little confused. It’s trying to be sexy but still sweet? Anyone else getting a Laura Ashley vibe? Too proper. She’s thin and tall though, so, the longer length skirt is working for her. But that’s about it…

Donning the make-up I wish Ms.Hudson did, Ms.Williams evening look I was a bit more on board with. While she’s really beautiful and classic looking, Ms.Williams tends to dresses too sugary and sweet—like her Runway show look— so showing up in a leather bandeau dress we get the bit of edge we need from her. I am not into the Mumsy skirt of this dress, but she still looks good. I also much prefer her hair here.



Emma Stone, Dior- SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration

Continuing to look like a tall drink of water everywhere she goes, Emma Stone rocked not only one Dior dress but two, layering a sequin piece over a wool one; it’s hard to see in pictures, but she did it and it was cool. Not only was this 2-4-1 chic, but smart as it was freezing Saturday night.

This could be an overlooked outing as it’s Navy and Black, but the cut and length of her dresses is giving her a sophisticated but age appropriate youthful vibe. Cat eyes and Red nails keep it young and the colors keep it classic. Good balance. Rounding out her chic look was a simple pair of Louboutin’s and a wavy lob which is growing out nicely.

Emily Blunt- Kristopher Kane, Vanity Fair and Barneys New York Dinner benefiting OXFAM at the Chateau Marmont

While Emily Blunt has had a very good showing during her “Into the Woods” promo tour, I cannot say this makes the cut. While her body looks great (duh), the hair and make-up dept. is lacking and her Kristopher Kane dress is strangely preppy for me. She’s done much better; even those gorgeous Kurt Geiger shoes aren’t helping out here. I do have a feeling the new Mom didn’t know there would be press there and figured it was a low key kind of dressy private dinner. Whatever, she has the best accessory in John Krasinski and you don’t…

Melissa McCarthy, Melissa McCarthy Design, SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration

The cheese may stand alone (I’m the cheese, in case you couldn’t tell…) but I’m digging Melissa McCarthy’s self designed monochromatic sparkling Black ensemble. While she’s noticeably lost weight, that’s not why I think she looks great here: she just looks happy and confident. While looking healthier than ever, her extensions and complimentary make-up are giving her a glam glow. She also accessorized her look well and it translated great on TV. Bravo, Melissa.


CATECate Blanchett- Givenchy, “Cinderella” premiere at the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival

If this is what a wicked Stepmother looks like, I’m totally into it. While Cate Blanchett may be playing the evil figure in the upcoming “Cinerella,” she anything but horrible on the Red Carpet at the Berlin Film Festival.

Ms.Blanchett stunned in a long sleeve pixelated sequin Givenchy gown in tonal neutral shades with pops of Red and an uber sexy back slit (showcasing towering Givenchy platforms, which we’ve also see on Julianne Moore). Is it me, or is she supernatural? She always looks good. It’s honestly baffling. Apparently it was freezing in Berlin so in some shots she kept a Menswear inspired mid-length coat on and still look incredibly chic.

Her hair and make-up couldn’t be more effortless and complimentary to this very hard to pull off look.


MICHELLEROONEYMichelle Monaghan- Dolce & Gabbana, 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards

Gorgeous, Gothic, and statuesque: thank you Michelle Monaghan for bringing the drama. While Ms.Monaghan no doubt loves Fashion, it was refreshing to see such a gown on the Red Carpet as it’s not the safest nor easiest look to pull off. With that said, she did it without batting an eye and looks confident as hell. Even her earrings compliment her eyes; it’s overall a very well executed look.

She also couldn’t have picked a better outing to wear this borderline costume-y gown to. She continues to kill it on the Red Carpet.

Rooney Mara, Celine-Vanity Fair and Barneys New York Dinner benefiting OXFAM at the Chateau Marmont

I honestly rolled my eyes so hard when I saw Rooney Mara in this Celine ensemble with embellished cut outs: if you’re the host of the event (which she was), maybe you don’t show up looking dead?

Ms.Mara is a gorgeous girl— I’ve seen her in person, I can attest to this— so seeing her with such dull hair and make-up looking terrified and over it is just annoying. She should stick to her pals over at Givenchy and select something like this next time she has an event. Even if it’s a comfortable color palette, it’ll be interesting…


JANUARYLAURAJanuary Jones- Roland Mouret, 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards

I remember watching an interview with Naomi Watts while she wore a Red dress and the journalist commented that she didn’t wear Red much and it looked nice. Her response: “I just never think blondes look good in Red. Blondes plus Red, to me, looks a little bit porno.” While I don’t always agree with that (most of the time I do), I 100% agree with it here. Is it me or does January Jones look super Porn-y?

Maybe it’s the banana curls or the shade of (unflattering) platinum, but nothing is working here for me. It’s cheap all around for such a gorgeous piece. Who did her make-up? I applaud Ms.Jones for continuing to take risks on the Red Carpet but sometimes she needs someone to step back and say, “Oh, honey, no.” Clearly all the Gays around her are snapping slugging champagne back saying, “YAS, HONEY! YAS!” while she gets ready.

On top of all that, she looks a bit under dressed for such an event. I wish this look had been saved for someone like Julia Roberts (slicked back hair?) or Cobie Smulders…

Laura Dern- Naeem Khan, 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards and Halston Heritage, BVLGARI And Save The Children STOP. THINK. GIVE. Pre-Oscar Event

Case in point why Blondes can wear Red: Laura Dern in Naeem Khan. Maybe it’s because it’s a Black and Red combo but this Red and Blonde combo is chic and elegant rather than “Hey, how much?” Not only is it overall a great look (styling is on point), but it’s appropriate for the event and she looks confident. I am really hoping she wears Naeem Khan to the Oscars because they’re a winning combo.

