2017: Lets Try and Find Some Good

Hey Everyone,

We are officially two months into 2017 and while it’s been a total mess—seriously, if you’re watching the News daily you’d know—we have got to find some good in 2017 before we are all permanently hooked on Xanax.

Everyone from Women to Gays to Immigrants are being put through the ringer, so trying to keep our sanity is key at the moment. Some of this might seem frivolous or insignificant, but with the state of the world right now, we need a few frivolous and silly things to look at just to get us through the week. Below is a compilation of a few things that have happened already in 2017 or a few things we can get excited that are upon us. 

So take a look, find something positive going on in your life, and think about how you can make a difference too.

— Christian


The New York Narrative New Logo

You like? I spent an hour and a half in Photoshop doing it so you better…


The Women’s March and The LGBTQ Community

The world is a mess. Can we all agree? Good, now let’s go ahead and do something about it.

A few weeks ago, I partook in the Women’s March (above) in NYC and it was one of the most incredible, inspiring things I have ever seen. While a reaction to all the hate and ignorance that is upon us, my fellow New Yorkers marched proudly and I’ll do it every weekend if need be.

My community is in trouble. Our community is in trouble. We rally tomorrow at Stonewall, and we will keep this up until we know we know our rights are safe. The attack on the LGBTQ community is baffling and we will not stand for it.

Also, it’s not the smartest idea to mess with the LGBTQ community: we’re organized, get shit done, and are impeccably manicured while doing so.


Michelle Omama’s inaugural expressions

‘Nuff said…


“The Inhumans” Television Announcement

From Politics to Marvel’s version of Politics: Royal family “The Inhumans.” The once shelved project went from an epic feature to an epic eight part miniseries filmed entirely on IMAX camera’s. The first two episodes are to premiere in IMAX theaters and the balance to be shown weekly on ABC. A unique and new way to introduce these characters and an opportunity for a diverse Superhero show.

Regardless of who I think should portray the royal family, Marvel’s casting choices are always spot-on so I am not remotely worried. It will be interesting to see if they go with relatively unknown or more Television actors, or really big names. But just for fun, here’s my two cents.


Sarah Michelle Gellar, Medusa

SMG has been in the dog house with me as of late. We all grew up with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” where she portrayed a plucky kick-ass character who gave hope to Girls and little Gay Boys alike. Since then, Sarah Michelle’s career has not exactly been what we’d all hoped. While “Ringer” was a great outing, “The Crazy Ones” fell a bit flat and unfortunately the reboot of “Cruel Intentions,” that should have fixed it all, did not get picked up.

Finding success in Foodster’s is great and all, but I miss Sarah Michelle weekly as a badass a la Buffy. A Marvel project, selfishly portraying one of my favorite Marvel ladies, could benefit her so much. Medusa’s stunts will mostly be all CGI as her hair is the main weapon, so Ms.Gellar doesn’t even have to worry about breaking any more ribs.

At the film stage, names like Jessica Chastain and Rosamund Pike were thrown around and while both beyond fine actors, it’s highly unlikely either would partner with ABC for a television adaptation. So why not SMG? She does have Joss Whedon’s phone number after all…


Hugh Dancy, Black Bolt

If you watched “Hannibal,” you’ll understand that Hugh Dancy is so criminally underrated it hurts. Black Bolt is the King of The Inhumans (Medusa, the Queen) and, unfortunately, doesn’t talk so much as his powers prevent him from speaking. If so, he’ll basically blast you away. Thankfully he and Medusa have that nonverbal communication thing pat down.

Mr.Dancy is such a fine actor that he’d be able to convey the strength and complexities that Black Bolt as a character has. Also, I want to see him super ripped and in an eight part miniseries.


Natalia Dyer, Crystal

If Netflix can spare her for a little bit, “Stranger Things” actress Natalia Dyer would be the perfect Crystal. Sister to Medusa, Ms.Dyer could excel as Crystal proving she can handle drama and wit pretty well over on Netflix . She’d bring the right balance to this character effortlessly.


Maximus, Michael C.Hall

Michael C.Hall can do crazy. Maximus is coo-coo for cocoa puffs. Mr.Hall gave us many a glorious year on “Dexter” and having personally seen him on Broadway, the Man has range. It would also be fantastic to see him tackle yet another complex character much like he did on “Six Feet Under.” Get a dye job on this hunk, the family resemblance to Mr.Dancy will be uncanny.


