2015 MET GALA, “CHINA: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS”- Great dress, wrong event and Menswear round up

Hi Everyone,

Here’s round two of the Met Gala posts! Check out the first which had us salivating for incredible couture for some and others asking us, “why did you even bother?”

The majority of attendee’s opted to do their own thing and either pay such subtle homage to the theme it went unnoticed, or skip it all together and show up in a pretty look. Hence: great dress, wrong event. We also got (mostly) pretty good Menswear looks, so check those out too.

So take a look, sound off, and enjoy!

— Christian

Great Dress, Wrong Event…


Kate Hudson, Michael Kors

No shock here: Kate Hudson didn’t disappoint me one damn bit. Looking like liquid Gold in her Michael Kors body con gown, Ms.Hudson went for a Chinese tapestry of sorts angle for the theme? What is so great here is that her gown is incredibly formal feeling paired with effortless hair and divine make-up. Classic Kate.

I don’t know what is on her head but I like it. While it may not exactly read Chinese influence, it’s a gorgeous look. She looks like a movie star and I’m hoping she starts picking roles like one again…


Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, both in Louis Vuitton

Finally, a Jennifer Connelly Louis Vuitton look I can get on board with. Her lacy Grey and White long sleeved slit gown is romantic and sexy while being approachable. She looks confident and actually quite radiant, which isn’t a surprise because she’s gorgeous. There’s just no reflection of theme here, at all.

Paul Bettany is a vision in his classic tux. See what I did there…?

Joshua Jackson, Alexander McQueen and Diane Kruger, Chanel

One of my favorite fashionable couples Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger looked every bit the power couple in Alexander McQueen and Chanel, respectively. Ms.Kruger is not one to shy away from a fashionable event and always brings it for this event; in fact my favorite Diane Kruger fashion moment happened at a past Met Gala.

I actually really love her sugary Chanel separates with bedazzled plumed pants and sash as it’s modern and unexpected, much like Ms.Kruger herself. Could her hair and make-up be anymore effortless. Mr.Jackson could have used a little more tailoring in that blazer, but it’s such a gorgeous color Blue I can see past it.


Beyonce and Jay Z, both in Givenchy

Oh look, another bedazzled sheer illusion dress showing off everything you got…groundbreaking. While my first instinct is to roll my eyes and throw my hands up in exhaustion, I have to say, Beyonce is killing it . I even love her “lets go to the mall!” high, high, high ponytail.

If you look really close— this should come as no surprise as it’s Givenchy— this gown is so incredibly well made and intricate I could stare at it for hours. Other then the fact it’s a piece of art, Beyonce is selling this look with every back bend, knee extension, booty out stance she takes. Let’s hope we get something different from her soon, would love to see her shake it up.

Jay Z looks incredibly elegant in his double breasted tux with chic flower pin.


Claire Danes, Valentino

At any other event I would be into Claire Danes Teal-Green Valentino dress with leather obi belt and vampy make-up, but not here. As much as I love the shade of her lip, it’s not working for Ms.Danes complexion nor is the hair she decided to sport that evening. Could you imagine a super dramatic eye, nude lip, and sleeked back high ponytail with a very long extension for this dress? The Fashion Gods should have done this for us.

Anne Hathaway, custom Ralph Lauren

I love a 30’s-esque Old Hollywood dramatic-ass gorgeous hood. It’s very Adrien, very Schiaparelli and evokes screen siren realness that I think we honestly need to see more of in Fashion today.

Anne Hathaway decided a hood was the way to go this week, and her fashionable risk for the most part paid off. Unfortunately, she’s not completely selling it to me. The dress is rather fantastic on her but I’m craving a train to round out a really dynamic look. Also, it’s kind of a shame such a cool piece was worn by Ms.Hathaway; I’d have died to see this on someone who has a bit more fun with Fashion as it’s quite a statement piece.

Elizabeth Banks, Michael Kors 

I expected much more from Elizabeth Banks. As incredible as her body looks, I’m actually not even sure I’m that into this dress. From the color to the cutouts I feel it’s a “been there, done that” kind of look. Don’t even get me started on the spotty fake tan or how funky her roots look.

