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Last night was 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Gentlemen looked particularly handsome. This is the last major awards show before the big night: The Academy Awards. Are you guys still excited or having award show fatigue? I lie firmly in the middle, leaning more towards excited.

If you guys tuned into my live Tweets you’ll know I was not a fan of the Red Carpet correspondence happening last night on E!. Was anyone else super annoyed by every single interview? It was bizarre. I digress.

Below is my top ten looks from last night. While navy ruled the Red Carpet at the Globes, there wasn’t as a large overall trend this time around which was refreshing,

So take a look, check out the poll, and enjoy!

— Christian




Michael Keaton 

Part of the winning cast for outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture (“Birdman”), Michael Keaton looked very sharp last night. I wouldn’t have initially thought he would get my best dressed Gent, but his grey shawl-collar suite with contrast lapel was so on point and well tailored I wanted it for myself.

With just enough cuff showing, a proportionate bow tie, and appropriately velvet shoes this look is such a winner in my eyes. I love he kept the shirt simple and crisp and grooming in check. What is so nice is how far the break of his suit is; it’s low giving a great eveningwear effect. Very dapper.

Unfortunately I cannot find who made the suit; this always happens with the Menswear game. Fashion correspondents tend to forget to ask “who are you wearing?” If anyone has an idea, please let me know. I love this look head to toe.

Eddie Redmayne- Prada 

Eddie Redmayne easily gets “most consistent” this Award Season— as a matter of fact, even off the Red Carpet he looks beyond stylish. His double breasted Prada suit last night was tailored to a T; the slim suit had great stovepipe pants, a crisp white shirt, and sophisticated bow tie.

Winning for “The Theory of Everything” last night, Mr.Redmayne enhanced his look with shiny lace up shoes and simple watch. Grooming was kept modern and cool fitting right in with his overall look.



Jared Leto- Dolce & Gabbana

Classic black can still stand out and Jared Leto is a great example of this. In a well tailored double breasted Dolce & Gabbana suit, Mr.Leto added a fun punch of color by way of flower on his lapel and ridiculous socks both hot pink. I love both.

Enviable ombre locks, sexy scruff, and fun slip on velvet Louis Leeman loafers made his look even more appealing.

It will be a shame when Mr.Leto cuts his hair for the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie playing The Joker, but it’s just another great look we can expect from him. It’s refreshing how much he changes it up.

Lenny Kravits- Saint Laurent

Bringing some Rock N’ Roll to the Red Carpet, Lenny Kravitz looked svelte and trim in a Saint Laurent head to toe black look.

His suit was incredibly well tailored. The contrast silk lapel and lightly patterned shirt added a monochromatic element as did his shiny shoes. I want it all. Head to toe, it’s just so cool.

I am into the sunglasses. He’s a Rock Star, he should have an “I don’t care” attitude happening.



Justin Theroux

I’m very into Justin Theroux super shrunken suit. This isn’t an easy look for everyone to pull off, but Mr.Theroux is so incredibly fit and slim that suits like this were made for him.

His black suit was complimented by a skinny tie, sophisticated tie bar, and cool boots rather than classic lace up dress shoes. Well groomed, his Cabo San Lucas tan is incredibly enviable. It’s making me miss Summer a lot.

Like Mr.Keaton, I am not sure who made Mr.Theroux’s suit. Why is no one reporting who he’s rocking? If I had to guess, I would say Saint Laurent or possibly Dior Homme.

Matthew McConaughey- Brioni

Matthew McConaughey’s peacock blue Brioni jacket was the best color of the night, across the board. His three piece look was dynamic making him stand out on a Red Carpet of classic black and grey.

If I had to nitpick, I would have tailored his pants a bit more and possibly shortened his sleeve length. Other than that, I am enjoying this overall look.

Not so into his Jesus beard though, hoping this is for a film— especially with how well groomed he was his whole award season run last year. Handsome Mr.McConaughey, please come back to us. We know you’re in there!



Adrian Brody- Dolce & Gabbana

Like Mr.McConaughey, Adrian Brody stood out last night looking sharp in a dynamic Dolce & Gabbana three piece grey suit with modern sheen.

The black shirt bow tie combo was complimentary and appropriate, but his shoes were not. They look kind of beat up and don’t quite go. If you’re going to wear a shiny suit, why not wear shiny shoes and just go for it? Right?

Joe Manganiello- Ermenegildo Zegna

Navy wasn’t the hot color on the Red Carpet for the Men as it was at the Globes, but Joe Manganiello proved it was still hot in an incredibly well tailored made to measure Ermenegildo Zegna shawl-collar suit.

If you’re as built as Mr.Manganiello is, you need your suit to be custom and I’m glad he took this route. Styling was on point with a crisp shirt, bow tie, and just the right amount of scruff. Classic hunk.

I can’t even talk about how gorgeous her and Sofia Vergara are together. Its absurd.



Kevin Costner- Ermenegildo Zegna

I have the same feelings on Kevin Costner as I do on George Clooney: They both keep getting better with age.

Looking very handsome in a Ermenegildo Zegna suit, his look was classic and sophisticated. Definition of eveningwear appropriate with a great low break and perfect grooming. His wife is gorgeous, right?

Like Mr.Kravitz, I’m into his “I don’t really care to be here” attitude by way of his sunnies. Into it.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau- Salvatore Ferragamo

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looked very dashing in his three piece Salvatore Ferragamo suit. His bow tie and contrast pocket square rounded out his extremely classic look.

While he has the right amount of cuff and a classic watch on his side, posture is not. Why is Mr.Coster-Waldau not standing up straight. Come on man, you’re a handsome man. Carry yourself that way.



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  1. Kevin, Joe and Justin are my favorutes but I am loving how well Kevin is aging. Yummy! Lol 🙊


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