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It’s finally here: Oscars Red Carpet!

So sorry for the delay— was having major technical difficulties last week and Mercury isn’t even in Retrograde…

The New York Narrative may remain a tad quiet this week as I am in Paris till Friday, but I have a feeling I’ll be surrounded by so much inspiration I may take the opposite approach and go nuts on here.

Check out all the looks from both the Ladies and the Gents below. I kept the commentary generally short as there were a lot of looks to cover and I wanted to include the majority of them. So take a look, sound off, and enjoy!

— Christian



Emma Stone- Custom Elie Saab and Altuzzara 

Emma Stone smoldered Old Hollywood Glam a la Katharine Hepburn in a long sleeve custom Elie Saab Couture beaded gown with open back and high sexy slit. Everything about this look works; the strange color, the insanely gorgeous cuffs, her wavy bob, complimentary make-up and those matching Christian Louboutin heels really round out her extremely glamorous look. I was a happy camper when I saw Ms.Stone on the Red Carpet.

Ms.Stone changed into a unique Altuzzara tea-length dress with black Louboutin’s keeping her show hair and make-up. While this does not have the same glamour (at all) that her gown did, it’s still a good look. I wish she had saved it though for a daytime event as it’s incredibly casual and more daytime appropriate.


 Ms.Stone and her adorable mother snagged one of those Lego Oscars (lucky…) 


 Anyone that know me knows this picture makes me happier that I could even express…



Scarlett Johansson- Versace

As I said in my Tom Ford post, Scarlett Johansson is killing it as of late and her Vesace offering is no exception. Between that crystal collar, the punky styling (uneven earring were an excellent choice), and that pompadour hair Ms.Johansson was a breath of fresh air on the Red Carpet. Not to mention that gown fits like a glove— just stunning.



Neil Patrick Harris- Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, and Valentino (Right to Left)

The host with the most (who I personally thought did a very good job— even if a few of his jokes fell very flat) rocked suits from Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, and Valentino having several costume changes throughout the show. Each one was more impeccable than the next; I think my favorites are that gorgeous crushed velvet Midnight Blue Tom Ford and Burgundy Valentino. The Brunello Cucinelli is a little Pee-Wee Herman for me…

*Valentino image courtesy of GQ



Julianne Moore- Custom Chanel Couture 

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t wildly disappointed that Julianne Moore didn’t wear Tom Ford to accept her Academy Award for Best Actress. It would have been a nice little Fashion Moment in time, but, Ms.Moore chose a stunning Chanel Couture embroidered beyond belief gown instead.

When I first saw this on the Red Carpet, I was a tad underwhelmed and a bit confused by that oddly placed embroidery along her hips. Upon further inspection— I looked at it from every angle— this gown is gorgeous and an excellent choice for the actress. I love she chose White; I think it’s my favorite part of this look as it’s incredibly timeless. When looking back at her win, Ms.Moore will be happy she chose this gown. Complimentary hair and Make-Up round out Ms.Moore’s winning look.


Deserving winner Ms. Moore embracing BFF Tom Ford…who she should have donned


Being adorable with fellow Ginger Emma Stone…another picture that warms my heart

AMYAmy Adams- Versace 

While Amy Adams wasn’t nominated for “Big Eyes,” she attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party looking every bit a winner in her Periwinkle Versace gown with embroidery detail and chic train. Ms.Adams continues her chic streak on the Red Carpet. It’s a shame she didn’t present as this would have been beyond gorgeous on Television.



Keira Knightley- Valentino

Like Ms.Adams, Keira Knightley has finally found her groove and is keeping it consistent. Both Valentino looks she chose for the big night are stunning and complimentary. I am partial to that Black Velvet gown as it’s a bit edgier and not so sweet— a nice chance for Ms.Knightley. My only complaint is that her hair looks extremely casual.


MARIONMarion Cotillard- Dior Couture and Giambattista Valli  

Continuing her brand ambassadorship for Dior, nominee Marion Cotillard donned a unique inverted cape laser cut Dior gown.  From the front I wish it had been more tailored and fit to her body; it looked a bit baggy. From the back it was unique and chic. This was one of my least favorite looks from the night, but if it had to been categorized under the Dior Cotillard collaboration it’s a winner, I guess?

I cannot say I’m a fan of Ms.Cotillard’s Giambattista Valli party dress…it’s kind of insane. Something like this could work on Emma Stone as it’s looking a bit, and I hate to say this, but…young for Ms.Cotillard? The multi strapped heels are also incredibly distracting. Hair and make-up for both looks feels dated.



Laura Dern- Alberta Ferretti and Badgley Mischka 

I had higher hopes for Laura Dern’s Oscars look. She’s been incredibly consistent all Awards season and her metallic Alberta Ferretti gown feels dated and a bit cheap. The only thing I like here is her hair. Also, that necklace looks like a poker chip

Even thought it’s more casual and not Oscar appropriate, I do prefer her Badley Mischka glittering Blue column gown to the metallic. She is giving us a good 70’s vibe which works better for her. How adorable is that picture of all the ladies?