I’ll give her props for the necklace as it’s super modern and fun. Minimal isn’t a bad way to go, but Ms.Banks is capable of a Fashion home run and this is not it.


Julianne Moore, Givenchy

When I saw both Tom Ford and Givenchy were to be featured on the Red Carpet I knew Fashion powerhouse Julianne Moore would don one of the two, and I had a feeling it would be the latter. The Oscar winner chose wisely rocking a gorgeous dazzling dress featuring a ridiculously stunning beaded bodice paired with a simple Black cascading skirt, her now signature effortless wavy locks, stunning make-up, and excellently placed rings.

This is one of my favorite Julianne looks of late but a lot of detail is getting lost here. Unless the flash bulbs hit it just right, you don’t get the impact of how gorgeous that bodice is. I wish, so very much, she wore this gown during her award season run as it would have gotten the love it deserved.


Jennifer Lawrence, Dior and Galvin

As proud I am of Jennifer Lawrence for making money hand over fist with her Dior contract, I wish she’d get out of it already. Look what we have, again: a very, very boring Jennifer Lawrence Dior moment.

Maybe the floral pattern of her gown is a Chinese influenced motif, but as a co-chair of this event she should have come in something grand and dramatic. You’re the face of Dior, I think it’s alright to ask for a killer custom gown. Snoooooze city.

While her Dior made me sad, her Galvin post awards gown made me giddy. The liquidy Silver spaghetti strap gown adorned with gorgeous jewelry, beachy waves by way of a weave, and Disco-y make-up was much more up the Oscar winners alley. I am not always a fan of va va voom but I think it fits her personality and personal style much more then “fashion-y” Dior does.


Jessica Chastain, Givenchy

Doing what she does best, Jessica Chastain wowed us Old Hollywood style with pin curls and a glistening Gold Givenchy gown featuring an amazing circular detail pattern and just the right amount of train.

A staple at the Cannes International Film Festival (where I assume she’ll show up again this year?), I really wished this were a gown saved for that Fashion triathlon. Ms.Chastain has not had one, not one, disappointing look during that festival and this is a gown I’d have killed to see there. That said, like Ms.Moore, this is one of my favorite looks from the redhead in a while.

Anna Wintour, Chanel

Anna Wintour can do whatever she wants, let’s just put that out there. Her multi-Orange winged out Chanel adorned gown is clearly a piece of art and totally in the Editor in Chief’s wheelhouse. Let’s leave it at that so she doesn’t find me and skin me.


Jennifer Lopez, Atelier Versace

Much like B, Jennifer Lopez has a look and she’s clearly sticking to it. There’s not a whole lot to say about JLo’s Showgirl moment here other than it’s incredibly well made and her body looks insanely good. I will say, she has looked better then this lately. Maybe her Benjamin Button days of aging backwards are winding down…

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Roland Mouret

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Roland Mouret make a good team. Mr.Mouret understands Ms.Gyllenhaal’s body and style always outfitting her in something understated and cool fitting the actress’ sense of self. Enter their Met Gala collaboration of a Black, Port, and White gown with signature Roland Mouret detail and Ochre obi belt. I applaud their collaboration as it’s a gorgeous look, but it’s not feeling grand enough for such an event. Had she worn this to a premiere it have been more appropriate.


Keri Russell, Altuzarra

I love Keri Russell, and her style. I love feathers. I love Green. I have a thing for Altuzarra as he makes gorgeous pieces. The combination of all has a winning effect, but it baffles me everyone thought this was a good idea for the Met Gala. Totally not event appropriate and should have been saved for the CFDA Awards.

Sienna Miller, Thakoon

My favorite Sienna Miller look was at the Met Gala years ago when she was still with Alfie…I mean Jude Law…in a gorgeous Navy plumed Pucci. It was insanely gorgeous and she looked beyond confident.

The Sienna Miller of today is still fashionable and confident, but I’m not sold on her Thakoon jumpsuit with way too low cut front, tasseled belt (was this the nod to Chinese style?), and cummerbund. I love the mannish approach but I am getting Matador more then anything.

