The Christian DiPietro Project


Hi Everyone,

As you know, The New York Narrative has been a little quiet this Summer. Mostly due to the fact I have been practically living at the beach, but I’ve also been trying to disconnect as much as possible…or at least attempt to.

Another reason why we’ve been a little MIA is I’ve been working on another project, one a little more personal.

If you’re familiar with me at all as a person, and I hope many of you are, then you’d know all I really want to do in life is sketch Fashion illustrations and Superhero’s or be at the beach. Hence the quiet front. Seeing as we can only get our bronze on about 4-5 months of the year here on the East Coast, that leaves a lot of time to work on projects.

Which leads us to my new site featuring my online portfolio: . Head on over and you’ll find my work including sketches, technical drawings, styling from photo shoots, and tons more. A lot of you have been asking me to do this for a while, so I hope you like the site and the end result.

You can also get to the site by clicking the above “The Christian DiPietro Project” tab on The New York Narrative header.


— Christian

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