The Weekly Round Up- March 12, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the New York Narrative being so MIA. Between my work trip, being back in the office, jet lag, and life in general, it’s been a little hectic. But we’re back, and with links! Ohhhh, shiny! This week brought a decent amount of variety to the Weekly Round Up so hope you enjoy.

Also, check out some snaps I took from my Paris trip which can also be found over at The New York Narrative’s Instagram page. If you’re not following, what’s your problem?

So take a look, jump down for links, and have a great weekend! It’s supposed to be gorgeous— get outside!

— Christian


Standing on top of the world at the Musee d’Orsay…favorite place

unnamed (1)

Anyone wanna swing from these Chandeliers or reenact “Beauty And The Beast ?”

unnamed (2)

Looks like “Cabaret” follows me wherever I go…”Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Happy to see you…I’m Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret!!!”

unnamed (3)

Anybody have the time…?

unnamed (4)

My last few hours in #Paris — people watching in a sunny cafe because that’s what you do when you’re there

– Radio City Hall is having a Spring Spectacular, check it out

– Get buzzed at the NYC Craft Beer Festival held at the Lexington Ave Armory, which is on of my favorite places in the city. It’s gorgeous

– Remember Citizen Cope from College? They are performing this weekend…

– St.Paddy’s is this weekend. Between your green beer chugs, you could try and Irish walking tour

– Or, check out Brooklyn’s St. Patrick’s Day parade

– Punk and sketch comedy is apparently a thing…

– Shakespeare can be a bit much, so, Drunk Shakespeare sounds a lot better!

– Fall 15 Fashion Week is over; check out all the looks here

– Some behind the scenes shots from Fashion Week…great Street Style

– Also front row shots from F15 Fashion Week

– Shocker: Kathy Griffin quits E!’s Fashion Police. Can’t say I blame her

– Mulberry has a new CEO

– Biggest news from Fashion Week (to me, anyway) is the official announcement of “Zoolander 2,” on the Runway of Valentino no less

– Are Stylists becoming more important than Designers?

– Julianne Moore is not into the Mani-Cam. Do you blame her?

– The struggles of on-line shopping

– David Beckham picks his modern essentials for H&M and they are kind of killer good. Who doesn’t love good basics? No pun intended…

– Madonna, Queen of everything who paved the way for us all (FYI), did a fantastic interview with Howard Stern. Take a listen, she’s one smart lady

– Also in Madonna world, pick up her new album “Rebel Heart”

– Don’t worry, CBS renewed “Mike and Molly” and “Mom.” Middle America can rest easy…

– Complete list and faces of 2015 Pilot season

– Chuck Bass is back on TV y’all. Ah, Pilot season…

– Looks like another Oscar winner is heading to CBS: How many F-Bombs you think Melissa Leo will drop?

– “Sleepy Hollow” just lost it’s showrunner…what else could happen to that poor show? Had such promise…

– “Teen Wolf” also lost something: a lot of sexiness as Tyler Hoechlin will no longer be a series regular

– Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinderella in a Princess Rap Battle. That’s all you need to know, just watch

– In other Sarah Michelle news, check out her charitable work with No Kid Hungry and donate!

– Is everyone excited about the all female “Ghostbusters” flick?

– If you ever want to have the trashiest of trash weddings, here’s a visual how-to

– Museum of Glass is getting a new wing and it’s beyond

– In case you missed it, there’s a new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer out that is so epic you may not be able to handle it…

– More Avengers: Robert Downey Jr. gave a little boy a bionic arm just like Iron Man has. Try not to well up at this one. All the feels. All. The. Feels.

– How badass do Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor Johnson) look in their character posters for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ? 

– Marvel and Netflix also released an extended look at “Daredevil,” which we are less than a month away from

– Anyone else miss the Got Milk? ads…and the 90’s?

– Need to smile?

– Goldie Hawn being all Goldie Hawn and fab in an airport

– Don’t worry everyone: Pam Anderson finally figured out what haircut works best for her

-Want to live in the Chelsea townhouse that housed Glenn Close during “Fatal Attraction” and Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone during “Spider-Man?” You can…for 22.5 Mill 

– If you’re not watching “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” you should be. It’s hysterical and mindless fun

– Lena Dunham in a bad wig on “Scandal.” That’s all…

– In case anyone was nervous, “Frozen 2” is happening. Because that wasn’t a given…

– “Cinderella” is off to a good start at the Box Office

– The first trailer for the Kurt Cobain Documentary has hit

– Larry David and Rita Wilson are starring alongside one another on Broadway in “Fish in the Dark.” Anyone else running, not walking, to the theater?

– Kristin Chenoweth’s latest has opened on Broadway!

– Because the world isn’t a scary enough place, there are now snakes with tentacles out there

All images courtesy of Me
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