Joining Ms.Watts at yet another event, Ms. Dern looked just as statuesque and classy in her second offering of the night. Her ombré  Halston Heritage gown fit like a glove and was complimented by her Bvlgari jewels and clutch. I think I may prefer the Naeem Khan look, but this was just as gorgeous on her. All around snaps for Ms. Dern.


LIZZIEJULIANNEElizabeth Olsen, Vanity Fair and Barneys New York Dinner benefiting OXFAM at the Chateau Marmont

Elizabeth Olsen looked classy and chic last night donning a body con long sleeve Black dress with exaggerated shoulders and interesting dart details at the bust (hard to see, but it’s there). I’m not sure who designed her dress (possibly The Row?) but I am into her low key look as she looks sophisticated and cool. Embellished Manolo Blahnik satin heels and shoulder bag by The Row rounded out her anything but basic Black ensemble.

Her overall look is what is appealing here. Like Dakota Johnson, Mark Townsend tames her locks and Ms.Olsen’s beachy lob is modern and refreshing in a sea of Real Housewives layers. My only qualm is that is her nails aren’t dark; it would have added to the look. Like Emily Blunt, I have a feeling she didn’t know there would be press here.

I am beyond excited to see what Ms.Olsen is going to give us during her “Avengers: Age of Ultron” promo tour.

*CORRECTION 02.20: Ms.Olsen’s dress is Tom Ford. I actually thought it was when I first saw it (as a signature style for him), but upon reading WWD today they reported it was. Maybe she’ll attend his show this week!

Julianne Moore- Hugo Boss, Hugo Boss F15 Front Row 

Julianne Moore looked New York cool with shiny tresses in an all Black Hugo Boss ensemble at the Designers front row this week. While I favor more Fashion forward looks from Ms.Moore I equally love when she takes a minimal approach as the results, like here, are incredibly chic. The coat, the sleek boots, her hair tucked in, the ladylike bag…it’s all working.

Anyone who’s done New York City Fashion Week knows it’s ridiculous getting around the city— especially in the snow. Ms. Moore’s look is basically the chicest possible uniform for NYCFW as it’s simple but Fashion-y.

I’m a little bummed Ms.Moore hasn’t gone to more Fashion Week events, but I am sure she is revving up for Oscar night. Who knows, maybe she’ll pop up at the Tom Ford show this week in LA…


SOOKISuki Waterhouse- Balmain, Vanity Fair celebration of Young Hollywood and Barneys New York Dinner benefiting OXFAM at the Chateau Marmont

I would be lying if I knew who Suki Waterhouse was before she began dating Bradley Cooper. The only Suki’s I knew were from “True Blood” and “Gilmore Girls.” I had recognized her from Fashion magazines and the PRADA perfrume ad as being a pretty model, but it stopped there.

Ms.Waterhouse’s first look was a very sexy plunging Black Balmain gown that looks as if it’s being held on my a thread, pardon the pun. While a Model and Models look good in everything, I am not sold here. Maybe it’s because she has such a young face, but I feel this gown is bordering on vulgar, inappropriate, and Vegas-y. It’s kind of trash. Had the V not been as deep and such little fabric on the sides I would have been all about this— especially because of the detail at the neck because I quite like that element.

I was much more a fan of her second offering. I am not sure who designed her Red gown, it very well could be vintage, but I feel it fits Ms.Waterhouse style far more. She’s clearly flower child boho-chic a la Sienna Miller and all of that is emulated here. The at ease 70’s vibe is great for her and another case where Blondes and Red can work. The V is also the perfect depth; this is how her Balmain should have been. I hope we get more of this from her— she is sexy enough, she doesn’t need it all out there.


SJPTAYLORLLILLYSarah Jessica Parker- Fendi, Fendi Flagship Boutique Inauguration Party 

We are getting Sarah Jessica Parker’s best Downtown Carrie Bradshaw vibe with classic SJP quirk here and I love it. Finally, something not boring on a Red Carpet. Dressed in lots of textural Fendi pieces, SJP’s look is refreshing and cool. Complimented by the Fendi bag she designed for the Italian brand and colorful open toed heels (I assume are from her own shoe line, SJP Collection), this is a really fun look. Not everyone will dig this, but I love the creativity here.

Also, how amazing does her hair look? That is the kind of ombré you ladies should be asking for. Her eye make-up is too much though…can hardly see her Baby Blues!

Taylor Swift- Azzaro, SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration

Taylor: How could you go from one of my Best Dressed at the Grammy’s to one of my Worst Dressed in a long time. Nothing about Taylor Swift’s Sea Foam Green (seriously, Sea Foam, is she 12?) embellished mini is working for me.

Besides the fact I’ve about had it with the cut out thing, her look is trying that whole sugary sexy but sweet thing and it looks cheap. Not to mention the fact that it’s not ironed; it looks like she pulled it from the back of her closet. I am hoping Ms.Swift will rejuvenate her look and give us something interesting soon.

Is it me or does this look like a dress you’d get at the Mall?

Lilly James- Gucci, “Cinderella” Milan Photocall 

While I was a big fan of Gucci’s Spring Runway, I was disappointed to see how flat this look fell on the Red Carpet. Lilly James (who is gorgeous) is doing nothing with this vibrant dress. It’s a great color for her, but between the lazy hair (which should be dark, she’d be even more stunning) and bondage-y Louboutin’s this is a bit of a yawn for me…


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