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Last night was 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and, for the most part, we got some pretty knock out looks. This is the last major awards show before the big night: The Academy Awards. Are you guys still excited or having award show fatigue? I lie firmly in the middle, leaning more towards excited.

If you guys tuned into my live Tweets you’ll know I was not a fan of the Red Carpet correspondence happening last night on E!. Was anyone else super annoyed by every single interview? It was bizarre. I digress.

Below is my top ten looks from last night as well as a few honorable mentions. There were definitely dramatic looks, but it was not as glamorous of a Red Carpet as the Globes.

So take a look, check out the poll, and enjoy!

— Christian




Emma Stone- Custom Christian Dior Couture 

Well, she did it again. Emma Stone, clad in a custom Christian Dior Couture tuxedo gown with dramatic sheer chiffon trained skirt, gave us the coolest and most refreshing Red Carpet look of the evening. The girl knows how to do the Victor Victoria Masc Vs Fem thing oh so well and man can she work a train.

Clearly in a “Cabaret” mood, the le smoking jacket gown mix is modern and cool while still being sexy and appealing. Her hair and make-up couldn’t be sleeker or more appropriate for this look. She really is the one to watch on the Red Carpet; this made me even more excited to see what she’ll do at the Oscars.

Ms.Stone’s uneven Repossi earrings bring another element of cool and her Christian Louboutin heels round this look out perfectly.

Also, check out a great interview Ms.Stone did with fellow nominee Eddie Redmayne for The New York Times. It’s adorable.


Julianne Moore- Custom Givenchy Couture

Julianne Moore clearly has a love affair with Green. Anytime she wears it you’re left breathless. Her custom Givenchy Couture gown was no exception. The combo of emerald and that gorgeous flame hair made for a winning combination. Ms.Moore hasn’t had a green moment like this in a long time so it’s making even more of an impact here.

There was a Show Girl element to her beaded fringe gown and with all that gorgeous Chopard jewelry— especially the insane shade of purple of her earrings against her hair and gown— she oozed “winner.” Still minimal and modern, there was a razzle-dazzle effect when she walked that was mermaid-esque and regal. Lots of elements here and they all are working.

My only complaint, much like the Globes, was her hair. It still looks a bit casual for such a sophisticated “look at me” look. Fingers crossed Oscars will bring us a bit more polish by way of her tresses. The make-up is flawless though, as is this picture of her and Emma Stone having an adorable moment en route to accept her best actress win. Look at that gown move.


I don’t know how because it was 81 degrees, but she wore an insanely gorgeous green fur at the after party that just rounded out this beyond luxe look.


Jennifer Aniston- Vintage Galliano  

Let’s just say it: Jennifer Aniston is ageless. She honestly has never looked better and last nights look solidified that. Ms.Aniston looked bronze-y and beach-y in a Vintage Galliano metallic lace overlay gown with fantastic horsehair detail at the hem.

This gown fits like a glove and looks great from every angle— proof is above.

Ms.Aniston’s tan and gorgeous sun kissed honey hued hair was extremely complimentary to her vintage offering. Her Fred Leighton body jewelry may not have been 100% necessary, but it did enhance the look rather than taking away from it. It’s great seeing her step so far out of her comfort zone. She’s at the point where you don’t know what she’ll show up in which is always exciting.


Julia Roberts- Custon Givenchy 

Julia Roberts did it again: she showed up looking uber cool and made most look pretty uninspired. Not to mention dated. Much like her stunning Elie Saab mini at the Emmy’s, Ms.Roberts gave us another unexpected look in her custom Gvenchy tux-inspired jumpsuit.

As the face of Givenchy, the brand ambassador looked cool standing out in her Masc Vs Fem jumper. The only thing that did not photograph well was the pocket detail at her hips. Some photo’s made Ms.Roberts look wide but I totally saw past it. Between her flawless hair, statuesque stance, and those killer Louboutin’s all I saw was flawless.


Keira Knightley- Erdem 

There she is! Finally back on track from her Chanel mishap at the Golden Globes, Keira Knightley looked stunning in a rich hued Erdem gown. This is how I was hoping her Maternity style would go: sexy, yet appropriate, enhancing her beauty.

The details of this dress are all really working for her. The gown is balanced with tiers, detailed strings at the shoulders, and sheer panel at her bust. I’m not the biggest fan of lace because for me it goes wrong 99% of the time, but the shape and quality her is really lovely.

Her hair is fresh and modern, rather than severe as she unfortunately favors. Chestnut locks are down and loose and are complimentary to her chic look. Ms.Knightley’s make-up and killer earring cuff are also working in her favor.


Lupita Nyong’o- Elie Saab

I was ecstatic to see Lupita Nyong’o on the Red Carpet last night. Ms. Nyong’o looked refreshing and original in a gorgeous long sleeved Elie Saab gown. I personally loved this collection and am happy we are continually seeing it on the Red Carpet.

The look was kept minimal with well placed rings, great make-up, and an interesting hairdo for Ms.Nyong’o who we are accustomed to see with much shorter hair. I like the welcomed change, but hope she goes back to something shorter– makes her stand out more.