Chrissy Teigan- Zuhair Murad and Emilio Pucci 

When I saw Chrissy Teigan on the Red Carpet, a groan actually came out of my mouth. She is so beautiful, funny, and has a great personality (you should all follow her on Instagram, so funny) so why did she choose this gown? Not only is that slit so high you’re about to see her lady parts, but the gown itself is just tacky. She looks like the lady villain in “Skyfall” with those nails too. Incredibly unflattering make-up is the cherry atop this utterly tacky cake.

Thankfully she toned her look down for the post Awards party in a color blocked cut out Pucci. Still, it’s not my favorite— is it not a little causal?



Patricia Arquette- Rosetta Getty 

Patricia Arquette’s Rosetta Getty gown was much better than what I expected her to show up in. She finally chose a flattering look—only took her all Awards season to figure it out. Still, this look wasn’t great from every angle (especially her hair) and she was a tad awkward with the cape detail at the shoulder while walking using it cover her stomach more than anything.

I will say, the best part of Ms.Arquette at the Oscars was her inspiring speech which was amazing. Excerpt of it is above; found it more important than to show detail of her gown.

*Image courtesy of the Huffington Post



Lupita Nyong’o- Calvin Klein Collection 

I knew Lupita Nyong’o wouldn’t disappoint. Rocking a gorgeous Calvin Klein pearl to sequin gown, Ms.Nyong’o looked regal and like the Oscar winner she is last Sunday night. Besides the fact this dress (which was stolen!) is a work of art, she looks happy and confident in it regardless of the fact it probably weighs 100 lbs. The racer back element is a great youthful detail I am glad was included; keeps it modern and less Costume-y.

Changing into a Champaign beaded column gown (also by Calvin Klein), Ms.Nyong’o looked just as radiant. I was happy she kept her natural hair and ditched those weird braids from the SAG’s. She is so stunning it’s absurd.



Rosamund Pike- Givenchy Couture 

Did anyone else jump up and down when they saw Rosamund Pike not wearing a boring, or neutral, off kilter look? Color me shocked when I saw Ms.Pike glide down the Red Carpet (still rocking her Hitchcock Blonde thing) in this gorgeous lacy Givenchy Couture gown.  This was a gorgeous look head to toe; the lace up back in particular was stunning. I knew she had this in her.

Reese Witherspoon- Tom Ford 

Reese Witherspoon kept it classic and refined, if not a bit formulaic, on the Red Carpet in Tom Ford. I’ve definitely warmed up to this look. My first reaction was that it was boring and Ms.Witherspoon was keeping with her “I am not gonna win but want to look good” routine. Unfortunately, the detail of this gown is lost in both pictures and on TV. It’s actually Ice Blue, not White, and the Black is a luxe velvet which is incredibly chic. Shame it didn’t translate.

On another note, her hair hasn’t looked as good in a long time and I like that she kept styling to a minimum as it’s very complimentary.



David Oyelowo- Dolce & Gabbana 

Easily my favorite Menswear look of the night, David Oyelowo rocked a killer Dolce & Gabbana Burgundy suit that was tailored to perfection. He’s looking really dapper here; the styling is on point, the right amount of cuff showing, everything. I can’t even say much more.  Look how confident he looks!

Eddie Redmayne- Bespoke 

Best Actor Winner Eddie Redmayne also looked incredibly handsome in a slim fit Navy Bespoke suit with contrast lapel. This is a great suit to win an Oscar in; classic yet modern, very much in Mr.Redmayne’s wheelhouse. His wife’s Alexander McQueen gown is also to die for. Those hip feathers? YES.



Jessica Chastain- Givenchy Couture and H&M

It pains me so but I cannot say I’m a fan of either of Jessica Chastain’s looks from Sunday night. While both colors work for her hair/skin tone (she is stunning, duh), her Navy Givenchy dress looks like two dresses sewn together; is it a bedazzled bod con dress, or a drapey Grecian inspired look? I’m confused. It also makes her look very hippy and like she has no torso. Her H&M post Awards dress is incredibly unflattering as well. It’s custom and it looks as if she actually bought it at H&M…off the rack…

And really, why all the necklaces? Ms.Chastain has had better days…



Felicity Jones- Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent 

I think I was the most disappointed seeing Felicity Jones on the Red Carpet than anyone else. She is a gorgeous girl nominated for the award in her craft and she chose this McQueen look to don? Nothing is working here. Not the high neck. Not the over embellished bodice. Not those weird drape hip things straight out of “Gone With The Wind.” Not that skirt material…it’s all so rough. I actually feel for her.

