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Hi Everyone,

Thanks everyone for the great feedback on the The New York Narrative’s sweet and snarky take on Fashion last week! So let’s continue it, shall we?

Between the MTV Movie Awards, mega world premiere of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and a few events in between we had so many looks this week already we didn’t need to wait to Friday to review. Happy Hump Day.

So take a look, sound off, and enjoy!

— Christian


Scarlett Johansson, Stella McCartney- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Scarlett Johansson looked punky chic at the world premiere of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” in a Black Stella McCarntey short dress with cape like detail, glittering Jerome C. Rousseau heels, touseled hair, minimal make-up, and incredible Ared Menzilcian stacked uneven earrings.

While a generally safe look, Scar Jo looks like a knockout. Is it me, or has she honestly never looked better? I hope she continues keeping us interested for the rest of her promo tour.

Scarlett Johansson- Jimmy Kimmel Live 

Earlier in the day Ms. Johansson hung with her fellow Avengers at Jimmy Kimmel Live in a chic Black ensemble with tons of texture and killer good statement heels. This look translated beautifully to TV but if I had to change anything, it’d be those tights. She didn’t need them; had she worn this look in the Fall, sure, but she was in sunny LA.


Scarlett Johansson, Zuhair Murad- 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Easily my favorite ScarJo look from the week comes by way of her insanely gorgeous coral Zuhair Murad jumpsuit styled to perfection with minimal drop earrings, side swept hair, gorgeous Sophia Webster multi-color shoes and Roger Vivier mint clutch.

The color combo’s here are so unexpected and not really in Ms. Johansson’s wheelhouse so it was a welcome surprise. Hands down best dressed at this event.

Mark Ruffalo- 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Is Mark Ruffalo just not the cutest? Honestly, he looks so dishevel in his ill fitting suit I don’t even care. He brought his son to the MTV Movie Awards and rocked Chucks with a suit. He wins.

LizzieColbieElizabeth Olsen, Galvan- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Elizabeth Olsen oozed modern Old Hollywood Glam in a two-tone Galvin dress featuring a gorgeous midnight Blue crepe and satin wrap skirt detail with simple T-Shirt top.

This is a signature Lizzie approach to the Red Carpet: chic, classic, and effortless. Complimentary Manolo heels, beachy deep parted waves, a berry lip, and statement Sidney Garbon gold collar necklace round out her look.

As much as I appreciate her minimalism approach, I do want a showstopping moment from her. Ms. Olsen is on a promo tour for what is set to be the largest movie ever in history not to mention she is apparently the stand out in the film. Let’s hope she pulls out a full blown gown at some point on this promo tour.

Cobie Smulders, Bibhu Mohapatra- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Agent Maria Hill herself, Cobie Smulders showed off her very enviable post-baby figure in a color blocked Bibhu Mohapatra electric Blue and White strapless dress. Even with a generally unflattering hem length, I really love this dress on her.

She looks fit, healthy, and confident in her look with complimentary hair and make-up and minimal accessories. Than be said…what are those things she is calling shoes? They look like they’re attacking her ankles and ruining the proportions of this look. A beyond simple sandal would have made this a perfect look.

LizzieAaronElizabeth Olsen, The Row- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Hollywood Press Conference 

Ms. Olsen also made an appearance this weekend promoting the blockbuster favoring the simple top elaborate bottom combo as her premiere look. I’m into her mid-calf leather skirt and chunky Black heels, but the top is not my favorite pairing.

Maybe if it had been tucked into the skirt I could have been more on board; some pictures I like it, some I do not, most of this event was seated so it wasn’t too distracting. Her hair and make-up are gorgeous.

Aaron Taylor Johnson- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Hollywood Press Conference 

Aaron Taylor Johnson is so handsome, so I am hoping he can ease up on the beard for the rest of his promotional duties. Other than that, I like his simple masculine combo of darks and cowboy boots. Simple and classic.

AaronMarkAaron Taylor Johnson, Gucci- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Still rocking a too fluffy beard, Mr. Taylor Johnson wore a beautifully fit Navy Gucci suit with matching polka-dot tie and pocket square paired with chocolate lace up shoes. The fit is great, and he has the right amount of cuff showing. Very dashing.

Not so into wife Sam Taylor Johnson’s ruffley sweet offering. Her Mcqueen ruffle spectacular is rather demure and looks incredibly matronly. This is a Hollywood premiere, sweetie…you pull out the stops when you’re a plus one to your husband’s (blockbuster) movie.

