Hi Everyone,

HAPPY FRIDAY! You all deserve a round of applause for making it through this (short) week— especially if you’re coming off a vacation and had to go back to work. Woof.

The New York Narrative has been a little quiet due to work travel and play travel, but we are back! Expect some fun stuff coming at you this week but in the meantime, enjoy the Weekly Round Up.

So take a look, jump down for links, GET OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND, and enjoy!

— Christian


– Get outside and check out the Outdoor Fest!

– Miss “Smash?” Megan Hilty is performing this weekend

– The LIC Flea is here and you should all go

– Check out the The World Science Festival if you like stars and stuff

– Friday Kahlo: Art. Garden. Life. should be on your list of things to-do this weekend as well

– Bookcon is also happening this weekend. Go nuts, nerds

– There’s something called Lazer Zoo…sign me up

– If you can stand Jim Parsons (gag me with a spoon…) check out “Act of God” then…

– Shakespeare in the Park is back! Absolutely try to get tickets to this, it’s a magical New York moment

– Get outside and watch a film on a roof! Chic…

– “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” is apparently on the must list 

– Are Celebrity brands good for Fashion?

– Uniqlo: $50 billion dollar business, not big

– Someone get me this coffee table book STAT

– Parisian Fashion keeps growing, y’all

– Kristen Bell took an Uber carpool and the results are hysterical

– A mini “Cruel Intentions” reunion happened that is still making The New York Narrative freak out. Selma Blair must be a fan, because she liked our Insta photo!  #TheNewYorkNarrativeLovesSelma

– The Hollywood Report’s funnylady R-Rated Round Table. Enjoy, it’s fantastic

– Wayward Pines is pretty dope

– We are getting more “Grace and Frankie” and that makes my heart 10 times larger

– Speaking of, Jane Fonda is super badass and insightful. Check out her W Interview. #Resilience 

– A.”Mad Max: Fury Road” is incredible B. Everyone put down what you’re doing and see it C.Tom Hardy just became even more amazing with his response to this sexist (and stupid) question

– Into disaster movies?

– Aloha means hello and goodbye…but apparently this Emma Stone Cameron Crowe flick should have been the latter…le sigh

– One of our faves “Hannibal” is coming back, and it’s bosses are extremely intelligent

– What to look forward to this Summer on TV…it’s pretty great

– Looking for a Drama School?

– Everyone is coming back to “Full(er) House”

– Are you watching NBC’s latest, because it doesn’t seem like too many of you are…

– Our first look at Avengers Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Ant-Man on the set of “Captain America: Civil War”

– Looks like Elektra is making her way to Marvel and Netflix (amazing) original “Daredevil” in season 2 

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