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It’s that time of year again. May is upon us and that means one thing: a Marvel movie is here. This time around it’s “Captain America: Civil War,” and it’s the biggest, baddest, and most complicated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, if you’re nasty).

Which brings us to another installment of the “Superheroes and Fashion” series. Fashion and Superheroes are two of my favorite things (aside from coffee) and finding a juxtaposition between Designer looks and Superhero costume is always fascinating to me. Looks have been pulled from Spring, Pre-Fall, and Fall respectively.

“Civil War” finds the Avengers divided after a national incident resulting in casualties and destruction that forces the Government to enforce a system of accountability. Not everyone see’s eye to eye on this splitting our heroes into Team Cap and Team Iron Man.

Here you’ll find Team Cap’s Runway influence from Scarlet Witch’s spell cast at Elie Saab to the Winter Soldier’s moody vibes at Saint Laurent. Check out the homepage for Team Iron Man’s Fashionable armor.

There’s a little bit of Superhero in everyone. 

So take a look, check out the poll, get your tickets to “Civil War” NOW, and enjoy!

— Christian


CaptainAmerica1.jpgMarc Jacobs Spring 2016 show oozed Captain Steve Rogers

Captain America AKA Steve Rogers, Chris Evans

This marks good ol’ boy Steve Rogers 5th outing in the MCU donning Red, White, and Blue in “Captain America: Civil War.” We’ve finally reached the place where Cap’s suit should be, and it’s one of the best adapted from page to screen; tactical, practical, and makes Chris Evan’s bum look rather nice.

Stars and Stripes never really goes away when it comes to the Runway; between the Americana spirit and celestial obsession the world has right now they’ve become staples. Different variations of solider can be seen throughout many collections from Spring to Fall like Chevron piecing details at Gucci, another nod to our brave Military. Knits at Tommy Hilfiger to spray paint technique at Just Cavalli all encompass Cap.

The Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection, besides absolutely breathtaking, was an expression of what America means to the wildly talented designer and perfectly complimented Captain America. 

Choices for Cap may be a bit on the literal side but everyones love for ‘Merica isn’t going anywhere, nor is the love for Cap.

CaptainAmerica2.jpgLooks, left to right: Tommy Hilfiger, Just Cavalli, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs


giphyYeah, Captain America can prevent a helicopter from taking off…what can you do? 


Team Cap gets a Scarlet Witch in flight: total advantage

Still_-_8.jpgTeam Cap lookin’ all kinds of badass

WitchFront.jpgWitch vibes are strong over at Elie Saab

Scarlet Witch AKA Wanda Maximoff, Elizabeth Olsen

Now a full fledged member of the Avengers, Scarlet Witch has received a fantastic suit upgrade from the final shot in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which is reminiscent of her comic book uniform. While my favorite MCU character (as well as a favorite actresses of mine, Lizzie Olsen) Scarlet Witch is not only one of, if not the most, powerful characters but also one of the most unique in the MCU.

Ms.Maximoff brings the element of magic we’ll next seen in Doctor Strange in addition to being a total badass in the process. Ms.Olsen has really made Wanda her own and thankfully has already been confirmed for “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

Wanda’s built in Corset and the flounce of her coat is emulated at Balmain while the subtle sultry vibes she oozes are seen in that killer Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit. Wanda’s new suit also echoes the signature Red leather jacket she sported in “Ultron.” With a similar color palette at Zuhair Murad and a colors, piecing, and lapel of coat at Roland Mouret, looks like the Scarlet Witch is trending.

WitchLooks.jpgLooks, left to right: Alexandre Vauthier, Balmain, Zuhair Murad, and Roland Roland Mouret



Wanda’s personal style has also gotten a major upgrade from “Ultron” going from gypsy vagabond to tough girl chic. With a continued feeling of bohemia by way of stacked rings, a dark manicure, and moody palette, there are plenty of Fashion forward street style nods in her “Civil War” attire, especially that incredible Military inspired jacket with tails.

One has to think that when you become an Avenger, arguably a celebrity in this world, everyone wants to dress you— and you have access to a great blowout, like, always.

tumblr_o58qw60ldr1rf6vzmo1_500Just don’t mess with Scarlet Witch…

007.jpgAfter the events of “Ultron,” Wanda has buddied up with Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)

tumblr_o5a767f6qm1uxespmo1_500THAT is what we call a Superhero landing

Falcon1.jpgWho knew Anthony Vacarello’s inspiration for the season was Falcon? 