Mark Ruffalo-  “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Mr. Ruffalo looks handsome enough and I love his tie is the color of Hulk’s signature purple shorts— don’t think I missed that one, folks— but my eyes are on his wife. How dope is her hair and how much fun does she look like she’d be to hang out? They also brought their kids which was adorable.


Chris Evans, Rag &Bone- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Captain America himself looked all American handsome in a Rag & Bone leather jacket, Gucci pants, and T and kicks by All Saints at the MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday.

This is a perfect look for this event, and one I would personally wear any day. It’s cool and modern as is his grooming. On the casual side of Menswear this week, this easily is my favorite.

Chris Helmsworth- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Cap’s buddy Thor also attended the Movie Awards in an Olive-y Brown three piece suit with crisp white shirt sans tie. Again, the fit is great and his grooming is perfectly masculine. I mean, I prefer when he has less layers but man does he look handsome.


Shailene Woodley, Isabel Marant- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Shailene Woodley decided to dress like a Lost Boy at the Movie Awards in an all over the place Isabel Marant ensemble. Ms.Woodley rocked clown-y make-up and overall appeared lanky and awkward as the proportions here are super weird. I do actually really like the stacked boots, but they don’t help the cause here.

I would easily say that this is her worst look to date, and she’s been on a pretty good Red Carpet role favoring chic Ralph Lauren gowns and menswear inspired looks. Clearly she’s gone rogue. This also did not translate to TV at all so it’s just a lose lose…

Hailee Steinfeld, Rodarte- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Second to Scar Jo, Hailee Steinfeld’s Fashion forward Rodarte ensemble was my favorite look from this event. Ms. Steinfeld tends to dress a bit on the mature side, so for me she hit the right level of youthful and cool as the whimsy and fun of this look stands out.

The romantically Gothic pairing of the blouse, tattered skirt, and lace up open toed booties is a bit off kilter in the best way possible. Her vampy make-up and attitude pulls the whole thing together.

Jennifer Lopez- Versus Versace- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

I’ll say it again: Jennifer Lopez is aging backwards. She looks amazing here, minus that ridiculous signature smoldering JLO face she always does to us. Why?

It may be the shortest skirt ever, but she’s rocking it and it’s just the right amount of over the top. Balancing her Black ensemble with ghetto-ish accessories and stick straight hair, she topped off her va-va-voom look with matching Giuseppe Zanotti heels.


Chris Evans, Gucci – “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Cap keeps the beyond handsome thing going in a pinstripe Gray Gucci suit with polka-dot Blue tie and matching pocket square. This is another good look for Mr.Evans and the sunglasses are a nice youthful touch.

He is really wearing those pants.

Linda Cardellini, Yanina Couture- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Linda Cardellini is apparently in the new Avengers flick and we have no idea as who. But she’s wildly important and I want answers, like, yesterday.

Anyways, Ms.Cardellini’s sheer Black and White gauzey Yanina Couture dress is a little sweet for my tastes, but it’s not so bad. I will say the sheer showing your panties trend needs to make it’s way out…


Amy Schumer, Balmain- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Hostess with the mostess Amy Schumer rocked a Balmain mini with a smokey eye and platform peep-toes. This isn’t a bad look, per se, but I wish she had something nipping her waist in. The color blocked mini is making her look wide and like she doesn’t have hips. Next time, Schumer.

Reese Witherspoon, Mugler- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Taking a cue from the hostess, Reese Witherspoon also chose a Black and White ensemble but instead came out a winner. This is easily one of my favorite looks from the Oscar winner in a long time; she’s stepped out of her comfort zone and sexed it up a bit, finally. Guess she felt a buddy comedy promo tour was the place to be sexy rather than on the Oscar campaign. Fair enough.

Hair and make-up looks great and her Christian Louboutin highlighter heels are event appropriate if not a little dated.

Sofia Vergara,  Noam Hanoch- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Ms.Witherspoon’s “Hot Pursuit” co-star Sofia Vergara rocked a custom, very standard, Noam Hanoch royal Blue bod con dress with lace panel cut outs that reads more day to night office dress that Movie Awards attire.

