The Weekly Round Up- July 20, 2015

Hi Everyone,

How’s everyone doing after the weekend? Some  technical difficulties led me not to be able to post on Friday so here is the Weekly Round Up, a little delayed!

So take a look, jump down for links, STAY COOL THIS WEEK, and enjoy!

— Christian

– The New York Narrative: Looks from the Week!

– The New York Narrative: Looks from San Diego Comic Con International!

– Are you following The New York Narrative on Instagram?

– I live Tweeted my experience at the DMV this week renewing my license (#DMVRealness), so please enjoy. It’s wildly entertaining

– Check out all the Fall 2015 Couture so far

– Caitlyn Jenner accepts her ESPY award for courage…brace yourselves, people. I blubbered like a babythe narrated special on Caitlyn is also incredible 


– Who wore what at Comic Con

– Sunglasses are where it’s at

– Graphic T’s are also where it’s at…apparently

– “Scream Queens” is going to be rather epic, I’d say

– Speaking of Ryan Murphy: check out more details on “AHS: Hotel” and “Scream Queens”

– The adorable Minions kicked ass at the box office, naturally

– Will you watch ABC Family’s upcoming trans gendered series “I am Jazz?” 

– There’s a Dolly Parton TV moving coming at us, excuse me while I freak out…too good to be true!!!

– Apparently 50 Cent doesn’t even have 50 cents…

– The new Jennifer Lawrence David O. Russell Bradley Cooper flick “Joy” looks amazing 

– Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are playing Sisters in “Sisters,” and it looks BEYOND

– Aunt May keeps getting younger and younger…

– Check out the full Fox Marvel Comic Con Panel

– Comic Con Portraits

– Explosive things are happening on the set of Marvel and Netflix upcoming “Jessica Jones”

– Speaking of Marvel and Netflix, here’s our first look at The (smoldering) Punisher in Season 2 for “Daredevil”

– Tilda Swinton all but confirmed she’ll be in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange.” We are just as tickled as you are, Tilda

– “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Agent Carter” casts have an EPIC Dubsmash showdown

– I’m not really a DC man, but the new “Batman VS Superman” trailer looks pretty epic. Also, Wonder Woman is looking rather badass

– The complexities of writing the Captain Marvel film

– We have our next Joss Whedon project, and it may surprise you

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