Again, at the CDFA Awards this would have killed.

Kendall Jenner, Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner should be proud of herself (or Momager Kris Jenner, not sure who’s responsible here) because she’s become one of the most in demand models and is doing a damn good job. That said, I think as someone who’s so influential in the Fashion right now she could have chose a more exciting look. It’s a beautiful piece, but the lacing on the side is a little trash and cupping her boob weird. Flawless hair and make-up though, very Ali MacGraw.


Cher, Marc Jacobs

Easily my favorite moment of the evening was Marc Jacobs taking Cher as his date to this event. To say this was an iconic moment is a massive understatement; this has to be one of the coolest things that’s happened at this ball in a long, long time.

Looking divine in a custom MJ long sleeved sequin gown, Cher rocked iconic Cher hair, perfectly toned make-up, and carried a snakeskin metallic Bvlgari clutch. What is also so amazing here is that they both look incredibly classic and beautiful without saying, “HEY! Marc Jacobs and Cher just entered the room!!!” which makes this even that much cooler.

Still catching my breath over this.


Image courtesy of The New York Times, and too good not to share 


Kim Kardashian-West, Roberto Cavalli by Peter Dundas

Someone who also is a major Cher fan, apparently, Kim Kardashian-West (do we really have to call her that?) followed suit and gave us another sheer gown from Peter Dundas inspired by Cher’s Met Gala Bob Mackie gown of years past.

Always one of my favorite Cher look’s for the fact it is so Bob Mackie and Cher it’s painful, I’m not sure Kimmy’s look has the same impact. While I love me some feathers, Ms.Kardashian-West (yup, that’s what we have to call her) could have benefited from more feathers, less sheer, and this look could have worked. The sequins seem oddly placed and things look all kinds of cloudy down Ms.West’s Southern region…


Reese Witherspoon, Jason Wu

I’ll just say it: this is the best Reese Witherspoon has looked in a long time and that includes all her Red Carpet looks during Awards season.

In a Red-hot Jason Wu strapless minimal gown, Ms.Witherspoon skipped the themed thing altogether and just showed up looking like one hot Mama. I am slightly disappointed she didn’t even try with the theme, but not surprised and at least came looking like a Movie Star. Reese looks so good she get’s two pictures here.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

I am mildly obsessed with the weird Goth-y offering we are getting from The Row designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I don’t care what you say, they look pretty damn cool. Again, no theme whatsoever…


Madonna, Moschino

Moschino’s Jeremy Scott gave Madonna exactly what you know she requested: a gown that says “Rebel Heart” all over it to promote her (awesome) album and it’s absurd and I love it. This whole look is actually so silly and ridiculous it’s iconic.

Rose Byrne, Calvin Klein

Rose Byrne’s nod to the theme came by way of Red, good fortune and joy in Chinese culture, in her lace and cabochon adorned Calvin Klein long sleeved high slitted low cut gown. The first thing I thought when I saw this was it’s very similar to a Navy Marc Jacobs dress she wore, and the second thing was how amazing she looks. She rarely does sexy and should it more. Ms.Byrne’s hair and make-up were perfect compliments to this Red-hot look.

Boy-toy Bobby Cannavale’s port suit is not only complimentary, but insanely gorgeous.


Rita Ora, Tom Ford

A slightly unlikely pair, mega-Designer Tom Ford (one of my all time favorites) took Rita Ora as his date to the Met Gala in a fiery Asian inspired gown with many a signature Tom Ford elements; velvet, tassels, a keyhole body con silhouette, bows, and fur trim. While a nod to the theme and culture, it’s bordering on that whole sexed up Chinese Female thing that can be culturally offensive.

I find myself  firmly on the fence here. I feel this should have been a respectful event, but the dress has so many signature elements from Mr.Ford I don’t know how to feel.  Is it too much? Is it a pretty gorgeous dress and too much thought is going into this? I don’t know!

Ms.Ora’s Tom Ford gown instantly reminded me of a Gucci dress from Mr.Ford’s Fall 2003 show during his Gucci years.

