Happy one year to The New York Narrative!!!

Hi Everyone,

Exactly one year ago today, The New York Narrative launched and greeted with support, positivity, and love and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I launched the site was to have a creative outlet that allowed me to collaborate with the amazing people in my life and have a place to share basically any thought that popped into my head.

Thank you all for making this possible and for the continual support. With the Golden Globes last night, award season upon us, and lots of exciting things happening in NYC check back for tons of fun content coming your way! Hope you’re enjoying The New York Narrative as much as I have been writing it.


On another note, I’d like to acknowledge the loss of the amazing, incredible David Bowie. This is heartbreaking. Everything from his music, to his style, to his personal message has been nothing short of inspirational. I saw Mr. Bowie on the street once in Soho; we awkwardly locked eyes and he smiled at me. It may have been one of the coolest moments ever because he’s an artist I’ve always respected and looked to. We’ve lost a hero and a trailblazer. You will be missed, David.

If you haven’t already, check out a quick recap of some of my favorite post from the past year. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for enjoying the site and keeping me inspired.


Image courtesy of Getty.

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