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Sunday night was the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, AKA my favorite awards show of the season. I already did a spotlight on the Best Dressed Ladies, so here come the Gentlemen. Even with a broken AC (no budget this year, guys?) the men smoldered looking dashing and handsome— if not a little dewy.

The trend of the evening was most definitely blue, many shades of it. Even with an abundance of more classic looks, there were some stand outs. Mainly by way of subtle details like a pocket square or incorporated texture, the Men added personal touches to their looks still keeping it overall streamlined. Minus David Oyelowo who showed up in a glittering Dolce & Gabbana that I am still trying to figure how to get my hands on…

So take a look, check out the poll as I’d love to hear what you guys think, and enjoy!

— Christian




Matt Bomer- Ralph Lauren Black Label
Matt Bomer, AKA Prince Eric, showcased his Movie Star good looks in a Ralph Lauren Black Label navy shawl collar tuxedo. The Best Supporting Actor winner (“The Normal Heart”) looked classic Montgomery Clift handsome (he’s playing him in an upcoming HBO Biopic) in his navy offering. Not only was it impeccably tailored, but his styling was on point by way of an appropriately sized bow tie and complimentary pocket square.

Mr.Bomer’s grooming is always impeccable, and this was no exception. If anyone has seen “The Normal Heart” they know he is very deserving of this award. Look how happy he looks! Man can he wear a suit…

Jake Gyllenhaal- Marseille
Talk about the definition of made to order– Jake Gyllenhaal’s custom Marseille fits like a glove. Best Actor nominee (“Nightcrawler), and Maggie Gyllenhaal plus one, stood out in his classic black evening look because while traditional, it wasn’t a snooze. Between his Old Hollywood charm and those eyes, he gave us a perfect award show look.

It could just be for his Broadway show “Constellations,” but it’s nice to see a bit of masculine scruff on the Red Carpet. Mr.Gyllenhaal looked just groomed enough that he still looked appropriate, but cool and rugged at the same time.



David Oyelowo- Dolce & Gabbana
How could I not put this in the top ten? Best Actor Nominee (“Selma”) David Oyelowo brought a much needed sparkle with this Dolce & Gabbana suit, standing out in a sea of navy and black. While a three-piece suit can be hard to pull off, the tailoring is extremely well executed and minimal styling balances the look. Dororthy of Oz would even be jealous of those sparkling Jimmy Choo shoes— I know I am!

He’s looking just the right amount of refined and cool rather than like this has been pulled from the Liberace archives… Bravo, you made the Menswear game fun for us.

Eddie Redmayne- Gucci
Velvet on the Red Carpet is always a favorite of mine. It’s incredibly chic on both Men and Women and there is something so luxe about it.

Best Actor winner (“The Theory of Everything”) and general good looking person Eddie Redmayne proved that his modelling days are not behind him looking very handsome in his velvet Gucci notched lepel two button suit. I am really digging his overall appearance and the effortless way he placed his pocket square. I do wish his hair was a tad shorter as it’s looking a bit puffy.

The look particularly works for Eddie as he is on the slim side. Velvet on a Man with more muscle definition goes into “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” territory…



Clive Oven- Giorgio Armani
Handsome and classic in a gorgeous shade of green-y teal, Clive Owen looked very dapper in his Giorgio Armani offering.

It was refreshing, if not more modern, that the Best Actor nominee (“The Knick”) opted not to don a full suit but a mix of velvet blazer and black trousers. I also really love he opted for a tie making him stand out as almost everyone showed up in a bow tie. The break on his pants looked a tad long unfortunately; the length is making him look a tad on the shorter side.

I can safely say no Man wants to look shorter. Ever.
Is it me or does he not age?

Ethan Hawke- Dior Homme
Best Actor nominee (“Boyhood) Ethan Hawke looked trim and fit in a charcoal Dior Homme shawl collar tux. Dior Homme knows how to cut a suit, especially for someone with Mr.Hawke’s physique.

While I am really enjoying this look, I would have loved to see this with a tie. Like Mr.Owen, it could have made him stand out in the sea of classic tuxes.

But, Dude, you could have tied your shoe…did no one check him before he hit the Red Carpet?



Joshua Jackson- Berluti 
Joshua Jackson is a perfect example of how to wear a classic suit and look all kinds of Old Hollywood handsome.

Mr.Jackson’s simple look complimented girlfriend Diane Kruger’s Emilia Wickstead gown making them a gorgeous couple on the Red Carpet. This would have been higher on my list, but there were so many stand out looks for the Men. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate his classic approach to eveningwear.

There is not much else to say. He’s looking real suave here.

Jamie Dornan- Louis Vuitton
Jamie Dornan, former model and handsome human being, showed up in an incredibly well tailored classic Louis Vuitton tux. I mean, that thing fits like a glove. I am really digging the oversized bow tie and tilted pocket square. Like Mr.Gyllenhaal, the scruff is on point. He looks rugged but still handsome, not overgrown. His overall look was a modern twist on the classic tux and it paid off.

If you’re not watching Mr.Dornan on BBC’s “The Fall,” you should be. Netflix has Season 1, Season 2 coming shortly. I devoured it in one sitting. The takeaway will be your obsession with Gillian Anderson, and your conflicting feelings of being so attracted to Mr.Dornans murderous ways.

Honestly not really sure what his (gorgeous) wife is wearing…dusty rose feathers and what appear to be orange shoes? Ok…


Robert Downey Jr- Valentino
Iron Man himself stands out on any Red Carpet he is on. Sunday night’s festivities were no exception for Robert Downey Jr.. In what is becoming his go-to, Mr.Downey Jr. rocked a Valentino suit in a gorgeous shade of Blue with matching glasses, quirky details via polka dot pocket square and detailed tie bar, and trendy sneakers.

What I am loving here especially is the blue of his suit complimenting wife Susan Downey’s Alberta Ferretti plumed frock. They are a total power couple off the Red Carpet but still exude that on one too. My only complaint is the pants looked a little long– much like Mr.Owen, I am getting a short vibe rather than tall strapping actor.

This is not a look for everyone but I found it incredibly refreshing.

Adam Levine- Dior Homme
The Rock Star Model combo always works for me. They go hand in hand, usually ending in fireworks which is always fun.

The definition of Black Tie, Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo radiated gorgeousness on Sunday’s Red Carpet. I tend to like Mr.Levine’s street style as it’s trendy and not overdone so seeing him this gussied up is a nice change of pace.

I’m going for the pants again: they could have been more tailored. Still this is a really handsome look on a really handsome man.




Jeremy Renner and Chris Pratt
Because these Marvel Men look beyond handsome. Duh.

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  1. Can I vote more than once 😉

    MATT BOMER ❤ If only….


  2. I’m with you Jess!!! I voted for Matt as well but I would love to vote for Jake as well because CHRISTIAN LOOKS LIKE JAKE!!! But those eyes on Matt…Again Christian you outdid yourself!!


  3. Haha right Mamma D?! Jake for sure has my second vote 🙂 And Christ does look like him!! Do you think we can get him to grow that beard a little more? 😉


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