Chrissy Teigen, St. John and John Legend, Gucci

Chrissy Teigan goes from one extreme to the next. It’s either skanky Bond villain at the Oscars, or subdued and classy at the Met Ball. There really is no in between. That said I can’t help but feel this dress is aging the beauty. Ms.Teigan is in need of a Fashion overhaul.

John Legend’s Gucci tailed tux is classic and appropriate, if not just as subdued as his wife’s offering.


Cara Delevingne, Stella McCartney

Future actress Cara Delevingne rocked a Black satin and embellished Stella McCarntey jumpsuit, slicked hair, and temporary cherry blossom and dragon tattoo’s as her homage to the theme. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a pretty badass way to approach this kind of event. That said, it’s also a little attention seeking and kind of leaves you going “Eh…”

Those trousers should have fit better, Stella.

Allison Williams, Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

Taking the Red approach, “Girls” actress Allison Williams wore a Couture gown by Giambattista Valli featuring a Black bedazzled trim and lots and lots of tulle. Fitting for her personal style and ball appropriate, I am pretty bored by this look. Ms.William’s usually offers up something much more interesting at this event.

Uma Thurman, Atelier Versace

When Uma Thurman slays a Versace, she slays a Versace. During the actress’ “Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2” promo tour it was chock full of amazing Versace leggy moments so I was very happy she chose her go-to for such an event. There’s not much else to say here other than she looks incredible and the only nod to the theme is her emerald tassel earrings. I’m honestly A-OK with this because she hasn’t looked this amazing in a long time.

Menswear Roundup


Justin Bieber, Balmain

Go home. Stop doing this to us. Who invited you?

Ansel Elgort

I’m on the fence with Ansel Elgort. Part of me wants to like him, but he gives off such an “I’m an overgrown Man-Child Frat Boy” thing in such a not hot way that I really cannot place myself with him. His suit also should have been steamed and the cuff length reconsidered. Maybe he had a few drinks before and after the party.

Adrien Brody,  Dolce & Gabbana

Understanding how to do an event like this right, Oscar winner Adrien Brody— who I always enjoy seeing on a Red Carpet— wore a beautiful Chinese embroidery Dolce & Gabbana Burgundy blazer atop an all black ensemble. That double breasted velvet trimmed shawl collar blazer is an absolute piece of art and really stunning.

I don’t even mind he’s doing the whole Black on Black thing with his shirt and tie; it’s modern rather than “Night at The Roxberry.”


Miguel, Michael Kors
Performing later that night at the Designers post awards bash, Miguel rocked a Michael Kors Red-hot ensemble offset with a Black shirt, lapel, and shoes. I first thought this was a Saint Laurent suit as it’s really Rock N Roll, so bravo to Mr.Kors for making a cool piece of Menswear.
James Marsden, Ermenegildo Zegna
All I can say about James Marsden is that looks like a classic handsome Movie Start, or Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid.” Whatever, he’s handsome and I’m losing focus over here…
David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris, both in Ermenegildo Zegna Made-to-Measure
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka look like adorable little elves.
Matt Bomer, Giorgio Armani
Another Prince Eric, Golden Globe winner Matt Bomer was Monty Clift handsome in a classic Armani suit with traditional bow tie and  Chinese tapestry printed pocket square as a subtle nod to the evening. He’s always just so presentable and well groomed it’s mind boggling.
Michael B.Jordan, Dolce & Gabbana
Maybe my favorite Menswear look of the evening, Michael B.Jordan like Mr.Brody chose Dolce & Gabbana to outfit him for the big night in an all over printed Teal and Black suit with classic bow tie and embroidered shoes. Mr.Jordan’s three piece suit is so elegant and subtle that the print looks rich and sleek rather then, “Hey! Look at me!”
He looks cool and event appropriate, I look forward to more of him on the Red Carpet.
Common, Prada
That  chocolate Brown Prada suit and Common make an excellent pairing. The fit is impeccable, his classic shirt and tie balance perfectly, and the bird pin is a quirky nice touch. Just the right amount of cuff rounds out this handsome look.
All images courtesy of Style.com and Getty
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