It baffles me how Ms.Vergara won’t step out of her comfort zone, especially being mega-Stylist Rachel Zoe’s client. The styling is a little uninspiring and formulaic, platform peep-toes? Is this 2011? She’s still a knockout and has custody of Joe Manganiello, so whatever…


Sarah Jessica Parker, Theory- The Late Show With David Letterman

Sarah Jessica Parker, New York’s version of Tinker Bell, stopped by the Late Show to say goodbye to New York staple David Letterman before he signs off for good.

Rocking a gorgeous Olive monochromatic look (didn’t I say Green should be worn more?), Ms. Parker paired a fitted blazer featuring a satin lapel with a voluminous wide-legged Theory jumpsuit, stacks of fun multi-color necklaces and rings, and glittery SJP Collection heels.

With her signature ombre hair stick straight and a smokey green eye (they looked larger on screen), I will say, this look translated much better on Television than in pictures…which is a shame because there was a ton of dimension here.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Lars Nord- Ars Nova Benefit

Ms.Parker also stepped out in a custom velvet and lace Lars Nord peacock Blue tea length dress with complimentary velvet Saint Laurent blazer, vintage Fendi chain-mail bag, and another pair of glittery SJP Collection pumps.

Keeping similar hair and make-up, Ms.Parker gave us another texture filled look in another interesting color combo. I wish her nails were dark like her Olive offering, would have brought this together a bit more.

Taraji P.Henson- Late Night with Seth Meyers

“Empire” powerhouse Taraji P.Henson stopped by Late Night with Seith Meyers to plug her (lackluster) SNL hosting gig in a fun cap sleeved Black mini with White circular detailing and matching Debbie Harry-esque spike ankle boots. Quirky if not a little weird, I like the overall look; the proportions of the dress compliment her figure to a T and she looks confident and sexy. Well done, Cookie.


Chris Helmsworth, Salvatore Ferragamo – “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Could Chris Helmsworth look anymore handsome in his Salvatore Ferragamo suit if he tried? It’s nice to see a man with such a muscular physique wearing a printed suit and it actually fit. That is most men who have muscles have their pitfall: fit. Especially when it’s not a solid. Mr.Helmsworth does not have that issue, this is an A+.

Can we also just talk about how gorgeous a couple he and his stunning wife wife Elsa are? It’s just not normal having that much pretty in one situation.

Ming-Na Wen, Mark Zunino – “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

I am at a loss for words…Ming-Na Wen, you’re so badass on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” can you please bring that same mojo to the Red Carpet? You look like a cartoon villain and not in a good way.


Bai Ling- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

I mean, because why not…


Cara Delevingne, Reem Acra- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Model turned actress (God I hope she can act…) Cara Delevingne rocked a vampy long sleeved Reem Acra mini with exaggerated sleeves, detailed bodice, and lots of leg.  I really like the styling of her look and the dress overall, but not that hair. It’s far too slicked back and beachy sexy Gypsy waves would have been preferred. I can’t help but wish this dress had been saved for someone else…

Willow Shields, Bibhu Mohapatra- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Willow Shields looked all grown up in a printed Bibhu Mohapatra Periwinkle fitted dress and bombshell make-up. This is a great look for her but not a little out of place at event? Was that the memo everyone got, “Please come dressed like you’re going to something else?”

This is the MTV Movie Awards, give me side boob! Pasties! Assless chaps! Come on people…that said, she looks like a respectable young lady.

Bella Thorne, Peter Pilotto- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

I honestly haven’t seen Bella Thorne act but she’s everywhere and likes Fashion so therefore she’s on my radar. Her Perter Pilotto overly textured mini is just the right amount of youthful and fun for the event, and those Blue-Purple Jimmy Choo’s couldn’t be a more complimentary accent for her overall look.


Jamie Alexander, Mugler- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

I should have liked this, I really wanted to. Jamie Alexander is gorgeous but there is way too much going on here.

On it’s own, her long sleeved Mugler mini with metallic accents at the waist is great and appropriate for an event like this. Adding all the necklaces, red nails, and that stripper Black dye job styled like Mary Todd Lincoln’s do? It’s not working for me…

Also, its’ April: let’s bust out a sandal and put the studded pumps in the back of our closet…do not pass go or collect $200, Lady Sif.

Jeremy Renner, Dolce & Gabbana- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Hawkeye looked all kinds of impossibly handsome and classic in his beautifully tailored and cut Dolce & Gabbana three piece suit with matching tie and pocket square. He also gets major points for showing the right amount of cuff and showcasing a watch without drawing too much attention to it. The proportions are just right and that suit fits like a glove.

