The Weekly Round Up- August 21, 2015

Hi Everyone,

As August is rapidly winding down (sniffle, tear, sniffle) that doesn’t Summer is over! We are still in full swing, people, meaning lots to do in our fair city! There is also plenty going on in Entertainment and beyond hence the Weekly Round Up.

So take a look, jump down for links, GET OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND EVEN IF IT POURS, and enjoy!

— Christian

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– If you happen to be in Coney Island (watch out for hypodermic needles in the sand), they are having fireworks. If we have learned anything fro Katy Perry, fireworks are important 

– If you’re in the East Village and in need of some Alanis Morissette Realness, there’s some slam poetry happen…snap, snap, snap…

– The Queens Botanical Garden is awesome and just got more awesome with their Farmer Market Fridays

– If you haven’t gotten to the Long Island City Flea yet, do yourself a favor, and go

– Head to Brooklyn for Mister Sundays, this Sunday!

– Make friends and hop on the beach bus…especially if you’re single, how cute of a meet cute is THAT?

– Tons to do during Harlem Week

– Don’t forget about MOMA’s PS1 this Summer!

— Food truck rally in Prospect Park, we repeat, FOOD TRUCK RALLY

– What Fashion Designers wore to High School, is epic

– Scarlet Witch and wonderfully talented actress Elizabeth Olsen is L’officiel’s September cover girl 

– Gender bending seems to still be all the rage in Fashion. Hasn’t it always been though?

– Check out what’s going on in Menswear right now, other than handsome men

– Beyonce finally speaks, again, to VOGUE in their iconic September issue

– The Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet was rather…um, er…interesting…?

– Speaking of the Teen Choice Awards: check out these hairstyles…some are ok, right? Woof…

– Celebs are saving our oceans 

– Tom Ford’s second feature film, “Nocturnal Animals,” cast keeps growing. I cannot WAIT for this flick…

– Looks like landing Spider-Man has led Tom Holland to his next role

– Here’s our first look at a very glam Lady Gaga making her debut in “American Horror Story: Hotel” 

-Apparently nostalgia and reruns are all the rage

– Kathy Bates is just a badass. That’s all…

– Have you checked out “Fear The Walking Dead” yet? 

– How about “I Am Cait?”

– Did anyone really think “Astronaut Wives Club” had a chance…let alone staying power?

– You should pick up Carly Rae Jepsen’s “E.Mo.Tion” as it’s excellent and will give you all the feels

– TV Execs on everything from Donald Trump to their favorite shows

– Wasn’t invited to Disney and Marvel’s big reveal at their incredible D3 exhibit? No worries: check out their presentations for “Captain America: Civil War” and “Doctor Strange”…now all we need is the Capt trailer and all will be well in the world

– Speaking of Doctor Strange, he’s coming back to us!

– Poor, poor “Fantastic Four” director Josh Trank…can he make it out of this one? 

– Something good came out of “Fantastic Four”: Toby Kebbell got a new job

– We’ll miss you, Batgirl ❤

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