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Here’s your annual “The Weekly Roundup”— everyone excited!?! Check out what’s new with the site as well as fun things happening in NYC. Also included are links I’ve come across over the week that you’ll enjoy.


The gorgeous creatures of  The New York Narrative and Little Pretties, Big City  this past Summer

My very lovely friend Kerry has a fantastic blog, Little Pretties, Big City, and wrote a great piece on The New York Narrative!

When someone says you’re “dangerously good at being a New Yorker,” it’s a must read.

Little Pretties, Big City is a personal blog showcasing everything from Kerry’s personal style, shop spotlights, delicious foods, and what inspires Kerry making her a little pretty in a big city. The site is terrific, go check it out— there’s something for everyone! Look for Kerry’s Personal Grooming Products spotlight coming very soon! 

Thanks so much for your kind words, Kerry! Xx

We have a new page, Conspire. Part of The New York Narrative is to interact with you guys, creating posts together and collaborating in unique and interesting ways. Conspire sounds more fun than Collaborate— Spy-like sass, no? And we have our first conspirator in my good friend Sarah, so go check our her top beauty picks!

Also a biggie this week was The New York Narrative joining Instagram! Check that out ASAP and follow the journey. So take a look, jump down for links, and have a great weekend!

— Christian


– The New York Narrative: Live Tweets from the 2015 SAG Awards Red Carpet and show

– The New York Narrative: 2014 Year in Review- The Franchise/ The Celebrity Creative

– The New York Narrative: Best Dressed Ladies at the 2015 SAG Awards 

– The New York Narrative: Best Dressed Gents at the 2015 SAG Awards

– The New York Narrative: Inspired- Snowy NYC Nights… 

– The New York Narrative: 2014 Year in Review- Television/ Mini- Series

– The New York Narrative: Conspire- Personal Grooming Products, The New York Narrative

– The New York Narrative: Conspire- Personal Grooming Products, Sarah

– Little Pretties, Big City’s amazing spotlight on The New York Narrative

– Want to check out a Burlesque-y “Nutcracker” with hot bodded Dudes and Chicks? Here you go. 

– “Twin Peaks” fans shoudl head to Joe’s Pub and check out “The Pink Room Burlesque,” a saticial tribute to David Lynch

– Whitney Cummings is in the city, ya’ll…brace yourself 

– Free Winter Carnival in Bryant Park. It’ll be pretty, but mobbed.

– Center 548 is having an outside Art Fair. It’ll be mobbed by handsome hipsters, for sure.

– Try and get your last minute tickets to see Jack White perform at the Garden!

– SNL writers are performing an improves version of the show at Union Hall in Brooklyn. 

– Super Bowl Sunday: Pats VS Seahawks

– Someone get me to Texas ASAP, it looks gorgeous…

– Don’t worry: Pizza condoms exist

– The adorable Red Fox is back from…wherever it went? 

– Is it a good idea for a company to become an IPO? 

– Bye, bye Rebekka Bay! She is no longer the VP or Creative Director of Gap.

– Like Starbucks, we are going to get ever MORE H&M’s.

– All the Spring 2015 Couture so far…enjoy the lushness.

– Handsome Chris’ Evans and Pratt are having a friendly Super Bowl rivalry (GO PATS!). Get in on the action by purchasing a charity shirt of this epic event. Proceeds are going towards Christopher’s Haven in Boston and Seattle Children’s Hospital. A big awwwwww just came from me. 

– Rachel Taylor (who’s gorgeous, and needs a TV series to stick) has been cast as Hellcat in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series “AKA: Jessica Jones.” She joins the cast this week along with David Tennant who also joined the cast this week. 

 – Everyone’s back (and some new facees) from Netflix’s second installment of “Wet Hot American Summer.”

– The gorgeous Elizabeth Olsen made a very chic appearance at Christian Dior’s Runway show this week. Check out her Vogue diary following her trip from Brooklyn to Paris. Ah, the life… 

– All the stars are out at Sundance.

– The Hollywood Reporter’s top picks at Sundance so far.

– Get a closer look at the Avegers on Empire’s latest cover

– Movies opening this weekend: “Black or White,” “The Loft,” and “Project Almanac” 

Photo Courtesy of yours truly.  

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