2015 Oscar Red Carpet Predictions

Hi Everyone,

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are exactly a month away so I thought it the perfect time to get a little Red Carpet prediction going. This year, for the most part, the nominated Actresses love Fashion. They’ll give us, again for the most part, Movie Star show stopping Red Carpet looks.

Selected from Resort, Pre-Fall, and Spring Runways and based on what the ladies Fashion MO, I’ve pulled looks that reflect their style to give us a glimpse of what to expect. The selection is based on Designer, cut, color, etc. they favor.

I have a feeling we will be getting a lot of custom and modified looks for these ladies. Don’t expect to see exact looks that have come down the Runway on any of them. For the most part everyone will show up in a gown, but maybe not. Maybe we will get another wild card like Emma Stone at the Globes and someone will rock a suit. I am hoping for a Red Carpet we will talk about for a long time.

Also included is a poll for who you are most looking forward to see on the Red Carpet in a few weeks. Take a look, sound off below, and let me know what you think!

— Christian


Julianne Moore, “Still Alice”

From left to right: McQueen, Chanel, Tom Ford 

Julianne Moore is not playing around. She is going to show up in something classic, elegant, fashion forward, and breathtaking leaving us all saying, “THAT is what you in an Academy Award in.”

Always mixing it up and keeping us guessing, my gut is telling me Ms.Moore will turn to BFF Tom Ford for something custom. The two make a great team; Ms.Moore’s cascading green YSL gown from the Ford years (below) from Oscars past will forever be one of my favorites and one of her personal bests.

I will say, I’m not sure on color for her. I would say she’ll pick a neutral like black or white, but she could very well show up in a show stopping left field choice like her lemon Dior (below) from the Emmy’s. I am going to say the silhouette will be sleek and will possibly have a decent length train. Whatever she wears, she will look incredible.

Other possibilities: Giambatista Valli, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy, or Versace





Reese Witherspoon, “Wild”

From left to right: Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta  

Reese Withersoon has done something interesting on every Red Carpet this year: she has shown up looking a glamorous nominee, but not dressed like a winner. It’s almost as if Ms.Witherspoon has said to her stylist, “I want to look fantastic, but I know I won’t win so don’t put me in anything ridiculous.”

There’s something to this because less is more with Ms.Witherspoon. She should stick with simple hair and a great silhouette like her purple monochromatic Nina Ricci gown (below, a personal favorite) rather than the pageant queen hair black and white Armani column (below, left).

I want to say she’ll wear an American designer, but she has been favoring Balenciaga quite a bit as of late. For the Oscars though, I could easily see her wearing a princess-y Oscar de la Renta or a form fitting Zac Posen. She knows what works for her and she sticks to it.

Other possibilities: Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, or Zac Posen





Felicity Jones, “The Theory of Everything”

From left to right: Monique Lhuillier, Dior, Mcqueen, Elie Saab, McQueen 

Felicity Jones is a bit of question mark on the Red Carpet.

With a proper nipped at the waist flared at the hip approach, she tends to look a tad matronly. But then sometimes she shows up in something cool, fresh, and modern. Like her gorgeous peacock blue Dior from the Golden Globes that was actually my favorite color of the evening and I meant to mention that in my Globes post.

The English actress has been favoring Alexander McQueen and Dior a lot as of late, so I would say she’s collaborating with one of them for the Academy Awards. She will show up in something on the softer side, my gut tells me. Maybe not black, but it could be a dark color.

Other possibilities: Dolce & Gabbana





Rosamund Pike, “Gone Girl”

From left to right:  Mcqueen, Vera Wang 

I have a total crush on Rosamund Pike. Her performance as Amazing Amy in “Gone Girl” was incredible. Unbelievable. She has an air of Hitchcock Grace Kelly blonde to her that is both classic and unique. With that said, she’s incredibly uneven on the Red Capet; favoring cut outs quite a bit, which we all know I have had enough with.

Ms.Pike’s last showing at the Golden Globes in white Vera Wang (below) was unfortunately ill-fitting and a bit dated. While Ms.Pike’s favorite accessory, her legs, wont be on display at the Oscars I could see her in something a bit edgy and fashion forward. My money is on McQueen, possibly Dior if she wants to go more classic.

Other possibilities: Something custom by an English Designer





Marion Cotillard, “Two Days, One Night”

 From left to right: All Dior

Between her contract and her brand loyalty, Marion Cotillard will show up in Dior. There is no question.