Her all black Saint Laurent look is very Audrey Hepburn which I feel is much more in Ms.Jones wheelhouse than that McQueen travesty. Still, the earrings are a bit much and her berry lip is distracting. Rough one for Ms.Jones…



Lady Gaga- Alaia

If you didn’t catch Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews and “The Sound of Music,” stop what you’re doing and watch. I have been saying that Gaga should do a Broadway show for a while now, so between that performance and the fact she is joining the cast of “American Horror Story: Hotel, ” I couldn’t be more excited to see what she is up to next.

It was incredible she picked such a chic and high end Designer as Alaia to dress her for both the show and the after party. While those gloves are insane, I agree, the gown is kind of incredible and right up her alley. At least it wasn’t boring. I do favor that vampy scary Black gown she wore post show over the White. I am digging both for her, keep it interesting please Gaga.



Jennifer Lopez- Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad 

WELL, at least we can count on Jennifer Lopez to wear something incredibly ridiculous and not one bit age appropriate. While JLo is a vampire aging backwards (she’s never looked better), anyone else think she should have let Elle Fanning wear this Elie Saab dress? It’s a little too youthful for the 40-something and I don’t exactly get Princess Moment when I think of JLo’s style…

That Zuhair Murad bedazzled illusion dress with fur stole is straight up Drag and looks like she could have borrowed it from any of the “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” contestants…



Jared Leto- Givenchy

I’m sorry, but I absolutely love Jared Leto’s ridiculous Givenchy look. Yes, it’s a little “Dumb and Dumber,” but still it’s fun and I think he might have had the best night out of anyone there. Super weird shoes though…

John Travolta

Legit the only reason I included John Travolta on here is for that necklace and guyliner combo…that’s all, enjoy.



Naomi Watts- Giorgio Armani

Everyone knows I was a little peeved with how Naomi Watts was looking as of late, so I can happily say I loved both her Oscar looks. That Armani gown is incredible; it’s chic and modern without being over the top. I do wish the black bandeau detail had been raised— her girls were sagging a bit— but the overall look is winning. Post show she changed into a beyond chic Armani cropped suit look with minimal styling and killer confidence. Getting Old School vibes which she does so well. Hair and make-up for both were flawless.

Well done, Ms.Watts.

Nicole Kidman- Louis Vuitton

Naomi Watt’s BFF Nicole Kidman also glided down the Red Carpet looking like a tall drink of water in a Louis Vuitton rainbow sequin column gown with high slit and scalloped hem. While I am not a fan of that clutch, it’s inredbly out of place and frankly ugly— is it luggage?, I generally like the rest of her look. The Red belt and plastic-y shoes should be weird, but, it’s working for Ms.Kidman.



Taking a cue from Naomi Watts, Leslie Mann rocked a Menswear inspired Armani look post show. I am really digging this for Ms.Mann as she usually wears very ladylike pieces. It’s nice to see her switch it up. My only complaint is how wrinkled her pants are and that they are about an inch too long.

Jennifer Aniston- Versace 

Snubbed by the Acadamy, Jennifer Aniston did exactly what I thought she would: show up looking beyond fab and have a great time. While her Versace Rachel Green hair combo is a bit formulaic, she still looked incredible and confident. It would have been nice had she done something a little different, but I’ll take it— guess if it aint broke, don’t fix it?



Jane Fonda-Zuhair Murad

Jane Fonda just get’s it. I can’t really say much more, I mean, look at her. She just get’s it.

Joan Collins

Thankfully we can always count on Joan Collins to bring the “Dynasty” Realness. Her embellished exaggerated shoulder long sleeve gown is right up her alley and very fitting for the Icon.


SIENNASOOKISienna Miller- Oscar de la Renta 

I have to say, when Sienna Miller stepped onto the Red Carpet everyone I watched the show with said “WOW!” Ms. Miller looked stunning in a very regal Oscar de la Renta gown with bow detail at the bust and sheer skirt. Hair and make-up was flawless kept it modern making her look like a straight up movie star.

Suki Waterhouse- Burberry 

Suki Waterhouse’s Burberry ball gown— because that is what this is, folks— made her the perfect plus one for Bradley Cooper. She looks confident and happy and it’s a great color for her. Cannot say that I am digging her hair though; it looks like she ran out of time and jumped in the limo…maybe Bradley distracted her. I could totally see that.



Jenna Dewan-Tatum- Zuhair Murad

Another fantastic plus one, Jenna Dewan-Tatum looked gorgeous in White. Her deep V embelished gown gave an Old Hollywood throwback styled minimally with complimentary hair and make-up. Anyone else think she is becoming one to watch?

With that said, that second look thought…isn’t my favorite. It’s a little “Dancing with The Stars” for me. Jenna: you’re gorgeous, don’t try this hard. Keep it chic.

