The Weekly Round Up- October 2, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Happy October! You know what that means: we can watch “Hocus Pocus” on a loop and eat that gross Autumnal candy corn mix with zero judgement. At least that’s what I’ll be doing…

Seems like everyone has had a bit of a hectic week so in case you missed anything, never fear, The Weekly Round Up is here!

The New York Narrative is headed to Europe for a little work, a little pleasure, trip next week so look out for a Fashion journal of sorts via Instagram and eventually a more in depth piece when the trip wraps up.

So take a look, jump down for links, stay dry this weekend, and enjoy!

— Christian

– Have you checked out The New York Narratives take on all the looks form The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival?

– Our latest conspirator, the very handsome Patrick, spills the beans to The New York Narrative on all this favorite products

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– How about Twitter?

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– There’s a Rollerdisco happening in Brooklyn, you guys. Run, don’t walk…er…skate?…there ASAP

– Heroes and Villains mad dash 5 & 10K run is a thing

– The New Yorker is having a festival this weekend. So if being pretentious about anything Pop Culture is your thing your then attendance may be required

– Oktoberfest at Citi Field!

– Oktoberfest on a pier!

– Oktoberfest in a park!

– There’s a Dog film festival…for real

– There’s also a pickle festival in the L.E.S.

– Queens County Farm Museum has a labrynth in it that looks equally terrifying and intriguing

– Something amazing in Fashion History just happened: Tom Ford had Lady Gaga cover disco for his Spring 16 presentation and the results…are…breathtaking. Excuse me while I admit myself to the ICU…

– The end of an era: legend and powerhouse Ralph Lauren is stepping down as CEO of his company

– All the Spring 16 Runways so far

– Are you going to check out David Beckham’s latest Menswear collaboration with H&M?

– Check out Sons of Trade, a great new Menswear brand that I’m sure will be all the rage soon enough

– Cinematic Fashion Realness

– How chic was The Row presentation in a chateau in France? Chic on chic on sophisticate on chic…

– Meryl Streep. Wins. Every. Damn. Time. Man, she’s smart

– What are your feelings on “Cool Pope” meeting Kim Davis?

– If you’re not watching Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology “Scream Queens,” you’re totally missing out. Check out the first three episodes of the “Heathers” meets “Scream” hilarious and brilliant satire now on FOX

– Speaking of Mr.Ryan Murphy, gear up for Lady Gaga led “American Horror Story: Hotel” which premiers next week

– Also, check out “AHS: Hotel” main titles here…great, now I am terrified of hotels…

– “Scream Queens” Jamie Lee Curtis plays word association, kind of amazing

– 5 lessons learned from TV premiere week

– Kate Hudson is the new face of Campari and is basically lose your breath hot in the new campaign

– Blake Lively is shutting down her “company” Preserve

– Much like The New York Narrative live tweeting a DMV experience, funnygal Anna Kendwick live tweeted her jury duty and it’s amazing

– Julianne Moore played “Box of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon and it was amazing

– Sophia Bush made a fashionable splash in NYC this week promoting the upcoming season of her hit show, “Chicago P.D.”

– Nicki Minaj will produce and star in an ABC Family adaptation of her life…yes you read that correctly…


– Like you need reasons why “The Princess Bride” is amazing

– Matt Damon performs his entire career in 8 minutes.

– Anyone else think we all need to lay off Matt Damon?

– Marvel Studio’s President Kevin Feige had lots to say about the cinematic and television universes of Marvel meeting in addition to a thousand other interesting things, including Doctor Strange…can it all just happen now, please?!?

– Mr.Feige also gave us an update on the status of “Captain Marvel”

– “Captain America: Civil War” is apparently the end of the Captain America trilogy…but does that mean he’ll go away? Doubt it!

– Anyone a fan of 2009’s amazing “Watchmen?” If so then you’ll love HBO is in the process of adapting for the cable network

– Are you guys going to check out “The Martian?”

– Are you ready for the return of the super creepy “X-Files?”

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