Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long one, huh? Well don’t fret: the Weekend is here! While we are all freezing on the East Coast, check out some things to do below that are indoors. The only outdoor activities any of us should be doing is walking from Brunch Spot A to Bar B to Bar C. And listen to your elders: wear a hat!

Check back for Oscar fashion next week (and most likely snarky Tweets from the event…) and possibly another neighborhood spotlight. What are you feeling, West Village or Chelsea? I mean, they do bleed together but they are quite different…hmmm, stay tuned.

So take a look, jump down for links, and have a great weekend! Stay warm!

— Christian

PS: This picture of our favorite “9 to 5” Ladies should get you revved up for the Weekend! Xx


– The New York Narrative: Looks from the Week! 

– Guys, it’s Beer Week in NYC. Have fun and drink responsibly 

– NYC Restaurant Week is kicking off soon 

– Check out the 16th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival 

– Le Poisson Rouge is having a big ass Oscar quiz 

– The 7th Annual Black History Month celebration is this weekend

– Also at Le Poisson Rouge: Drag Queen Bingo…which sounds hella fab…

– If you secretly want to see “50 Shades” but are embarrassed, don’t fret. Check out the parody Musical. It should fill the void…no pun intended

– The state of NYC blocks…interesting read 

– Obviously New York City Fashion Week is in full force, check out the latest Runways

– Teddy Bear Coats are chic according to Bill Cunningham and The New York Times

– Not the biggest fan of Rodarte, but I found this collection kind of amazing kind of odd. NY Mag had the same feelings, what do you think?

– NYTimes take on the tail end of NYCFW

– Don’t worry everyone: Real Housewife of NYC Sonja Morgan has a clothing line… 

– Maxim is (successfully) revamped itself and is in the Fashion Game

– Kind of crazy good visual of every winning Oscar Gown to date…

– Full list of 2015 Oscar Nominees 

– Holy Hell, this anonymous female Oscar voter’s ballot reaction is everything

– Behind the scenes at the Oscars, day one

– SNL’s 40’th special was to die for. Watch highlights here

– Speaking of SNL, here is a full list of City Correspondent Stefon’s hotspots– link is an oldie but a goody

– Even more SNL…”The Ambiguously Gay Duo” could have been a movie!?!

– “American Sniper” widow is under fire…pardon the pun

– Bill Carter’s thoughts on what John Stewart’s up to next…

– Hope everyone is as excited about the all Ladies “Ghostbusters” we are getting soon; these broads all got together and took a picture and it’s everything

– More casting for Netxlix and Marvel’s upcoming series “AKA: Jessica Jones”

– Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan’s (HEARTBREAKING) “The Last Five Years” is # 1 on iTunes. The New York Narrative recommends watching with a lot of tissues and wine…so sad… 

– Speaking of “The Last Five Years,” star Jeremy Jordan’s compilation of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Home” is ah-mah-zing…your ovaries are not safe… 

– Is Whoopi leaving “The View” (AKA, “that sinking ship” over at ABC…) too?

– In case anyone cares (I don’t…) “Two and A Half Men” has ended

– Tom Brunelle and Brad Wollack have exited Chelsea Handler’s Boderline Amazing production company

– Are 90’s Psychological Thrillers coming back by way of Scar Jo and Brian Grazer? Please say yes…

– Tom Ford is (finally, thank God…) making another film and this time it’s a two part Thriller. Anyone else salivating?

– Variety doesn’t seem so into “House of Cards” for Season 3, are you going to watch (I am)? 

– “Glee’s” Darren Criss is our newest Hedwig 

– “Parks and Rec” got Bill Murray…I can’t breath 

– Yeah, Kate Hudson is a total babe…

– Will Meryl’s upcoming flicks land her an Oscar nom next year?

– Julianne Moore covers LA Confidential and looks smokin’ hot

– Speaking of Julianne…she traveled with Dakota Johnson to LA for the Oscars and they look chic as hell. Are they new BFF’s? 

– 2015 Pilot Season HOT LIST– who do you want in your living room weekly?

– All of my New England buddies are getting SLAMMED with snow: here is proof

– NYC is eventually going to become a toaster over. Something to look forward to…

– Tattoo removal cream is coming our way and it’s only going to be $5.00…tramp stamps can breath easy


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