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It’s been a while since The New York Narrative scrutinized those who dress to impress, so why not end the week with a sweet and snarky take on Fashion?

This is always a fun post to get out, so if you’re digging it maybe it’ll become a weekly thing. With Coachella, an Avengers Event, and  the MTV Movie Awards this weekend not to mention the world premiere of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” on Monday, we have a lot of looks and Red Carpets to look forward to. Could be fun.

So take a look, sound off, and enjoy!

— Christian


 Britt Robertson, Dior- “The Longest Ride” LA Premiere 

Britt Robertson looked cool and modern this week in LA donning a sleeveless Black Dior mini with high neck and sequin yoke. A few things crossed my mind when I saw this: I was thrilled her hair was pulled back and I wish she’d skipped the shoes.

While her Jimmy Choo bubblegum neon Pink pumps feel a bit dated, it’s keeping her look youthful so I guess I can look the other way. A chic pair of strappy bondage-y heels would have been preferred, no?

It’s always refreshing to see a young blonde like Ms.Robertson take on an edgier look like this, rather than gravitating towards a Barbie look. The proportions of this dress are absolutely working in her favor.

Scott Eastwood- “The Longest Ride” LA Premiere 

I mean, does anyone really care what Scott Eastwood is wearing? I think we are all just staring at him with our mouths gaping open.

Seeing past the hunk, his all Black look is a little “Night at the Roxbury” for me. Very 90’s. The shirt looks a little too big and the belt is pulled too tight. Mr. Eastwood usually looks incredibly sharp and well tailored so I was disappointed here.

Other than seeing Mr.Eastwood shirtless, I am lost on the appeal of their film…


Britt Robertson, Markus Lupfer and Scott Eastwood- “The Longest Ride” Empire State Building Photocall 

Continuing to promote “The Longest Ride” in NYC, Ms.Robertson rocked a cool girl look in a  Markus Lupfer printed zipper front dress toughened up with a shrunken leather jacket and unfortunate booties. I am loving this look as a dress and little leather is my favorite, and not opposed to it being paired with booties, but the pair the actress chose are pretty uninspiring. Hair and make-up was on point for the daytime look.

Hunky Mr. Eastwood also looked event appropriate in a denim oxford (Rag & Bone, possibly), black jeans, and cool kicks. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s a good look that I’d rock any day. Casual and cool, very New York.

Christina Ricci, Max Mara- Watch What Happens Live 

Christina Ricci appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live this week promoting that Lizzie Borden Lifetime thing looking all kinda of gorgeous in the process. I have to say, I’ve seen Ms.Ricci many times in person and this is the best she has ever looked.

Her Max Mara halter long sleeved dress with sheer panels and peplum is extremely flattering on the actress. The neck detail crossing over her bust is beautiful and looked great on TV.

It’s nice to see Ms.Ricci with a less severe hair color and cut; that warm brunette and soft curl combo is refreshing for her. Ms.Ricci kept it simple with very sexy Black heels and flawless make-up. If you watch the show, you’ll see she has perfect skin. It’s amazing.


 Lily James, Valentino- “Cinderella” Tokyo Press Conference 

Another mini with good proportions! Lily James— who I swear has been promoting “Cinderella” for what seems like a year and a half— wowed in a very leggy Valentino long sleeved mini dress with celestial print.

Her styling is on point; hair styled just cool enough looking neutral but kept with neutral heels giving a pop of metallic balancing the look out.

I hope that Ms.James get’s a franchise at some point, because from what my “Downton Abbey” watching friends tell me she is a great actress. Plus she is cute, so, I want more of her on the Red Carpet.

 Lily James, Elie Saab- “Cinderella” Tokyo Premiere 

Later that evening Ms.James had a major princess moment in a blush tiered Elie Saab off the shoulder gown.  The color works for her and let’s face it, that’s a lot of dress and she’s wearing it well. While it’s girly enough, I am glad she opted not to wear the belt as it was shown on the runway; totally not needed and would have been too conservative.

It was very windy at the event apparently, so I’ll give her a pass on the messy hair. Of her two look, I prefer the Valentino.


Kristen Stewart, Self-Portrait- “Clouds of Sils Maria” LA Screening 

Finally skipping girly looks that are always forced, Kristen Stewart attended the LA screening of  her film “Clouds of Sils Maria” in a tailored Self-Service ensemble.

What I like here is the boy-meets-girl thing that she does well; the pants and classic Louboutins are a good combo for Ms.Stewart, but that crochet thing masquerading as a shirt is not. Honestly it would have been better if she just wore the bustier under it with the pants, even though I am sick of seeing everyone’s rib cages on Red Carpets.

