Tom Ford Presents His Autumn/Winter 2015 Womenswear Collection, Beverly Hills

Hi Everyone,

Seems like everyone and their Mother was at the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2015 Womenswear Collection event in Beverly Hills Friday evening. The show was super luxe and glam, as per Mr.Ford’s MO; you can watch it here.

I can very easily say Tom Ford is my favorite designer; the work he did at Gucci and YSL was incredible and inspiring and the story behind it all is remarkable. Mr.Ford will stay the King of Fashion for a very long time cranking out chic yet sexy and glamorous looks for the ladies, and keeping Men looking very sharp.

As I mentioned last week’s post, there are so many events leading up the Oscars but I singled this one out because it was a very chic Red Carpet and totally A-List (mostly). I’m not sure if the attire was Black Tie or not as looks ranged from Mini dresses to gowns, but it was a fun one to watch.

Lady Gaga is performing at the Oscars and I was very surprised she didn’t attend. I think she wears Tom very well and they make sense together: they are both larger than life. Also missing from the Red Carpet was Jennifer Aniston who has been a long time devotee of Mr.Ford.

Regardless of some great Ladies missing this event, check out who did show up and looked killer below. Happy Oscar viewing today!

— Christian



Julianne Moore

Mr.Ford’s BFF and Muse (who I am sure is wearing him to the Oscars tonight…) chose the best color for her: Green. Donning a Tom Ford sequin long sleeve top, unique Camo pattern skirt, cool platforms, and a killer plumed clutch, I can’t say this is my favorite Julianne Moore Tom Ford collaboration. There is something oddly quirky and cool about it. I like all the pieces separately but maybe not together? That is what it could be. Regardless, the future Oscar winner’s hair and make-up are on point. She’s glowing.

Elizabeth Olsen

While I wish Elizabeth Olsen wore a color, this Red Carpet had a lot going on, so her very sexy Black gown was a welcome relief. The sexy slashes throughout this gown is classic Tom: sexy, but not vulgar and incredible chic. Saying he understands how to dress women is an understatement. With 70’s inspired curls and sexy dewy make-up, Ms.Olsen is giving us a cool girl vixen vibe and I am very into it; minimal styling enhances her look further. I hope she continues this for her “Avengers: Age of Ultron” promo tour. I am also crossing my fingers she wears Tom again tonight to an Oscar party— she wears him well.

Is it me, or does anyone else think Michelle Pfieffer should play her Mom in a movie where there’s lot of Family high jinx?

Cody Horn

I actually smiled when I saw Cody Horn in this vintage Tom Ford for Gucci (circa 2003) look. This was one of my favorite collections from him and everything about this is working; the cut of that mini, the proportions, the velvet Tom Ford Burgundy sandals. I was hoping we’d get some vintage Tom and we did (check below, Fergie gave it to us too). My only question is: how did Ms.Horn get her hands on all this? She isn’t the biggest star and how incredibly would have have looked on Gwyneth…?


Reese Witherspoon

With such an array of gorgeous Tom Ford looks to choose from, I was very disappointed that Reese Witherspoon chose this one. I mean, could it be any safer a look? It’s kind of  yawn…I am very surprised Tom cut a dress like this. It’s really conservative. The only thing I can say is that her hair and make-up look great and she has nice legs.

Jennifer Lopez

Going from Reese’s snooze to va-va-voom Jlo, we can always count on Jennifer Lopez to wear something borderline inappropriate and just a little Tranny. There’s a lot happening in this look…embellished (very short) mini, a fur, slicked back high pony, fishnet thigh high boots. We get it Jlo, you look amazing for your age but cool it and tone it down please. How refreshing would it have been to see her in something a little subtler and less “look at me!” Ugh…we can dream…

Gwyneth Paltrow

Like Reese, Gwyneth Paltrow’s look is a little bit of a snooze— especially for such an event—but I still prefer it over Reese’s look. Ms.Paltrow’s long sleeved slashed sleeved mini is a bit on the safe side but it’s also signature Tom in that it’s ladylike but sexy. Her smokey eye and sleek tresses make it a bit more on the ladylike side; different hair would have elevated this look big time.There’s no denying though she looks gorgeous and has beyond an enviable body. Those legs?


Without a true dress code (I assume), Beyonce would show up in a stunning embellished and sheer gown from pal Tom. Her sexy gothic offering is working for her big time; I like that Beyonce’s style has gone from House of Dereon to Tom Ford in the past few years. She is practically royalty and should dress the part. Her look is styled well (sometimes that is her pitfall…) but I am not sure about her hair length. Long straight tresses would have bene preferred.

This is the only picture from B from the event, so, I assume she wasn’t doing a stank leg pose the whole evening instead looking chic as hell…

Scarlett Johansson

I don’t know if it’s Motherhood or because she’s been out of the spotlight for a bit, but Scarlet Johnasson is back with a vengeance and has never looked better. Does she have a new stylist, or what? She looks so much cooler and at ease than usual. Her gold zipper detailed long sleeved Tom Ford mini is sexy, cool, and effortless at the same time. Her styling is on point— that punky hair platform combo makes this look her own. She’s 100% selling it.

Nice to see Scar Jo and Tom are still buddies. I hope she gives us more of this for her “Avengers: Age of  Ultron” promo tour.


Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Like Cody Horn, Fergie arrived in a sexy long sleeve Black vintage Tom Ford for Gucci (circa 2004) dress. While I love her dress and absolutely love that she wore the Gucci bamboo heels (which are my favorite pair of shoes, ever), I can’t help but wish this look was saved for someone else. It’s so chic, but I think her hair and make-up are too severe ruining it for me; softer Old Hollywood curls and a bold berry lip would have been preferred.

All I can say about Josh Duhamel’s off duty Tux look is that he’s so incredibly sexy and handsome I have to look away…it’s not normal how good looking he is.

Naomi Campbell

I can’t believe I am saying this, but, Naomi Campbell’s look is such a snooze for me. Her one sleeved Tom Ford metallic gown is nice enough but it almost seems a bit dated and not in a good way. How great would it have been had she shown up in a tux from Mr.Ford donning those fishnet open toed booties? That would have made me swoon.

That being said, her hair, make-up, and just overall being is so undeniably glam and gorgeous.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is clearly still channeling her “American Hustle” character rocking a velvet (signature Tom fabric) 70’s-esque bell bottomed suit. I am totally into this look; I love that Amy didn’t show a ton of cleavage in the suit— so cliche and it doesn’t always work— and I am glad she kept her styling minimal. Unfortunately, this was not a look that photographed very well from every angle. Which is disappointing because I think Ms.Adams looks cool and comfortable.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this look was Gwyneth’s Red Velvet Gucci suit she wore during Tom’s Gucci years.



To say I rolled my eyes at so hard they felt like they might come out my head at Miguel’s weird tunic over metallic pants look is an understatement. Fashion should be fun and a self expression, but, this is just not the event for such a look. At a Lower East Side bar, sure, but not at the King of Fashion’s event. Sorry. I actually don’t hate the look but it’s just so out of place.

He’s so handsome too, it would have been great to see him in a classic Tom Ford tux oozing 007.

John Kortajarena

Tom Ford’s muse (he was inTom’s film “A Single Man” and did an excellent job) and resident model John Kortajarena did the opposite of Miguel: he showed up looking sexy and effortless in a Teal Tom Ford velvet blazer and crisp White shirt. I am a very big fan of Mr.Kortajarena’s style and love his laid back handsome offering.

Brad Goreski

I cannot say that I am such a fan of Mr.Goreski’s  shrunken blazer look. His grooming is commendable, but he’s become quite muscular as of late and picking a different blazer, a more athletic of cut, could have benefitted him big time here. That jacket looks a bit snug and as if he borrowed it from a toddler…


Sofia Vergara

I love me some Sofia Vergara. I also love me some Rachel Zoe. But as Ms.Vergara’s stylist (maybe she wasn’t for this event?) Ms.Zoe did not put her in the most flattering look. The lace up over her bust looks very sloppy and overall this whole looks a bit dated and cheap (especially the peep toes). You know that dress in person is killer; Tom doesn’t use bad fabrics especially when it comes to velvet. It’s more luxe than luxe but it’s not working for Ms.Vergara. Her mega watt smile and gorgeous locks do look great here though.

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta and Tom Ford go hand in hand. Mr.Ford used the model actress quite a bit during his Gucci and YSL years and she always looked killer. This, is no exception. Even though I am having cut out fatigue, I love this look; maybe it’s the mesh over the cut outs but she is giving us a cool Rock n’ Roll Model look and totally selling it. I am also salivating over those lace up heels. So sexy.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn: if you’re not going to make an effort when going out, then don’t go out at all. I wish this Tom Ford look could have been rocked by someone else because the pieces are very sexy but still chic. Between her limp hair and lackluster styling, this look is so uninspiring. I find her style incredibly inconsistent.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus continues to charm the Fashion Industry securing her an invite to such an A-List event, attending in a sheer Gothic sexy Tom Ford long sleeve gown. I am generally not enamored by Ms.Cyrus’ style at all, but, I can’t say anything bad about this look. I hope this is the beginning of Ms.Cyrus taking a chic turn for the better rather than a trashy turn for the worse as she’s been doing for quite some time now. This is such a high Fashion look and she’s selling it. I do find her make-up a bit cringe worthy though. That winged eye liner is doing her no favors…

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Let’s get this out of the way: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is basically perfect looking. Like Amber Valletta, Ms.Huntington-Whiteley is giving us effortless off duty Model Realness in her 60’s-esque Tom Ford glittering mini and complimentary metallic heels. I love this look; she is so chic and sexy without being vulgar or Vegas-y. Also, her new haircut is so good I can’t even take it…

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie keeps things interesting— do you see anyone else there with Pink hair? While very petite, Ms.Richie looks about 6 feet tall in this killer Tom Ford turtleneck long sleeved sequin cheetah print gown. Even though this is a lot of look, it’s super fun and very true to Ms.Richie’s style. Only thing I don’t like: the panties. It was a deliberate conscious styling choice and it did not pay off.

Anjelica Huston

Could Anjelica Huston look any cooler? I love this age appropriate chic look. Probably unavoidable, her suit is a little wrinkled; what should have been avoided though is the length of her pants. About an inch shorter and this would have been an all around perfect look. Still, a lady in a pantsuit always gets a thumbs up from me.


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