Hi Everyone,

I can say this very happily: HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

Well, today is kind of the first day of Spring— minus the snow we are getting? With the possibility of another blizzard, you’ll have lots of links to check out via The New York Narrative! Thought provoking stuff happened this week, for sure (not really).

Also, keep your eyes peeled next week for a little Menswear personal style file coming soon. The conspirators are  back!

So take a look, jump down for links, and have a great weekend! It’s supposed to be gorgeous— just avoid the snowbanks!

— Christian



A bit awkward (I’ve been asked to do this for a while now…), but added the only picture of myself I like in the About section of The New York Narrative. Thank you Josh for getting such a great snap!

Leather Hoodie, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Flannel, Vintage. Pants, Uniqlo. Boots, Cole Haan. Necklace, Giles & Brother. Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sunglasses, Ray-Ban.

– The New York Narrative: The New York Narrative’s West Village Haunts

– Take a look inside the Alexander McQueen exhibit “Savage Beauty” which was on view at the MET here in NYC and has made it’s way to the UK

– The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Stylists

– Cool Fashion “It” Girls grilling their Stylists on what’s hot for Spring

– Peter Dundas is leaving Pucci for Cavalli and it totally makes sense to me

– DVF, Zac Posen, and Isaac Mizrahi have designed costumes for the Rockettes and I couldn’t be happier. Love me a Fashion collab

– Rachel Zoe’s studio is getting a bit of a shakeup

– My interior design spirit animal Nate Berkus’ tips for living luxe on a budget (and they are good, you guys)

– Jennifer Aniston’s suggestion for hair-care

– SXSW Festival: Melissa McCartney’s latest “Spy” is apparently hysterical

– SXSW Festival: “Tab Hunter Confidential,” about a gay closeted actor in thr 1950’s, sounds very interesting

– Jessica Lange has confirmed her departure from “American Horror Story,” while studs Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson are coming on board. As is  Wes Bentley. I mean, who didn’t see this casting coming…? 

– Speaking of “AHS,” check out what the ladies past and present of the hit show have to say

– Matt Lauer pulls the best prank on Ellen Degeneres 

– There’s a hot Prince in Sweden that looks like Henry Cavill. Anyone wanna get on a plane with me? 

– Speaking of Henry Cavill, check out his tips for travelling and packing like a gentleman

– Can we start a petition to have Sally Field the female lead in everything? Thanks

– Studio’s: Who’s up, who’s down?

– Cher is weighing in on this whole Dolce & Gabbana debacle and it’s beyond amusing. Anyone not following her on Twitter is making a huge mistake. Also, shame on them. Disgusting… 

– Madonna’s “Jonathan Ross Show” appearance is amazing

– Daniel Craig looking all kinds of handsome on the teaser poster for the new 007 flick

– Chelsea Handler on growing up and why things get better with age (thank god)

– Luke Evans shirtless. That’s all

– Shocker: Charlie Sheen is a disaster to work with

– Don’t worry everyone: Azealia Banks still hates everything and everyone, including America

– Ellen DeGeneres produced “One Big Happy” is getting a so-so reception

– Are you watching Netflix new original series “Bloodlines,” which is now available to binge?

– America Ferrera is coming back to TV in what sounds like the most boring show ever

– Betty White is getting a lifetime achievement award at the Emmy’s this year…’bout time…

– Andy Cohen is coming to satellite radio, y’all

– All male version of “Chicago’s” Cell Block Tango

– Kylie Jenner needs to cool it with the Drag techniques…girl, it’s not working for you

– Maybe our best look at character breakdown for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” in this new TV Spot…loving the humor

– David Tennant of Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming “AKA: Jessica Jones” visited Marvel headquarters in NYC and it was adorable

– If you ever wanted to play with your very own Scarlett Johansson, you now can: her Black Widow “Avengers: Age of Ultron” doll is very lifelike

– Steven Sondheim was not a fan of Lady Gaga’s (amazing) “Sound of Music” tribute at the Oscars

– Kristin Chenoweth’s latest is getting very good reviews


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