The choppy short haircut could work, but don’t get me started on how it looks like she styled it with cooking grease…

Freida Pinto, Elie Saab- “Desert Dancer” NYC Premiere 

Freida Pinto is a gorgeous girl who chose a gorgeous dress for the premiere of her film “Desert Dancer.” Not only is the color just killer against her skin, but the whimsy of this look fits her personality to a T.

The dress itself is diverse in that someone of Ms.Pinto’s age (30) could wear it keeping it youthful and fresh, as she did, or it could be worn by a Helen Mirren type (69) and it would have been age-appropriate and chic. The long sleeves combined with length and embellishment is what makes it such a gorgeous piece.

The only pitfall for me here is the shoes, as they are terribly boring. A strappy heel in a monochromatic tone of the dress or even in the nude of her current shoe would have been preferred.

Hilary Duff, Jonathan Simkhai- Extra at The Grove 

Hilary Duff made an appearance on Extra to promote her new show “Younger” (which is beyond lukewarm…) in a simple Jonathan Simkhai ensemble. I have to say, I really like the proportions of this look for Hilary; the pencil skirt isn’t too tight and is an interesting color. The top has just the right amount of volume to keep the look balance.

Generally I would have scoffed at Black shoes but I think it’s a simple finishing touch to an overall good look. It’s not blowing my mind, but it’s good. Ms.Duff needs to either pick a new fun color for her hair or go back blonde…I will say that. Did she get her dye job done at Ricky’s?


Sophia Bush, Reformation- Extra in NYC 

Sophia Bush had a very busy day in NYC this week promoting her NBC Drama “Chicago P.D.” Her first stop was at the Extra studio’s in Times Square rocking a Reformation printed wrap dress with to  die for Stuart Weitzman lace up heels.

Like Blake Lively, Ms. Bush does not use a stylist which amazes me; it takes a lot to pull looks together and while I am sure she has help, it’s still quite a fete. For me, this is a signature Sophia Bush look: contemporary, trendy in the right way, a little bohemian, balanced, and flattering.

Complimentary accessories and a deep side part rounded out her look. Of her three looks, this is easily my favorite.

Sophia Bush, Zimmermann- The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Ms. Bush’s next stop was late night wearing a glittering Zimmermann strapless V mini with cascading seams and fluted skirt. You can’t see her Jimmy Choo heels (best picture I could get, sorry folks) but were strappy and very complimentary to this fun look.

I am still not crazy about this blonde shade she has going on…I much prefer her in what was once her signature softer chestnut shade.

Sophia Bush, Elizabeth and James- Samsung Galaxy Event 

To end the evening, Ms.Bush donned an Elizabeth and James blazer and skirt combo with metallic Casadei shoes and matching clutch. While I could do without the whole sheer skirt thing, I really like this Menswear inspired look; not one to write home about as it’s pretty standard, but it’s chic nonetheless. The make-up is also gorgeous, she knows how to wear a Red lip.


 Christina Aguilera- “The Voice” Live Taping, Episode 812B- A 

Christina Aguilera is back on “The Voice,” therefore, she is back to torture us weekly with insanely unflattering looks.

Showcasing her slim post baby body (which looks great), I have to ask: what is up here? Anyone else getting “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”? The only different is, if any of those flawless Queens did this look it’d be served up right.

Her hair looks like straw and her make-up looks like a drunk toddler did it. X-Tina, come on. Maybe had this been in a dark shade, she could have gotten a bit of a pass…MAYBE.

 Christina Aguilera- “The Voice” Live Taping, Episode 812B- B

Making a drastic costume change, X-Tina decided looking like an actual Genie coming out of a bottle was the way to go. I don’t even know where to start…

Between that ridiculous hairpiece, the multi-patterned dress, and the insane Michelle Visage hoops I am at a loss. Only Michelle Visage can pull that look off, by the way…


 Dana Delaney- FX’s “The Comedian’s” LA Premiere 

Apparently Dana Delaney was really feeling her look because she flashed a lot of leg to show a very basic pair of tights with a very basic print on it. Was this necessary, Ms.Delaney? You’re 59 and not a cool 59 like Madonna is going to be. Cool it, lady.

On top of her confusing slightly naughty schoolgirl look, I believe she is wearing a pair of Saint Laurent chunky platforms from Spring. Instead of coming off cool and Disco-y, they look like Ms.Delaney’s pulled them from the back of her closet reviving bad 90’s Fashion…

Hilary Swank, Christian Siriano- Samsung Galaxy Event 

Hilary Swank loves Fashion, which makes me happy— except when things like this happen. Donning possibly the brightest gown I have ever seen, Ms.Swank clearly has a thing for Pink.