Michelle Monaghan- Monique Lhullier

Michelle Monaghan very rarely lets me down on the Red Carpet and this is no exception. How gorgeous is her Monique Lhullier futuristic gown? I am loving the color combo, the fit, the styling, all of it. She looks incredible and confident, I don’t even mind the cut-outs.



Chris Pratt, Tom Ford and Anna Faris, Zuhair Murad

Could Chris Pratt look more handsome and hunky in his Tom Ford tux? What a stud. Wife Anna Faris looks lovely in her Zuhair Murad standard gown; sometimes she goes of the rails but I love this look for her. It’s simple. I like the cape detail at the back as well.

Chris Pine- Giorgio Armani

Chris Pine also looks beyond handsome in his custom double breasted Armani suit with satin lapel. Of all the classic looks from the Men, I think this was my favorite of the night. His suit is so incredibly well tailored, the bow tie is the right size, good shoes, perfect grooming…hyper masculine and well done Mr.Pine.



Gwyneth Paltrow- Ralph and Russo

While Gwyneth Paltrow’s body looks incredible, I am a little confused by this dress. I know the flower at the shoulder makes the look, but, wouldn’t this have been just as effective without it? The earrings bring enough drama (if not too much…) and her hair and make-up are classic balancing this modern look. It’s an odd choice…

Beyonce- Stella McCartney

Gwenny’s BFF Beyonce’s whole look looks rushed. There is so much going on here: a too long train, dated peep toes, a weird clutch, weird necklace, awkward hair length…was she rushed out of the house? Did Kelly Rowland sabotage her look? The dress is also very tight at her midsection which you know is an 8 pack but still. I love you B, but, NO.



Margot Robbie- Saint Laurent and Dior

Margot Robbie brought effortless ease and sexiness to the Red Carpet in a long sleeved sheer Saint Laurent gown. The 70’s look was minimal and classic with a great bob and a killer necklace. Ms. Robbier’s striped Dior dress very Harley Quinn which is appropriate as she will portray the crazed anti-hero in the upcoming “Suicide Squad.” Think I prefer the Boho Saint Laurent here.

Meryl Streep- Lanvin

True and tried, Meryl Streep donned Lanvin (again) to the Academy Awards. I got quite a few “Ugh, try harder Meryl!” texts but I have to say that I really like this look for Ms.Streep. It’s a bit masculine and it’s more about her classic and ageless beauty than it is about her dress. I love Ms.Streep’s consistency.



Zoe Saldana- Versace and Prabal Gurung

Zoe Saldana just had a baby you guys. JUST had a baby and the new Mama looked radiant in both Versace and Prabal Gurung. While both are incredibly complimentary, I am more into the Prabal; I think because it’s more modern and edgy which feels more like Ms.Saldana than the standard blush Versace. Regardless, she is a knockout.

Viola Davis- Zac Posen

Oh, Viola…



Anna Kendrick- Custom Thakoon

I love me some Anna Kendrick but, eh… this is not an Oscars gown and I am underwhelmed. It’s custom too…

Cate Blanchett- Margiela

Cate Blanchett: what happened? You won last year in a killer Armani gown and this year you came dressed in a snoozer of a Black gown with a necklace that should have been left in a Florida gift shop? Come on, girl…



Dakota Johnson- Saint Laurent

All I have to say is that overall this was a very disappointing look from Dakota Johnson. It’s not fitted very well and the embellishment at the shoulder stops at her side seam making this look very cheap…it’s a little Prom for me.

Karlie Kloss- Versace

Karlie Kloss is a model, therefore, she can make a very simple black Versace gown look like a million bucks. I don’t even mind those weird PVC pointed heels. She looks fab.

Diane Kruger- Donna Karen Atelier

Incredible, just incredible. Diane Kruger killed it in this Donna Karen gown jumpsuit hybrid. It’s interesting, well styled, and very fitting for Ms.Kruger’s Fashion forward style. Clutch was unnecessary, other that that it’s an A.



Olivia Munn- Zac Posen

See what I mean about her being inconsistent? She looks fantastic here; she should wear Midnight Blue more.

Miranda Kerr- Emelio Pucci

Miranda Kerr is one of the most beautiful women in the World. Legit, the whole damn World. So this tired Pucci gown is making her look as if she is trying way too hard. Her boobs look fake (they’re not) and it’s not very well fitted at her stomach. Disappointing.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley- Alexandre Vauthier

Can always count on Rosie Huntington-Whitely to show up looking way gorgeous and flaw free. I am obsessed with her new haircut; it was a good change for her. Can’t find anything bad about this look…even the cut-out’s.



Kylie Minogue- Ralph and Russo

This is just because Kylie was there flashing her legs being ridiculous. It’s fab…that’s all.


All images courtesy of Getty
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  1. You never disappoint Christian!! Jennifer Aniston was my favorite. Please write while in Paris…😘


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