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It’s that time of year again. May is upon us and that means one thing: a Marvel movie is here. This time around it’s “Captain America: Civil War,” and it’s the biggest, baddest, and most complicated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, if you’re nasty).

Which brings us to another installment of the “Superheroes and Fashion” series. Fashion and Superheroes are two of my favorite things (aside from coffee) and finding a juxtaposition between Designer looks and Superhero costume is always fascinating to me. Looks have been pulled from Spring, Pre-Fall, and Fall respectively.

“Civil War” finds the Avengers divided after a national incident resulting in casualties and destruction that forces the Government to enforce a system of accountability. Not everyone see’s eye to eye on this splitting our heroes into Team Iron Man and Team Cap.

Here you’ll find Team Iron Man’s Runway influence from Black Panther’s claw marks at Mugler to Visions of capes at McQueen. Check out the homepage for Team Cap’s Star Spangled Banner Runway realness.

There’s a little bit of Superhero in everyone. 

So take a look, check out the poll, get your tickets to “Civil War” NOW, and enjoy!

— Christian


IronMan1.jpgGlamorous armor by Naeem Khan 

Iron Man AKA Tony Stark,Robert Downy Jr.

Repercussions have led Tony Stark to turn his back on the Avengers in favor of the Government, hence, the Civil War we are in. One of the most iconic characters in the MCU (not to mention of the most acclaimed actors), Iron Man’s global influence is prevalent everywhere from home appliances to automobiles so it’s no wonder Designers have turned to the “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” for inspiration.

Metallics, leather, and crocodile act as Tony’s armor with glimmers of Red and sheen reminiscent of his mega-powerful suit. That Delpozo strapless multi-metallic dress in particular screams Iron Man with it’s protective nature as if it could shoot off missiles at any moment. From where is anyone’s guess.

The warrior element of the low cut Louis Vuitton color blocked ensemble as well as the more sporty LV offering gives off a slightly cocky but sophisticated vibe, much like Tony himself. Marc Jacobs also must have been feeling confident with that metallic statement skirt that glided down the Runway.

In conclusion, Iron Man is everywhere and no one’s mad about it.

IronMan3.jpgLooks, left to right: Louis Vuitton, Delpozo, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs


yqezvs1Two against one? Does that seem fair, fella’s? 

BlackWidow1.jpgSlinky, sexy, and totally badass: Alexandre Vauthier

Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanoff, Scarlett Johansson

Another staple in the MCU, the sexy, badass, and whip-smart Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson, for the fifth time, portrays the Russian temptress bringing more dimension and character development with every incarnation.

Each installment see’s Natasha a new upgrade in her uniform, “Ultron” gave her an electrical suit that rivaled “Tron,” this time around she’s switched from leather to a high-tech rubber that’s the sleekest version of the catsuit we’ve seen. Widow was also given a groovy new 70’s feathery do; another in the evolution of Black Widow hair.

With va-va-voom very much a thing that’s still happening in Fashion, it wasn’t hard to find sexed-up sophisticated looks that vibrated Black Widow. Fit for a slinky spy, each body-con outfit would allow Natasha to easily slip past the highest of security.

All Black everything from 80s influenced Saint Laurent to sheer cut out Alexandre Vauthier. The Zuhair Murad look on the right may be the most appropriate for Black Widow, and one I wouldn’t even be surprised if she showed up in on the big screen.

BlackWidow2.jpgLooks, left to right: Zuhair Murad, Alexandre Vauthier, Saint Laurent, Zuhair Murad


hvnckuqwzfw414el3kfhShe’s Black Widow, Man. Come on…you knew this was coming.

Still_-_3.jpgWho’s on what team? Who cares, everyone is sexy

WarMachine1.jpgJoan of Arc? Nah, War Machine Realness at Roberto Cavalli

James Rhodes AKA War Machine, Don Cheadle

Like Cap, Tony also has his BFF on his team in War Machine. Rhodes has been a friend and an ally for Tony so it’s a no brainer he’s on Team Iron Man. Their banter alone would be enough for us let alone two massive suits flying through the air blowing stuff up.

Similar in design to Iron Man, metallic accents at Saint Laurent and McQueen reflect Rhode’s Silver Stark-designed suit as do the icy vibes at Balmain. The Cavalli represents Rhodes perfectly— if you touch that gown the wrong way, you may lose a finger.

War Machine is all the rage this season.

WarMachine2.jpgLooks, left to right: Balmain, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen


tumblr_nydjll96191rpbvbwo4_540Well this doesn’t look good

Vision1.jpgVisions at Roland Mouret

Vision, Paul Bettany

Like Scarlet Witch (eventually his wife in the Comics), Vision’s powers come from an Infinity Stone making him one of the most fascinating and powerful characters in the MCU. Visually, he’s also incredibly stunning to look at in everything that he does.