Karnak, Common

If Common gives up his dream of wanting to be in the Green Lantern Corps for five minutes, he should consider taking on the role of Karnak. Stoic and witty, Common’s acting chops could totally fit for the role and seeing this man do some roundhouse kicks to protect the Royal family would hurt no one. Trust me.


Gorgon, Jason Statham

Brash. Boozy. Womanizer. Yet you still want him around. Hello, perfect casting! Mr.Statham’s comedic timing is also impeccable (have you not seen “Spy”?) and much like Rocket Raccoon, he’ll need a little bit of comedy to be a likable character.

Triton.jpgTriton, Miguel Angel Silvestre

Like Ms.Dyer, if Netflix could spare him for a little from “Sense8” Miguel Angel Silvestre would make a fantastic Triton. That body-oddy-oddy alone will make it worth it.


Lockjaw, Alec Baldwin (voice)

I mean…how good would that be?



“The Defenders” Entertainment Weekly feature

More info! Sigourney Weaver! Can this come no sooner!?! At least “Iron Fist” comes to us on March 17th!




L to R: Pucci, The Row, Atea Oceanie, Alberta Ferretti

Elizabeth Olsen’s Red Carpet Appearances

From Gala’s to Sundance, Elizabeth Olsen’s Fashion choices have been spot on ranging from vampy to laid back chic. Only a month in and this many great looks? No doubt she’ll keep it up for the rest of the year. So pretty it hurts.


L to R: John Galliano, Unknown, Dries Van Noten



HBO’s “Big Little Lies”

As someone who devoured this book on a single plane ride I’m rather excited for the HBO mini series that is upon us. Besides the fact that David E.Kelly has written the whole damn thing (and he knows how to tackle a lady character or two), there is star power, it’s uber female driven, and tons of juicy content. Must see.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 5.21.10 PM.png

FX’s “Feud: Bette and Joan”

I’m sorry, but if you haven’t slipped into a Google k-hole of the infamous Joan Crawford Better Davis rivarly you haven’t lived. Thankfully Ryan Murphy has adapted this into yet another one of his anthology series titled “Feud” where each season tackles a, you guessed it, famous feud. Luckily for us season one includes not only a feud of iconic Gay stature, but also with two icon Gay icons: Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. Let the games begin!



L to R: Alexandre Vauthier, Viktor & Rolf, Elie Saab, Versace

Spring 17 Couture Fashion Week

Because when does staring at Couture not help your mood?



Red Carpet Fashion Awards

You ask my Girl Kaylee: When Red Carpet Fashion Awards said goodbye last year, we were both devastated. Thankfully, Catherine Kallon has come back to us informing the masses on her every thought from seam to heel.



Awards Season

We’ve had some good, Emma Stone in Valentino above, and some…well…whatever the hell these two are wearing below.




Ricardo Tisci is leaving Givenchy…for Versace

…because we didn’t know that was coming…


Barneys .jpeg

What will happen to Retail?

Maybe some light has been shed on the future of the Department Store, which, as it stands is a total mess…



Beyonce is pregnant WITH TWINS



Zayn and Taylor Swift- “I Don’t Want to Live Forever”

While “Fifty Shades Darker” looks like an even worse steaming pile than then first one, this song fiiiiirrreeeee.



Nina Dobrev winning at life

Nina Dobrev is returning to “The Vampire Diaries” for the series finale (damn that show used to be so good) and debuted great choppy bob. Not to mention she’s rumored to be dating Chad Radwell of “Scream Queens,” so, Girlfriend is having a good 2017 so far.



The Superbowl

The Pats in the Superbowl, AKA the Football game during the Lady Gaga concert. This generally wouldn’t matter much to me but I am from Boston and will be struck by lightening if I don’t get excited. While I find Tom Brady absolutely insufferable, I do have a major crush on his teammate Jimmy Garoppolo so let’s just look at him instead.


Let’s all try and find some good, kids!

All images courtesy of Google, Marvel, CNN, Entertainment Weekly, HBO, Netflix, FX, Instagram, and myself. 

© Copyright 2017 The New York Narrative. All rights reserved.

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