Looks From The Week!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for The New York Narrative but we’re here!

Not only did you get Fashionable Superhero posts for both Team Cap and Team Iron Man today, but you also get Looks from The Week!

Check out all the looks from sophisticated gowns from McQueen to complete head scratchers and beyond. The Met Gala is on Monday so keep your eyes peeled next week for all those looks. Sure to have an opinion or thousand.

So take a look, enjoy the weekend—get outside it’ll be gorgeous, and and enjoy!

— Christian


Elizabeth Olsen, Alexander McQueen- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Let’s start this post off right: Elizabeth Olsen looking absolutely stunning in Alexander McQueen. The Scarlet Witch herself wore a beautiful bias cut long sleeve dress reminiscent of a vintage Screen Siren with a well crafted front knot and deep keyhole. Props for choosing an English house at the London premiere.

While doing press this week, Lizzie was quoted saying she’s trying to embrace a sexier side of herself and I think we can all agree she’s succeeded. This is a prime example of how to go sexy without slipping into stripper territory. Chic, chic. chic. 

That crimson lip and matching manicure keep the look edgy while her modern take on Old-Hollywood waves is just grungy enough to keep the look youthful and interesting. Stacked rings, a dainty necklace, and silver Jimmy Choo heels rounded out her impressive look. 


Elizabeth Olsen, Valentino and Pucci- “Captain America: Civil War” London Photocall, Press, and Alan Carr Chatty Man Television Appearance

Earlier in the day Ms.Olsen chose a short puff-sleeved crushed velvet Maroon mini from Valentino with Black lace-up back pumps and an enviable blowout. While a bit out of season, the look is totally in her wheelhouse and is showing off her killer legs. Maybe it was chilly in London, who knows? More stacked rings and a dainty bracelet complimented her look.

For a press day, Lizzie donned a unique voluminous oxford shirt, slim cropped pants, and faded Green suede booties. Another perfect blowout kept her Boy-meets-Girl “Annie Hall” look feminine and young. Little bit of the old and new Olsen for you.

Last stop was an appearance on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” where Ms.Olsen donned a beautiful Black halter dress from Pucci with patterned pleats and flattering roughing at the waist. Keeping her premiere hair, Lizzie’s choice in subtle but sophisticated Pucci (which she’s been wearing a lot of lately) was the perfect way to end her London promo duties.


Chris Evans-“Captain America: Civil War” London Photocall

Even Captain America needs a down day to be comfy and cozy. Chris Evans chose a casual pairing of a Black crew-neck sweater, olive pants, and Blue suede sneakers for the London photocall. I’d generally like a more dressed up Cap, but the color combo and fit of everything is overall really nice.

Chris Evans, Dolce & Gabbana-“Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Switching gears completely, Mr.Evans gave us a stunning Dolce & Gabbana three-piece Navy suit with a beautiful pop of Blue by way of brocade tie and a perfectly groomed appearance. Try to nitpick a thing here, I dare you.

Robert Downey Jr., Etro- “Captain America: Civil War” London Photocall

Never one to shy away from a Fashionable moment, Robert Downey Jr. chose a 70’s influenced patterned Etro suit (wearing the brand almost exclusively for his promotional duties) with a geometric tie and dip-dye oxfords. Digging this overall vibe.

Robert Downey Jr., Etro- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Sticking to the same silhouette, Iron Man chose another suit from the Italian house this time in a Grey with a unique vent detailing at his inner seam. Not sure If I’m 100% on board with that paneling, but at least he’s doing something different in a sea of same when it comes to Menswear.


Let’s all please not forget this happened at the premiere…honestly, can you blame the guy? She looks breathtaking!


Elizabeth Banks- “Power Rangers” Film Set

Vintage Mugler has made it’s way to the Power Rangers set, apparently.

Ezekiel Elliott- NFL Draft

Honestly, he’s a smokeshow. I wanted this here just to show off his stomach.

Rita Ora, Gucci- Out in LA being Becky

Really, Becky? Are you serious? Think someone did this before you, honey…nice try.

Katie Holmes- “Ray Donovan” Premiere

If someone can explain to me why Katie Holmes couldn’t be bothered to get out of her PJ’s for the premiere of “Ray Donovan” that would be great.


Kate Hudson, Jenni Kayne,Valentino, and Brian Atwood- “Mother’s Day” Screening, NYC Premiere, and Press

This is how I like my Kate Hudson. Glimmers of Penny Lane everywhere you look! Boho-Kate circa 2000 over Sexed-Up Kate circa, well, now

At a screening of “Mother’s Day” Kate chose a sophisticated striped Jenny Kayne ensemble with flowing waves (thank G she got her extensions back) with just a hint of belly to show. You don’t always have to show off that rockin’ bod, Kate. We know it’s there.

Valentino and Kate Hudson don’t exactly line up in my head but thankfully the end result is beautiful. Ms.Hudson’s frothy embroidered confection is a gorgeous color combo and fits her once signature California girl nature perfectly. Not only is it a gorgeous offering, but an ideal if not sweet choice for the premiere of a Rom-Com about Mother’s Day. I hope she keeps this up.

I can’t even talk about how obsessed I am with those Brian Atwood peacock over the knee boots…maybe she can send them my way for Fire Island. They look like they’d go great with a speedo.


Anthony Mackie- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Anthony Mackie is a fox, let’s get that straight. So why the lumpy suit? Completely understand it’s harder for a man of muscle to find a suit that fits everywhere. But this is a big premiere for a big movie you have a big part in.

Hit up Saville Row next time you’re in London, sir.

Paul Rudd, Dunhill London- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Paul Rudd’s color combo of Navy and Green in his Dunhill suit is refreshing and unique. Extra points for those Blue leather shoes. If I could change one thing I’d swap the light Grey shirt for a crisp White one. Okay, so two: I’d also trim that beard. Is it for a role?

