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Is it me, or has it taken forever for the weekend to get here? But don’t worry, “The Weekly Roundup” is here!

With the Oscars so close and Grammy’s this weekend (as are the BAFTA’s which I’m much more excited for), there wasn’t much to cover Fashion wise this week. There was an Academy Awards Nominee luncheon though where the gorgeous gals  brought their best “ladies to lunch looks” to the step and repeat. Interested to see who’s look you’re into the most; check out the poll below.

I’m not sure I’ll cover Grammy’s fashion, it just ends up being so tacky, fleshy and bling-y.  May take a hard pass unless someone really moves me on the Red Carpet.

So take a look, jump down for links, and have a great weekend!

— Christian




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– The New York Narrative: Personal Grooming Products, Jay 

– The New York Narrative: The New York Narrative’s East Village Haunts

– The New York Narrative: Personal Grooming Products, Little Pretties, Big City- Kerry

– Head on over to the FIT Museum this weekend and check out the new YSL and Halston retrospect. Two of my favorite Designers, I will most likely be posting about this next week 

– Women of Letters is returning to Joe’s Pub this weekend 

– Bridget Everett is also playing at Joe’s Pub (good weekend to hang out at Astor Place) 

– Bank of America is continuing their Winter Village in Bryant Park 

– Flashback: D’Angelo is making a comeback and is performing at the Apollo this weekend 

– There’s something called the Cupid Undie Run happening…all I have to say

– If you’re a fan of 90’s chick flick road trip movies, The Bell House is having a “Boys on the Side” night 

-Fleetwood Mac (who I saw in October, life changing for me) is playing in Newark this weekend. Only reason I can think to got o Newark is for Stevie…

– Where have all Fashion’s big personalities gone to? 

– New McQueen and Galliano books are on the way…and they get dark

– Olivier Theyskens is over it 

– Chip Wilson of Lu Lu Lemon is also over it 

– Is the street style influence in high Fashion here to stay? 

– Valentino’s Spring 2015 ads are to die for

– Sony Exec Amy Pascal is leaving the company after the very public and controversial hack this past October. She is starting her own venture…stay tuned

– VERY exciting news: Netflix is in the Baz Luhrmann business; they have greenlit his Hip-Hop themed 13 episdoe series The Get Down. It’s set in 70’s NYC and I cannot wait. 

– Get ready because this weekends SNL 40th Anniversary show is gonna blow the roof off 

– In case you missed it, here’s Katy Perry’s whole Superbowl half time “show”

– Superbowl ads in case you missed them…a week ago…

– Want to see a crazy contestant from Miss Amazon rip the crown she didn’t receive off the winners head? Go nuts… 

– Full list of nominees for the 2015 Grammy awards

– With the Grammy’s this weekend, Madonna has given us a snippit of what we can expect and it looks amazing; her new video for “Living for Love” is too. Check out her amazing costumes in it. 

– Malin Akerman is back on TV you guys via Showtime! 

– I can breath a sigh of relief: Bravo has renewed “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.” I am not even being snarky here, go binge on it

– I cannot even contain my excitement: the first trailer for Marvel’s first Netflix show in the Defenders series, “Daredevil,” is here and it looks dope

– Carrie Ann Moss has been added to “AKA: Jessica Jones,” the next Marvel Nextlfix Defenders series 

– Speaking of Marvel: 25 things we learned about “Avengers: Age of Ultron” this week 

– More Marvel: the adorable ending of the Captain America VS Star-Lord Superbowl bet: The boys raised $27,000 total for their respective charities. Hot Superhero’s doing heart warming things is my favorite…

– Even more Marvel: We have our first Inhuman coming to “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” very soon…

– Here’s a run down of what’s new, has been renewed, and cancelled in the land of broadcast television 

– Are you going to check out “50 Shades of Grey” because there is quite a bit of merch for it…

– Speaking of 50 Shades, we finally have the only thing I am exited about in regards to this: Beyonce’s remix of “Crazy in Love.” I’ve been dying for it since the teaser premiered months ago. It was worth the wait, super sexy. 

– I cannot believe I am saying this, but, this “Star Wars” themed wedding is kind of killer…


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