What was found when tracking down Vision inspired Fashion: Capes aren’t going anywhere, folks. They are very much still in Fashion and very much still chic.

The body piecing of the Louis Vuitton ensemble embodies Visions suit just as the capes in all these Couture pieces are a vision. Sorry for the pun, it was there. Had to use it.

Vision2.jpgLooks, left to right: Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Naeem Khan


2016-03-102013_13_10Someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight…

Civil_War_Stills_AirunGarky.com_-32.jpg“Do you all know why you’ve been called to the Principals office?”

SharonCarter1.jpgTough girl chic personified with Zuhair Murad’s touch 

Sharon Carter AKA Agent 13, Emily VanCamp

It’s unclear the role Sharon Carter AKA Agent 13 AKA Agent Peggy Carter‘s niece will play in the future of the MCU, but in “Civil War,” it seems like she’s a total badass and possibly a double agent? Whaaaaaat?

While billed on Team Cap, Emily VanCamp has been put on Team Iron Man while promoting the film. Hmm…let’s see how that plays out.

It will be interesting to see how they handle Sharon’s appearance in future installments, but for now gorgeous but tough girl offerings from Belstaff seemed fitting. There’s a very good chance she’s actually wearing Belstaff in the film as Black Widow among other characters have donned the heritage brand in the past.

SharonCarter2.jpgLooks: Belstaff


fw3fkb6gdn4bov8uy5dwKicking Bucky in the face? Team Iron Man? 

BlackPanther1.jpgMugler: fit for a Prince

(Prince) T’Chella AKA Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman

One of two new additions to the franchise, Black Panther claws his way in with a vengeance eyes set firmly on the Winter Soldier. Guys, he’s a Prince. That in itself it’s pretty epic. If you’re not familiar and cannot wait for his solo movie, check out all things Black Panther here.

Second to Scarlet Witch Black Panther’s suit is easily my favorite; it’s absolutely incredible. With such physicality and strength, T’Chella’s suit (coated with Vibranium, same source material Cap’s shield is made) needed to be mobile while sleek and esthetically pleasing. Lucky for us that’s exactly what we’ve received in this streamline, wildly smooth yet textured, suit with the coolest claws I have ever seen.

Not that we need to say it, but, bravo (yet again) Marvel.

Covered from head to to should have been hard to find on the Runway but luckily it was not. All these sincerely high Fashion looks make the cut to reflect Black Panther; claw marks at the chest of those Mugler and Louis Vuitton were so literal I was shocked to find them. Gareth Pugh on the other hand also may have had Hannibal Lecter on his inspiration board…

BlackPanther2.jpgLooks, left to right: Gareth Pugh, Louis Vuitton, Gareth Pugh, Louis Vuitton

tumblr_o3u320ha9w1r7he25o1_540He’s bulletproof, duh


black_panther-0He’s also hella fast…kitty likes to scratch…

SpiderMan1.jpgSpider-Man! Spider-Man! Loves Pucci only like a spider can!

Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man, Tom Holland

Last but not least, thanks to a very complicated (but necessary) deal with Sony, Peter Parker is back where he belongs slinging webs alongside the Avengers at Marvel Studio’s. A place he should have been from day one. Fittingly enough, Spidey’s first solo outing in the MCU will be called “Spiderman: Homecoming.”

“Civil War” finds Peter’s Spidey-suit a variation on the classic Romita Sr. version with some modern updates in Black accents at his arms and calves. Spider-Man’s suit is arguably the most iconic from Marvel and safe to say they’ve exceeded expectations with him in “Civil War.”

While no one is sending a Spidey suit down a Runway (though, how much fun would that be?) there’s echoes of the webcrawler everywhere. The Red to Black print with dashes of Blue at Peter Pilotto, not to mention the sheer fabric is web-like, could be a very high Fashion take on the Spidey suit as could the Moschino gown which is not dissimilar to Spidey webs.

Louis Vuitton offered up some seriously Superhero-esque pants that are feeling very much like the Superhero in the making and the colors of the Faust Puglisi ensemble are classic Spider-Man. Not to mention she’s donning a Varsity jacket, which hello, Peter’s in High School…

SpiderMan2 copy copy.jpgLooks, left to right: Fausto Puglisi, Moschino, Peter Pilotto, Louis Vuitton

dutlfucWelcome home, Spidey

Promo_-_8.jpg“Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters nationwide Friday, May 6th! 

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and

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