Sam Wilson AKA Falcon, Anthony Mackie

Cap’s BFF (you know they’d be bunkmates at Summer Camp…no funny stuff) Falcon is proving to be a huge fan favorite each time he gets a chance to spread those mechanical wings onscreen.

Thankfully Sam has gotten a much more modern take on his Comic Book counterpart with a more high-tech suit and much more flattering colors.

The leather patchwork on the chest and skirt of the Anthony Vacarello set feels like the wing motif mimicking Sam’s uniform and in a hue of Black, Grey, and Maroon it mirrors him to a T. Color blocking and interesting piecing from Louis Vuitton echo the details throughout Falcon suit as they do at Andrew Gn.

Falcon2.jpgLooks, left to right: Louis Vuitton, Andrew Gn, Louis Vuitton


mtm1mza2otkxmjk5mze1nziyHigh kicks and wings? Team Cap for the win

Bucky1.jpgSaint Laurent’s punk vibes are right up Bucky’s alley 

Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan

The Winter Soldier gives off a moody, slightly Gothic vibe, so finding his influence walking down the Runway was a breeze. Cap’s childhood friend, turned brainwashed assassin, turned ally is the definition of complicated. He’s brought to life thoughtfully and careful by Sebastian Stan and is in part why the Avengers have divided.

The metallic lightening bolts throughout that Saint Laurent Black crushed velvet dress mimic Bucky’s metal arm; the overall moody broody aura of this look embodies his secretive and dangerous nature.

From Vera Wang to Marc Jacobs all the way to Givenchy, the mystery that is Bucky is perfectly represented in a slightly bondage-y way that somehow is right up Bucky’s alley. Who knew he was into that?

Bucky2.jpgLooks, left to right: Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy


px5loxmhyoji3m3ehvdwSafe to say Bucky is on Team Cap

tumblr_o6br3hyCLw1sjhzeoo2_1280_copy.jpgIt’s a showdown

Hawkeye2.jpgRoland Mouret loves a Hawkeye moment

Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton, Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, the wisecracking bicep busting archer, is another personal favorite. While not a God like Thor, he’s usually the comic relief in his humanity grounds the Avengers when, say, cities are floating and aliens are falling from the sky.

Hawkeyes gets a fantastic asymmetrical upgrade to his uniform showing off one of his two massive guns (dude is ripped) and the end result is a modern, sharp take on the classic hero. It’s also a bit Fashion-forward for a Superhero which is pretty cool. What’s next, Couture uniforms by Chanel?

Details of his uniform from colors to asymmetry can be seen throughout each look; for some reason each season a look goes down a Runway and it’s like, “Oh, there’s Hawkeye,” maybe because of the flattering color combo of his suit?

Alexandre Vauthier styled his Fall Lookbook with a dramatically draped peacoat giving us asymmetry as did Mugler while Marc Jacobs and Roland Mouret were feeling his moody color palette.

Hawkeye1.jpgLooks, left to right: Mugler, Marc Jacobs, Roland Mouret, Alexandre Vauthier


tumblr_o3u37iee5c1qd4rf5o4_540Hawkeye and Ant-Man: new sitcom coming to ABC this FallHawkeye3Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch really should be given a Netflix series in between Avengers flicks…am I alone here?

AntMan1.jpgReally, though, Roland Mouret apparently loves Marvel? 

Scott Lange AKA Ant-Man, Paul Rudd

While reportedly a role on the smaller side, no pun intended, Ant-Man made quite an impact last Summer finally getting his shot on the big screen (he’s been around since 1962…how does Paul Rudd look that good still?) and is apparently just as fantastic in “Civil War.”

The crushed velvet and crochet knit detailing at Roland Mouret reflects the design on Ant-Man’s chest as do the unique and geometrical seams on both looks. Seriously, though, did Roland Mouret look at only Marvel comics when he was putting a color palette together? It’s fantastic.

AntMan2The feeling is mutual for Ant-Man

tumblr_nz61rjlpj41srq309o1_500Scott Lang is just as star struck as the rest of us in the presence of Cap

005-1.jpg“Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters nationwide Friday, May 6th! 

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and

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