Later that evening she changed into a shorter version of this gown from the same collection, but it didn’t have the same wow-factor. I was really put off by the styling and overall effect. I wish she’d kept the gown on the whole night. It looks like it’d have been so much fun to dance in!

You have to be pretty brave to wear something like this and she’s totally pulling it off.



Claire Danes- Marc Jacobs

Well look at Claire Danes looking all kind of cool in her olive Marc Jacobs gown. This look had an overall appeal to it by way of it’s simple silhouette and gorgeous detail; twisted neckline, complimentary contrast belt, and great cabochon detailing at the sides.

This is also the right way to do a cut out— minimal and sexy showing just enough skin. The dress also morphed into a completely different color showing up navy on my TV rather than olive. Was kind of cool.

Her hair has never looked better— the blow out is really working for her and if she has extensions in, she should keep them in. Looking super glam here. Though, she could have gone a little lighter on the eye make-up…it’s bordering on Drag. She still redeemed herself from the Globes which for me was a very disappointing showing for her.



Viola Davis- Custom Max Mara

Winner Viola Davis looked every inch the glamorous star she is in a breathtaking custom Max Mara gown. The crisp white keyhole gown looked gorgeous against her skin and I am obsessed with her new afro. I would love her to keep her hair this way, but doubt she can as her “How to Get Away with Murder” seems to favor a sleeker look.

Aside from the earrings, which I find a bit misplaced and distracting, styling is on point with a gorgeous contrast clutch and on point make-up. Ms.Davis looks breathtaking head to toe.


Sophia Bush- Vivienne Westwood

Sophia Bush, who was not nominated nor did she present, called quite a bit of attention to herself on last nights Red Carpet. Wowing us all in a very sexy Vivienne Westood, I’m not usually a fan of such va-va-voom looks, but this is really working for her.

I’m a big fan of Ms.Bush’s style (and her in general) and applaud that she doesn’t usually use a stylist relying on her gut and natural sense of style. It doesn’t always pay off, but here it does. Her gown was a particularly gorgeous shade of red in some photos and a stunning burnt ochre in others. Combined with an interesting bodice and flattering silhoutte, this look was well executed.

While I’m not the biggest fan of her blonde shade right now, it’s complimentary to this particular look. Pin tucked curls and flawless makeup are giving Ms.Bush a modern yet throwback feel reminiscent of Old Hollywood. Wow she is a pretty girl.



Reese Witherspoon- Giorgio Armani

Reese Witherspoon looked stunning in an Old Hollywood asymmetrical white beaded Giorgio Armani gown. While beautiful, I do stand by my statement that Ms.Witherspoon is dialing it way back. She knows this is Julianne Moore’s year and is just happy to be there. This look is sophisticated and chic, but doesn’t exactly scream “winner.”

With absolutely flawless make-up, I do wish she had done something else with her hair. Maybe pinning it all to one side in soft Rita Hayworth curls? The gown is so simple it wouldn’t have competed with her look, but enhanced it and maybe looked a bit fresher.

Either way she looks stunning and it translated very well to TV.



Naomi Watts – Balenciaga
I wasn’t too enamored by this look at first, I wont lie. It fell a bit flat for me which is disappointing because I am a big fan of Naomi Watts on and off the Red Carpet. But upon further inspection, I was actually quite taken by how chic and elegant she looked.

At first glance this look was a bit of a bore, but the sea urchin beaded detail at top of her dress grew on me as did how amazingly svelte her body looks. Chic and simple, it was a gorgeous color for her. Ms.Watts doesn’t generally favor such simple looks but going the classic route really paid off.

Her hair also looks gorgeous and balances her overall look. If you haven’t seen “St.Vincent” in which Ms.Watts was nominated for her role, you should. It’s heartwarming and lovely.

Tatiana Maslany- Oscar de la Renta

At 5’4″, Tatiana Maslany looked statuesque and glamorous in her striped Oscar de la Renta ball gown. This has to be called a ball gown because that is exactly what this is. It’s very regal and quite chic.

I loved this was a bit of a left field choice for her– very fitting with her erratic “Orphan Black” persona. The deep V and horizontal stripes of the bodice are extremely complimentary to Ms.Maslany’s figure. I could see her embracing even more fashion forward choices in the future.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Custom Thakoon

Much like the Globes, Maggie Gyllenhaal gave us another modern and vastly feminine look. Her custom Thakoon gown is very chic. With it’s long sleeves, high slit, beyond sexy contrast black heels, and sheer sheering at bust it’s gorgeous.

This would have been on my top ten except I can’t get past how wrinkled it got in the car en route to the show. It totally ruined it for me and it was very apparent on TV. Other than that, I think she looks flawless with great hair and make-up and on point accessories.

All images courtesy of Getty

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  1. Agree 100% except for (and I hate saying this..) Julia Roberts. Ill-fitting pants and the shoes didn’t work. Her hair and make-up was gorge though!

    Great post boo! xo


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