Jeremy Renner, Dior Homme- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Possibly my favorite look from the Men at the premiere, Jeremy Renner’s Dior Homme slim fit double button suit with crisp white shirt paired with a Black tie and shoes is a perfectly classic look without being boring. Just the right amount of cuff and a great Montblanc watch to complimented him well.


Kerry Washington, Dolce & Gabbana- United Way Women’s Summit

Kerry Washington’s Dolce & Gabbana multi-print dress was not only an event appropriate choice but a refreshing dash of color in a sea of neutrals at an event of this nature. If I had to nitpick I’d wished the overall fit was a bit more tailored.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rebecca Taylor- United Way Women’s Summit

While not as punchy as Ms.Washington’s choice, Sarah Michelle Gellar (a personal hero, Buffy, are you kidding me?) also chose and event appropriate ensemble of Black and White separates, baby Pink heels, and soft flowy locks pinned back. Demure without being precious.

Ms.Gellar-Prinze’s hair is (thankfully) a darker shade due to the fact she’s reprised her devious role as Kathryn for the television adaptation of “Cruel Intentions.” You know where I’ll be if NBC picks it up this Fall.

Amy Adams, Max Mara- Max Mara Dinner

I expect a lot out of Amy Adams when she hits the Red Carpet. Maybe it’s because look, after look, after look, I know she is capable of so much more than this. Very disappointed…the hair alone…I can’t.


Ariana Grande, Christian Siriano- TIME 100 Gala

I don’t generally take notice of Ariana Grande on the Red Carpet, but, between her signature pony and that rather beautiful (and age appropriate) Christian Siraiano gown? She looks really stunning; a Princess moment done right. I don’t even mind the talons or diamond choker.

Nicki Minaj, Givenchy- TIME 100 Gala

Are you wondering how both of these looks are from the same event? Yeah, me too…


Emily VanCamp, Zuhair Murad- “Captain America: Civil War” London Photocall and Premiere

Agent 13 attended the photocall for “Captain America: Civil War” in London wearing a Peplum and ribbon top paired with matching skirt and nude Mary-Jane’s. While a great color, and props to the leg lengthening heels, this is crash and burn for me. Not only is the whole Peplum thing had it’s day in the sun but this is far too young a looking ensemble for the 29 year old beauty.

Doing a total 180 and redeeming herself at the premiere, Ms.VanCamp stunned in a Fashion-forward embellished Zuhair Murad jumpsuit, slicked back hair, smokey eyes, and simple heels. I’d say this is the Fashion route she should take going forward.

Malin Ackerman- “Billions” Screening

Who knew Malin Ackerman was into Bondage? Is it weird I kind of like it?

Jessica Biel- Baby2Baby & Tiny Prints Mother’s Day Playdate Event

I legit don’t know what to say, so, I won’t say anything at all.


Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Brandon Maxwell- The Apartment Honoring Brandon Maxwell Dinner

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Rosie Huntington-Whitely is drop dead gorgeous and absolutely perfect. If I was a woman and saw her in person I’d hide for a thousand years. That Brandon Maxwell body-con croc dress fits her like a glove and is pure sex.

Taylor Swift, Haney- Gigi Hadid’s 21st Birthday Party (seriously…)

The only reason Taylor Swift get’s a spot this week is because this is the only, and I mean only, cool look I have ever seen from the musician. Her sparkly Haney asymmetrical dress paired with Vetements boots and Debbie Harry-esque hair is a total home-run. I wonder who dressed her because you know she didn’t do this on her own.

Gisele Budchen- The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Need a frame of reference for how to do “dressy-casual?” Just look at Gisele’s chunky sweater, leather leggings, and killer heels with a simple pony-tail and just the right amount of make-up. Laid back Model never looked so good.


Tom Holland- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

How cute, polished, and Fashionable does our new Peter Parker, Tom Holland, look? Telling you now that kid is going to be the face of something…Dior Homme maybe?

Samuel L. Jackson, Turnbull & Asser- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

One word: Baller.

Sebastian Stan, Dunhill London- “Captain America: Civil War” London Premiere

Sebastian Stan’s Dunhill London suit is so incredibly well cut it’s an excellent example of how to do a perfectly fit suit, fella’s. The pop of Maroon tie goes beautifully with the Navy and compliments the Black lapels. Well done, Buck.


Kate Beckinsale, Solace London- Newport Beach Film Honors

Much like Jennifer Lopez, thanks to a good dermatologist, Kate Beckinsale is apparently aging backwards. While I love everything from the neck up and waist down, that flimsy top has got to go. It’s a shame really because her Solace London skirt is quite beautiful and those Turquoise knotted heel’s are a Drag Queen’s dream. Le sigh…

Selma Blair, Christian Siriano- “Geezer” TriBEca Film Festival Premiere

Selma Blair in this Christian Siriano uniquely caped cut-out shift is quintessential Selma Blair to me. Fashion forward, well tailored, unique, slightly Goth, and complimented by Louboutin’s. All signatures checked off.

Julianna Margulies, Antonio Berardi- “The Good Wife” Finale Party at MOMA

Julianna Margulies must be using that dermatologist as well because she looks rather, how do you say, fresh. Her Antonio Berardi geometrical dress is gorgeous but not the biggest fan of that shoe choice; t-strap is fighting with the pattern.

Jessica Chastain- “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” Broadway Opening

Like Amy Adams, I expect a lot out of Jessica Chastain. She is capable of so, so, so much and more. I don’t care this was a Broadway opening, you dress for the theater. Not a great week for Redheads…

All images courtesy of Getty.

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