I find Ms.Cotillard incredibly inconsistent on the Red Carpet. A large part is due to her Dior contract. I have no problem with being the face of a company, but it has restricted her so greatly that when she’s not in Dior she looks uncomfortable and when she is in Dior, she looks like she’s playing dress up. Lose lose for me I guess…

Other possibilities: None






Emma Stone, “Birdman”

From left to right: Giambatista Valli, Versace, Elie Saab, Lanvin

The hardest one to crack. It’s a redhead thing because like Julianne Moore, I am always surprised and excited to see what Emma Stone will wear.

While Ms.Stone has some pretty serious brand loyalty to Lanvin and Giambatista Valli, she could very easily show up in an incredibly gorgeous and minimal Calvin Kline (below) or old Hollywood glam Versace (she did this during her “Spider Man” promo tour and knocked our socks off).

Her look will be polished, fresh, and ladylike with an edge to some degree. Ms.Stone, ever the fashion chameleon, likes to keep us on our toes.

Other possibilities: Anyone…Valentino?





Keira Knightley, “The Imitation Game”

From Left to Right: Valentino, Chanel, Erdem, Giambatista Valli

The cat that is her pregnancy is now out of the bag, I am hoping Keira Knightley will embrace it. I doubt she’ll show up looking super cute and strong in a form fitting baby bump bearing gown, but I hope she’ll stop hiding it at this point.

Most likely to wear Chanel, it will be romantic, sweet, and in the pink/white/cream family. Or at least it’ll be Chanel. Remember her Rachel Zoe styling years? That burgundy Vera Wang (below)? Ugh, that was a glorious time…

Other possibilities: An English Designer





Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood”

From left to right:  Escada, Valentino, Escada 

I think out of all the nominees, I would like Patricia Arquette the most to show up looking breathtaking.

Ms.Arquette is not so into fashion, that’s quite clear. She has been sweeping the awards season and most of the time in something terribly unflattering. I was very nice in the Red Carpet looks I picked below. Trust me.

The one shoulder Escada gown above would actually be a nice cut and color on Ms.Aquette. Wouldn’t it be amazing thought if she showed up in that caped black Valentino (also above)? I’d die. I have a feeling she go one of two ways: play it super safe or go off the deep end in something out of her comfort zone. Whatever she chooses, I would just like her to redeem herself and look amazing.

You’d think sister Alexis would have sat her down by now and explained she needs to start showing up looking like a movie star…

Other possibilities: Annabelle Harron or Dolce and Gabbana





Meryl Streep, “Into the Woods”

From left to right: Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Valentino 

Meryl Streep does the Oscars right. Because she’s Meryl *bleeping* Streep and does everything right.

Wearing Lanvin for the last three years to the Oscars, I would not be surprised if she turned to them again. I did love when she showed up in gorgeous white Chris March (below) rather than a huge name. Since she’s nominated for “Into the Woods,” I would love to see her in something glittering and a little witchy. Would be fun, especially if it were a bold color.

Other possibilities: Paule Ka





Laura Dern, “Wild”

From left to right: Naeem Khan, Roberto Cavalli, Naeem Khan

Unafraid of color or embellishment, Laura Dern is going to look glamorous on the Red Carpet. Since she’s been snubbed for the majority of the awards for her turn in “Wild,” she will showcase her extremely svelte figure in something flattering and eye catching come Oscar night.

I could see something custom— or even right of the runway, with her figure— from Naeem Khan. I think they’d make a good team.

Other possibilities: Elie Saab, Versace, or Calvin Klein




Jennifer Aniston, “Cake”

From left to right: Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent  

While not nominated, which I still think is ridiculous, I could see Jennifer Aniston presenting. She’s had a great year and I am sure the Academy will recognize that.

Wearing something understated, classic, and of course BLACK, Ms.Aniston will turn to a go-to. While she’s been wearing Saint Laurent pretty exclusively, I could see her showing up in Tom Ford or even surprise us all and show up in a bright color like her red Valentino (below).

Other possibilities: Velentino or Alaia





Jessica Chastain, “A Most Violent Year”

From left to right: Elie Saab, Antonio Berardi, Elie Saab

Again I’m baffled how she didn’t receive a nomination. My hope is that Jessica Chastain will show up as a presenter looking every inch the glam movie star she is.

If she does present, she is going to look classic and sophisticated. My money is on a va-va-voom Versace or possibly Elie Saab who she has been favoring as of late.

Other possibilities: Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Versace, or Saint Laurent




Photos Courtesy of Getty and Style.com
© Copyright 2015 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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