Aside from the jarring color, her long sleeved bow at the bust Christian Siriano has incredibly weird proportions giving the Oscar winner even more of a boyish frame than she already has. The sleeves are also too billowy; they start so big at the shoulders and then pooter out.

I will say, her Royal Blue Louboutin’s are gorgeous and pairing such a neon with the rich Blue is great. But it doesn’t make the ensemble any easier to look at…

Hilary Swank, Giambattista Valli- The 35 Most Powerful People In Media, celebrated by The Hollywoood Reporter

Like I said, Ms.Swank loves fashion and when she does it right, she does it right— case in point.

Ms.Swank redeemed herself literally the next day on a brand new Red Carpet back to her best in a textural Giambattista Valli mini with contrast organza and jacquard panels and uneven hem. Paired with classic Louboutin’s and natural hair, this is how I envision Hilary Swank: chic-ass Oscar winner.

Everything about this look is working for her; the silhouette in particularity is extremely flattering showcasing her best asset, her legs, and the best part is it’s Fashion-y without trying to hard. Keep this up, Hil.


Ryan Gosling- “Lost River” Paris Premiere 

Ryan Gosling, come on man. You’re a beyond handsome Hollywood actor, why do you look so disheveled and over it? Mr. Gosling’s grey suit paired with multi-directional stripe shirt is texture overload and I don’t know where to look.

You’re in Paris, dress to impress…

Hailey Baldwin, Dior- “Dior & I”  NYC Screening 

Hailey Baldwin just looks ridiculous. Let’s just say it. It looks like she forgot her pants and the volume of her Dior tux mini is comical. The only good thing I can say is that it’s a good color for…and her shoes aren’t half bad…did she get something done to her face?

Oscar Isaac- “Ex Machina” NYC Premiere 

Oscar Isaac premiered his latest “Ex Machina” in NYC this week, and I am sure he’s amazing in it. He’s amazing in everything. While I really like the color combo’s he’s working with and in particularity that tie, I am not crazy about the fabric of jacket. It almost looks like a wind breaker, and the flash bulbs have shown every single crease and wrinkle.

Other than that, I think overall the look isn’t half bad. I do hope beard is for a role, why cover his handsome face?


Julia Louis- Dreyfus- “Veep” Season 4 NYC Premiere  

Julia Louis- Dreyfus looked chic and clean in a deep Green strapless tea length dress with thin Black belt at the NYC premiere of “Veep.” Her black pumps and metallic clutch keep the look somewhat interesting, but I have to say I want more. As the star of (the hilarious) “Veep,” I wish she’d have made more of a splash.

That being said, her hair and make-up look great and I can’t say anything bad about the look.

Anna Chlumsky- Giuletta, “Veep” Season 4 NYC Premiere  

Fellow “Veep” funny lady Anna Chlumsky also attended the NYC premiere in a color blocked Giuletta halter dress. The dress code must have been described as “boring” because for the life of me I cannot get excited here.

The color combo of Maroon and White is fine enough, but this dress is too long for Ms.Chlumsky and I am getting a more 7th grade dance vibe than Red Carpet from this dress. She absolutely went to Wet Seal for her accessories…

Aside from the fact it’s a total snooze, who told her that is the face you make on the Red Carpet? Especially when you have that much make-up on. Yikes. The braid in the hair also feels out of season— I want Summer too, Anna, but just wait a little longer…is it me, or are they wearing the same shoes?


Julia Louis- Dreyfus, Altuzarra- The Paley Center for Media’s evening with the cast of “Veep” in NYC

The funny ladies of “Veep” continued their week of promotion stopping by The Paley Center for a screening of the comedy. Ms. Louis- Dreyfus donned a bod-con leopard print Altuzarra dress with nude heels and no accessories. Of her two looks, I prefer this more; while I don’t love leopard, she looks so fit and healthy here it may be the best she’s looked in a long time.

Age appropriate without being boring.

Anna Chlumsky, Peter Pilotto-The Paley Center for Media’s evening with the cast of “Veep” in NYC

Still not quite sure how to pose on a Red Carpet, Ms.Chlumpsky’s wardrobe choice was greatly improved wearing a Peter Pilotto printed tea length gown with unfortunate white sandals (did she borrow those from a little old Italian lady?).  I’m not crazy about the hair or her make-up still, but the dress is interesting and very flattering for her.


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