Adrianne Palicki- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Mockingbird herself made an appearance on the Red Carpet this week, but does anyone else find Adrianne Palicki dress and nude peep-toe combo dated if not a little cheap? She’s also not in the film and is a bit over-dressed. Points for color and great hair/ make-up though. Also, her body looks insane, she is so beyond in shape.


Lauren Graham- 2015 TV Land Awards

Lorelai Gilmore circa 2002, is that you? Lauren Graham looks like she hasn’t aged a day since her “Gilmore Girl” years in an extremely flattering Navy wrap dress with ruching topped off with multi-colored printed heels and demure clutch. At 48 she looks amazing. The look is age appropriate while still being youthful and fresh.

Diana Agron, Alexander McQueen- Olivier Awards 

Diana Agron is a Fashion girl. She takes risks that don’t always pay off, but she understands a beautiful gown when she see’s it. Case in point this high collard McQueen confection with embellished neck and belt. Between her sultry make-up, ombre blonde coife, and dark nails I see nothing wrong here. Just stay away from Merlot, girl…

Blake Lively, Roksanda- “The Age of Adeline” Hollywood Press Conference 

A Fashion girl as well, new Mama Blake Lively paired a Marc Jacobs sleeveless top and Fuchsia Stuart Weitzman mules with a gorgeous Roksanda peplum waisted pencil skirt with front slit and fun design.

Like Sophia Bush, Ms.Lively doesn’t use a stylist and still takes risks like this which I applaud. I love the skirt and pulling a color from it to incorporate into the shoe, but that’s where the matchy-matchy should stop. One step too far for me is the Fuchsia lip; it’s not pulling the look together but rather distracting. Signature beachy waves round out her photocall ensemble.


Kate Mara, Cushnie et Ochs- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

I generally like Kate Mara’s quirky offbeat style, but her fluted skirt midriff bearing  Cushnie et Ochs dress confuses me. It’s showing her stomach, but has a conservative Peter Pan Collar? It also has a bizarre cap sleeve yoke thing happening that makes the look rather off balanced. At least her shoes are nice…did she skip make-up?

Michael B. Jordan, Vivienne Westwood- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Someone from the cast of “Fantastic Four” that did get it right was Michael B.Jordan in a very loud Viveinne Westwood suit he paired with Givenchy shoes and black oxford. It’s nice to see Menswear be fun on the Red Carpet, so I am all for this.

Mr. Jordan’s co-star Miles Teller showcased his huge guns in what looks like a Golf polo and Jamie Bell looks like he borrowed a child’s blazer.

Jessie J- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

Is it me, or does Jessie J look like she borrowed whatever this is from Liza Minelli’s personal vintage Halston collection?


Robert Downey Jr., “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA and in Salvatore Ferragamo- Jimmy Kimmel Live 

Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. has been making the rounds promoting the Marvel fete and looking stylish along the way. While I love his Burgundy Ferregamo suit paired with Lanvin kicks and rose colored glasses at Jimmy Kimmel Live, I cannot say the same about his premiere look. His Grey double breasted suit looks sloppy and oversize. Are the length of his pants driving anyone else nuts? At least his Persol sunnies are cool.

Also, I have no idea what his incredibly talented wife Susan is wearing…she looks like she borrowed that strapless column dress from a 4th grade Art Teacher…

Samuel L. Jackson- “Avengers: Age of Ultron” World Premiere, LA

Samuel L. Jackson can do whatever he wants, right? Therefore I am obsessed with how fly and ridiculous he looks in his wind breaker-y blazer with fete stripe and bucket hat. A BUCKET HAT.


Zach Efron- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

I’m not the biggest fan of Zac Efron’s baby blue Lavin puffy jacket (why’s he even wearing a shirt?), but there’s something cool and event appropriate about it.

Don’t even get me started on how much I dislike co-presenter Emily Ratajkowski’s Fausto Puglisi cut out embellished mini…we all saw the “Blurred Lines” music video, we get it, you’re hot….

Rebel Wilson, Adrianna Papell- 2015 MTV Movie Awards 

If you say anything bad about Rebel Wilson, we will have a problem. Looking like she’s going to lift off, the funny lady donned a Adrianna Papell black dress with contrast cape detail and matching Aldo shoes. The pink lining of cape brings look together and keeps it fun and absolutely fits her personality. Hair looks great.

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